10 Best Cool Men’s Bracelets 2018


Cool men’s bracelets have been around for a long time. From Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew (“…With amber bracelets, beads, and all this knavery.” — Petruchio) to the summer blockbuster Wonder Woman, bracelets have played a fashionable part of the fashion game for a long time.

UPDATE – This post was updated June 22, 2018. Prices were updated and new pieces replaced some bracelets that are no longer available. Important note: the bracelets are not ranked. We’re numbering them simply for convenience.

Elvis was a bracelet guy. Brando was a bracelet guy. Lenny Kravitz on up to Dwayne Johnson, Bruno Mars, DJ Khaled and Cam Newton: bracelets are definitely a guy thing and a going trend that’s getting stronger.

The focus of this list isn’t limited to simple tradition. We’re taking a look at cool bracelets for men. Gold, silver, stainless and other metals qualify, but so, too, do the more up-to-the-minute materials like leather bracelets, stonework or bracelets made from a variety of different materials.

The list is broken down like this:

  • Silver bracelets
  • Gold bracelets
  • Leather bracelets

One of the great things about bracelets for men is that they can be worn with virtually any outfit. Take a peek at a few curated lists below the bottom of this list for some other fashion ideas for the dudes that would be very well complemented by a bracelet.

We also want to make sure you see our list of the 10 Best Men’s Cuff Bracelets, which are, generally, a bit chunkier. A lot of great ideas there. And here. As we’ve mentioned, there are some stylish dudes (and one very stylish super hero) for whom bracelets are their thing. Take a look at this list of the 10 Best Cool Men’s Bracelets and make one — or more — your thing.

Stainless Steel Bracelets for Men

1. Men’s Stainless Steel Railroad Bracelet

mens stainless steel railroad bracelet

Amazon Collection

There’s a lot going on with this one. First glance, you’ll notice the simple yin-yang of tough-beautiful. Upon closer inspection, the details say a lot about this silver stainless steel bracelet — and the guy who wears it. The silver looks more elegant and silvery, if that’s possible, because it’s offset by the polished black colorway of crosses that runs the length of this cool men’s bracelet.

We think it’s a great buy for the guy who wants a little masculine flash. And if it’s the cross iconography that appeals to you, check out a cool bracelet like this one on Amazon. Of course, your taste may run toward the best men’s bracelets in gold, so read on.

Price: $23.26 (83 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Men’s Stainless Steel Railroad Bracelet here.

2. Men’s Stainless Steel Curb Chain Bracelet

mens stainless steel curb chain bracelet

Amazon Collection

There’s something to be said for the classics. When it comes to silver bracelets for men, we think this may be the closest to the bull’s-eye of just what you want in a bracelet. Great luster? Check. Low profile on your wrist? Check. Heavy as in you-know-you’re-wearing-something-serious? Check. A look at the user reviews (just about all five-star) demonstrates that this curb chain is a champ. Tiny added bonus: lots of the reviews even talk about the cool packaging this guy comes in…and we love great packaging (who doesn’t?).

For all that, the price is supremely right. If you want to kick it up a few levels to sterling silver, this equally strong and beautiful silver bracelet for men might be your jam.

Price: $18.75 (55 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Men’s Stainless Steel Curb Chain Bracelet here.

3. Fossil Retro Pilot Leather Bracelet

fossil retro pilot leather bracelet


Fossil makes a ton of bracelets. They call some of them “tough yet tender” which… we’re cool with that. We’re thinking that may depend on just how in touch the wearer is with those two sides of himself. This Retro Pilot bracelet is described by Fossil as “back to basics” and “timeless.” It is a leather cord bracelet with the hardware accents. It has a fold-over clasp closure. It’s 10 inches long and half-an-inch in diameter. This is one of those bracelets that looks “stacked” because it’s got the two strands (leading into the flat leather portion). Some of the hardware is stamped with design elements and, also, the Fossil name. It’s got just a few reviews, but the average is a 5 out of 5-star rating. One reviewer says “It’s stylish, not too flashy and goes with anything.”

We think it does look rustic and cool, but we also have chosen it for the list because of the steel accents, which gives it a very clean and, we think, somewhat sophisticated look. P.S. — more leather later in the list.

Price: $58

Buy the Fossil Retro Pilot Leather Bracelet here.

Gold Bracelets for Men

4. LoveBling 14K Solid Pave Two-Tone Curb Chain Bracelet

lovebling 14 karat solid pave two-tone curb bracelet


The allure of gold is ancient, and for good reason: it just looks dang great. We think the entire category of gold bracelets for men is very well started off with this piece from the interestingly titled LoveBling. The chain is a curb chain and it has a lobster clasp. It’s available in either seven inch or eight inch lengths. It’s got some great detail work in a contrasting silver color, which works its way through each link of the chain. This piece is made in Italy. You might even consider this (on Amazon) not-often-seen rose gold men’s bracelet, which is in a foxtail chain. It’s very affordable, at $20.99.

Price: $352

Buy the LoveBling 14K Solid Pave Two-Tone Curb Chain Bracelet here.

5. Giles and Brother Men’s G&B Latch Classic Cuff Bracelet

giles and brother mens g and b latch classic brass cuff bracelet

Giles & Brother

This is the outlier of the list. Yes, we’re categorizing it as a gold bracelet for men but we’re all about full disclosure, so: it’s brass.

The Giles and Brother Latch Classic Cuff Bracelet is the work of sister-brother duo Giles (Courtney, the sis, Philip, the bro), a couple of artistic geniuses working out of NYC. You’re not going to find a collection quite like their line up, as evidenced by great pieces like the Lash Hook Wrap Bracelet. It’s a line-up of gear that is thoroughly modern, tough and great looking.

The Latch Classic features an antique finish with logo engraving. The closure is unique: it works off a main hinge that allows the entire bracelet to be opened up sort of like a giant claw.

Price: $188

Buy the Giles and Brother Men’s G&B Latch Classic Cuff Bracelet here.

6. Men’s 14k Curb Link Cuban Bracelet

syns mens 14k curb link cuban bracelet


This 14 karat gold number definitely belongs in a list of cool men’s bracelets because it is another rock solid example of classic, masculine jewelry. This is from SYNS, an Italian based jewelry designer and manufacturer in Mussolente, Italy.

The bracelet is eight inches in length and the diameter of the chain is 3.5mm. It is semi-hollow. The clasp is a lobster-style clasp.

This one gets really strong reviews — a 4.1 out of 5-star rating average — in a category that doesn’t often get many customer responses. It’s worth noting that several of the reviewers talk about the fact that they bought the bracelet for a woman, so it’ll work for her, too.

Another option is from Diamond2Deal: a yellow 10k gold (it isn’t simply gold plated) for $316. If you want to go up a level (around $600), the MCS Jewelry 14k solid gold bracelet is a great option. For something under $100, Kool Jewelry offers a 14k gold-filled bracelet (it’s at least five percent gold, which is bonded to other metals) for $65.99.

Price: $141

Buy the Men’s 14k Curb Link Cuban Bracelet here.

Leather Bracelets for Men

7. Tateossian POP Rigato Italian Leather Bracelet

tateossian pop red rigato double wrap italian leather bracelet

Tateossian London

Leather bracelets for men may tend toward the rustic and rugged, but this red leather beauty from Tateossian London makes it clear that the category can be refined and super classy. The piece is a double-wrap braided Italian leather with a rhodium plated silver cylindrical pop tube clasp. (Rhodium, by the way, is one of the most rare and expensive precious metals there is, part of the platinum family.) In this case, the rhodium clasp is laser stamped with “Tateossian London,” which we think gives it a detail of panache.

And about the name Tateossian: it’s Robert’s surname. Robert Tateossian created his company in London after a career in finance. Leather’s just one medium he works in, as you can see with a quick-check of the Asteroid Ruthenium Plated Silver Matt Lapis Beads Blue Bracelet or the Men’s IP Plated Titanium Black Magnetic Balance Bracelet.

As the team at Tateossian says about the Rigato Double Wrap, it can be worn alone or pointed to a more contemporary look by stacking it with a few other of its kin. If you decide to go in that direction, a fiscal word of caution: the Tateossian POP Rigato is one of the least expensive bracelets the company makes. One more thing: this is one of those bracelets that comes in packaging that is almost as cool as the product.

Price: $215

Buy the Tateossian POP Rigato Bracelet here.

8. Urban Jewelry Men’s Leather Bracelet with Locking Stainless Steel Dragon Head

urban jewelry mens leather bracelet with locking stainless steel dragon head

Urban Jewelry

Attention Game of Thrones fans. This piece, by Urban Jewelry in New York City, may not have been designed with the show in mind, but anyone who sees this men’s leather bracelet can’t help but give GOT at least a passing thought. In other words, we think this piece is cool and popular slightly by association, as well as because of its great look. The silver dragon head is the focal point but it also serves as the clasp, an outstanding example of form and function. Among the dozens and dozens of five-star reviews, you’ll find consistent mention of how this cool men’s bracelet just looks…cool.

There’s plenty more talk about the high quality leather and stainless construction. There are other dragon head bracelets to consider — the King Baby Men’s Leather Bracelet with Large Dragon Clasp is a few hundred bucks more expensive. Whatever you choose, the dragon makes a statement.

Price: $19.50

Buy the Urban Jewelry Men’s Leather Bracelet here.

9. Murtoo Multi-Layer Leather Men’s Bracelet

murtoo multi-layer leather mens braclet


We think this one has possibly the most contemporary look of the list. Murtoo calls it a “braided multi-layer wrap,” which is true, but to drill down a bit more, the piece is comprised of five stacked bands of leather. Two of the bands are smooth rounded strands, two bands are squared and show a weathered look, while the main strand in the middle — the largest — is the braided segment. The deep dark brown coloring provides enough neutrality that the bracelet can be worn with anything so it’s not an either/or, brown/or/black situation. The clasp, which is in the same shade as the leather bands, is a magnetic slot-and-pin mechanism, which reviewers say is super simple to deal with.

If you like the stacked leather but want it offset by the clasp, this Amazon Collection piece with traditional silver stainless steel coloring, is a great option.

As for the Murtoo, not only is it a cool bracelet for men, it’s one of those pieces that comes with great packaging, so we think it makes for a great gift. In fact, it was a great gift: after we wrote this, our wife (okay, my wife) secretly purchased this bracelet for me and I became a bracelet guy. I love it and I get all sorts of compliments. I do believe that it has added to my mystique in the eyes of those who compliment me on it. (Either that, or I don’t know what a look of pity is.)

Price: $14.99

Buy the Murtoo Multi-layer Leather Men’s Bracelet here.

Just Plain Cool Bracelets for Men

10. JOERICA Stainless Steel & Leather Bracelet

joerica stainless steel and leather bracelet


This is a very solid, very cool looking men’s leather bracelet with a great looking, dark and black tone plated shade of stainless steel. I happen to own a bracelet that has the same magnetic clasp and I love that clasp (if you can, in fact, love a clasp). It takes a little getting used to in the beginning, but then it’s no problem. This piece is a double-banded dark braided bracelet with the stainless detailing popping up throughout the length of the bracelet. Speaking of length, this one comes in seven-and-a-half, eight and eight-and-a-half inch lengths. Says one reviewer: “Bought this gift for a family member, and he loved it!!! Good quality and great product. Would recommend.”

Price: $14.99

Buy the JOERICA Stainless Steel & Leather Bracelet here.

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