10 Best Batman Costumes for Halloween (2018)

This Halloween, dressing up as Batman and other Batman characters is more popular than ever, most likely due in part to the new Justice League movie premiering in November, the next in a long line of flicks featuring the Caped Crusader. Yes, the superhero who exists as Bruce Wayne by day is certainly an enduring icon. In fact, his origin goes all the way back to 1939 when he first appeared in Detective Comics #27. From comics to the aforementioned movies, to television, radio and video games, Batman’s persona has changed, evolved and experimented over the years and now there truly is a Batman iteration for all types and ages of his fans. There’s retro Batman, Dark Knight Rises Batman, Justice League Batman, and on and on. All these choices are another reason why he is so much fun to dress up as, but with so many options it might be tough to figure out which version you’d like to be this year. Fortunately, we’ve done some digging and found the top ten best Batman costumes of all kinds for Halloween 2017. Check them out, in no particular order.

1. Rubie’s ‘Justice League’ Tactical Batman Costume

Batman, Batman costume, men's costume


In the upcoming Justice League movie, the Batsuit has been upgraded with better protection and new features not seen in previous movies, including armored plating and reinforced straps. You can find those and more details here, in a more civilian-friendly adaptation of course. This polyester costume set includes a muscle chest jumpsuit with attached 3-D wrist gauntlets, 3-D boot tops, removable cape, belt and mask. Snag this comprehensive costume and carry on with assembling your own team of butt-kicking metahumans to save the world. Or, have an awesome Halloween at the very least.

Price: $26.64-$69.38

Buy the Rubie’s Justice League Tactical Batman Costume here.

2. Ultimate Halloween Costume DC Comics Men’s Batman Costume

Batman, Batman costume, men's costume


If you’re a Bruce Wayne that wants to show off your biceps, this Batman’s for you. While it doesn’t come with everything you need to go, it does include a muscle chest shirt with Batman logo, headpiece and removable cape. That set up might not be convenient, but it does allow you to get more creative with your own pieces and further put your own unique superhero stamp on things. If you live in a warmer climate, try black shorts and sandals and be “Bermuda Batman.” If you live somewhere colder, try ski pants and boots for “Blizzard Batman.” True diehards may balk at the very notion of this, but risk takers could potentially end up with a most creative costume award.

Price: $35.95

Buy the Ultimate Halloween Costume DC Comics Men’s Batman Costume here.

3. Rubie’s ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Batman Costume

Batman, Batman costume, men's costume


The Dark Knight Rises movie is primarily known for Bane, a new Bat cave, and a bad little kitty otherwise known as Selina Kyle. It’s a great flick and its corresponding costume is quite sharp too. The main jumpsuit component features a 3-D chest plate, sublimated design details, a Velcro closure and attached boot tops. The utility belt is top-notch in flexible latex, and also ties in the back with cloth to suit most waist sizes. Batman’s mask is probably his most crucial item, and here you get a nice three-quarter mask and cowl that are attached to the Bat cape. Everything adds up to a fantastically dark and fun choice.

Price: $29.75-$128.30

Buy the Rubie’s Dark Knight Rises Batman Costume here.

4. Blackest Night Zombie Batman Costume

Batman, Batman costume, men's costume


Inspired by the Blackest Night series, in which Nekron, a personified force of death resurrects deceased superheroes, the Zombie Batman costume includes a muscle chest jumpsuit, belt and mask. Its one caveat though is that mask in the image looks like it goes over your entire head, but in reality it is just a half mask with no back. It also looks a bit different in real life and may need a few touch ups at home. For the most part, this option offers a nice terrifying take on the beloved character, one that will earn you mad respect from those who like the more sinister side of Halloween.

Price: $47.99-$54.75

Buy the Blackest Night Zombie Batman here.

5. Grand Heritage Classic Batman

Batman, Batman costume, men's costume


Bam! Whap! The 1966 Batman television show was so fun and campy, and this costume comes with everything you need to emulate Adam West in his heydey. A retro-styled gray jumpsuit with Batman logo on the chest, navy briefs, yellow utility belt, headpiece with cowl and white facial details, and satin navy cape, gloves and boot tops are all on-point and guaranteed to delight any throwback fan. This costume will also surely leave everyone who sees it with the old show’s theme song running through their heads the rest of the day.

Price: $83.79-$321.07

Buy the Grand Heritage Classic Batman here.

6. Rubie’s DC Comics Superhero Style Batman Body Suit

Batman, Batman costume. men's costume


Here’s another retro-inspired Batman costume, although without all the bells and whistles of its predecessor. That’s alright though if you’re looking for a simple and stylish way to dress up as the Caped Crusader, because this one-piece stretch jumpsuit has an attached hood mask, cape and gloves. While the material is skin tight, it’s still comfortable and offers good breathability for trick-or-treaters across a variety of climates. This is also a great unisex choice and comes in small, medium and large.

Price: $21.82-$54.99

Buy the Rubie’s DC Comics Superhero Style Batman Body Suit here.

7. Disguise ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ Classic Batman Costume

Batman, LEGO Batman, kids costume


The LEGO Batman Movie gave an entirely new and entertaining spin to the classic superhero. If you have a young one who’s familiar with the film, they’re going to love this costume. It includes a structured, minifigure tunic with detachable cape, mask and hands in that hallmark LEGO shape. While it doesn’t come with pants or boot covers, any pair of black bottoms and your kid’s coolest kicks will do. A truly super awesome, eye-catching costume, don’t expect to put this one away come November. It’s sure to stick around for playtime the whole year through.

Price: $28.76-$38.79

Buy the Disguise The LEGO Batman Movie Classic Batman Costume here.

8. Rubie’s DC Superheroes Batman Deluxe Child Costume

Batman, Batman costume, kids costume


Any young dude will feel like a real guardian of Gotham in this deluxe Batman costume. The 3-D muscle chest jumpsuit has phenomenal detail for the price, with hi-def sublimated printing throughout. It also comes with 3-D gauntlets and 3-D boot tops, as well as belt, cape and mask. Beyond looking cool, this costume is functional too. You can easily fit a few thin layers of clothes underneath it to stay warmer on cooler Halloween nights and it’s durable enough to go right in the washing machine. We think that clearly makes this a winner for moms as well as the kids.

Price: $19.85-$27.91

Buy the Rubie’s DC Superheroes Batman Deluxe Child Costume here.

9. Warner Bros. Baby Boys Batman Costume

Batman, Batman costume, baby costume


Sometimes young kids and babies don’t want to wear a headpiece, mask or even a hood. That’s where the Warner Bros. Baby Boys Batman Costume comes in. This cotton and polyester zip-up coverall features a screen printed utility belt and Batman logo on the front and on the cape. The yellow satin cape is also detachable via two pieces of Velcro on the back, making it extra adaptable for fussy young ones.

Price: $18.99

Buy the Warner Bros. Baby Boys Batman Costume here.

10. Rubie’s DC Comics Superhero Style Baby Batman Costume

Batman, Batman costume, baby costume


Here’s a super cute, super easy superhero costume for your littlest ones. This baby pick is a polyester footed onesie featuring sublimated Batman designs. The logo on the feet and the little bat ears are excellent added details, as is the scalloping along the detachable black cape. The front zipper keeps changing time convenient too, and while it states that this costume should be hand washed, any mama knows that a lingerie bag and gentle wash cycle work just fine. One more plus? This makes a totally adorable choice for a themed birthday party.

Price: $15.03-$33.92

Buy the DC Comics Superhero Style Baby Batman Costume here.

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