Zebra on ‘The Masked Dancer’ Clues & Guesses So Far 1/13/2021

The Masked Dancer Zebra

FOX Zebra in the "Group B Playoffs - These Masks Don't Lie" episode of THE MASKED DANCER.

For episode 3 of The Masked Dancer on FOX, the remaining 4 contestants from Group B take the stage for more performances, guesses, and clues. One of those Group B performers still in the competition is the Zebra.

Here’s what we know about the Zebra, and which celebrities could be performing behind the disguise of the Zebra mask:


Zebra on ‘The Masked Dancer’ Clues

When the Zebra took the Masked Dancer stage for the first time, the panelist noted that he wouldn’t stop dancing or moving around – a sign of a real performer.

At the start of the Zebra’s first clue package, he said, “I’ve kind of fallen out of the limelight.” He also revealed, “I grew up in a rough neighborhood.”

Some visual clues that stood out in the Zebra’s first animated clue package included a third-place medal, a license plate reading 154-128, and a vintage convertible. There was also a magazine with a picture of the Zebra on it, which read “This Is a Clue.”

The Zebra remarked, “There was only one direction to go: up.” The judges thought that might be a reference to One Direction, and noted some other boy band references in the debut clue video.

Zebra’s “Word Up” clue, which he delivered in his real voice with the voice modulator turned off was “comeback.”

During the Zebra’s second clue package, he said that during his first performance he got back some of what he’s been missing “ever since my golden promotion to ZEO.” It seems that the celebrity behind the Zebra is a business owner.

He showed gratitude for the “support of great mentors and friends.” He also said he believes “love will always help you fight through,” adding, “If I can channel the love, I’ll come out on top.”

Some visual clues from the package were a leopard print desk, a UFO with the letters “UFC” on the side of it, a record, and a detonated bomb.

Zebra’s one-word clue for episode 3, said sans voice-modulator, was “champion.” Ashley Tisdale said she heard an accent, but that she can’t place it.

‘The Masked Dancer’ Zebra Guesses

After the Zebra’s first performance of the season, the panelists noted the “Latin vibes” he gave off when dancing. They guessed it could be Ricky Marti or Kevin Richardson behind the mask.

The Zebra danced a duet to “All My Life” by K-Ci and Jojo, and the judges got a kick out of the “entertaining” dance. Paula Abdul said she thinks the Zebra moves like a boxer.

Abdul guessed it might be Alex Rodriguez or Floyd Mayweather.

Tisdale said she got a Tony Robbins vibe from the Zebra, before guessing Mario Lopez (who was in a movie called Breaking the Surface).

Panelist Brian Austin Green guessed mixed martial artist Tito Ortiz.

Though she didn’t make a specific guess, guest judge Cheryl Hines said Zebra was acting like he might be a professional comedian.

New episodes of The Masked Dancer air on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on FOX.

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