Top 10 Best Devil Costumes for Halloween 2017

Whether you call him Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, or the original Prince of Darkness, the devil is always a popular Halloween costume pick. And why wouldn’t he be? Not only is Halloween thought by many to be the celebration of Satan’s birthday, dressing up as such a character allows you to embrace a fun, darker side of your personality. This year’s top devil costumes are better than ever before too. Gone are the days of plain plastic pitchforks and horns and in their place, you’ll find original designs and spooky-good details like cut-outs, faux-fur, chains, and even built-in lights. You can find these features across options for Halloweeners of all ages too. So whether your ideal devil is cute and cuddly, sexy and sassy, or downright scary and sinister, you can embrace that inner baddie in wicked style.

Another great aspect to a devil costume is that you, a costume-borrowing friend, or even your kids can wear it for years to come. There’s nothing trendy about dressing like the devil, he’s been around since the beginning of time for goodness sake. That also helps alleviate the slight sting of going with a pricier option too. While consumer Halloween spending continues to ride a high, we made sure to include a range of price points when it came to compiling our list of the top devil costumes for Halloween 2017. Check them out below to score a devilishly good pick for you and the entire family too.

1. InCharacter Costumes Men’s Handsome Devil Costume

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Who doesn’t want to be known as a handsome devil? This costume seals that deal and is a great value for the money. For the price, you’ll get a full-length red cape with theatrical collar, brocade vest with attached lace jabot (that’s a fancy term for the ornamental ruffle, friends) and jeweled medallion, black gloves and deluxe sculpted devil horns. Everything included is good quality and well-tailored, but you will need to add your own shirt, pants, and shoes. To keep the look suave and sinister, make sure those personal pieces are as black as the souls you hang out with in Hades. This option is awesome for another not-so-obvious reason: it gives you two costumes in one. All you have to do to go from devil to Dracula is lose the horns and go with fangs instead.

Price: $72.00-$116.95

Buy the InCharacter Costumes Men’s Handsome Devil Costume here.

2. Forum Novelties Men’s Demon Warrior Deluxe Adult Costume

devil, demon, satan, costume


Here’s a chilling choice if you prefer to go the seriously scary route. This ensemble from Forum Novelties pulls out all the stops and includes a mask, robe with shoulder spikes and attached belt, and wrist and shin guards. It comes in one standard size that fits up to a 42-inch chest, for easy ordering. It also means this is a good one to wear year after year, and makes a decent hand-me-down for teenagers. It’s also excellent for those outdoor holiday bonfires or trick-or-treating, since you can easily add warm layers to complete the whole look.

The stand-out with this costume is obviously the nightmare-making mask. The rounded horns, fiery skull and beast-like teeth are spectacular and will earn you envious screams in person and in photos.

Price: $56.25

Buy the Forum Novelties Men’s Demon Warrior Deluxe Adult Costume here.

3. California Costumes Men’s Evil Unchained Scary Demon

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It can be tricky to find a killer costume in larger sizes sometimes. That’s what makes the Evil Unchained Scary Demon from California Costumes so great. It comes in standard and plus-sizes, so no one misses out on scaring the pants off of unsuspecting trick-or-treaters. When you snag this costume you get a great whole look, including a robe, character mask, hood with drape, waist chain and a wrist chain. The sickle shown in the picture is the one thing not included unfortunately. The costume is plenty creepy on its own, but if you want to round out the look with one we suggest going with this evil option for under $10.

The mask on this pick is sick too, but it’s the hood with the fringy drape that sets is apart. With its layers in varying shades of gray you’ll look like you’ve just returned from delivering an unlucky soul to their afterlife down below.

Price: $31.71-$188.70 for standard sizes; $57.95 for plus-size

Buy the California Costumes Men’s Evil Unchained Scary Demon here.

4. Dark Diablo Creature Reacher Deluxe Oversized Mask and Costume

devil, satan, demon, costume


Here’s a true show-stopping investment piece for anyone who lives and breathes Halloween and all things spooky. Everything included is high-end with an oversized latex mask with neck coverage, arm extensions with oversized hands with large black fingernails, and flame-printed robe. The mask’s attention to detail cannot be beat and looks straight out of Hollywood. Its large flaming horns, black horns protruding from the ears and chin, fang teeth, sinister eyebrows and burning yellow eyes are crazy good. Get ready for tons of astonished ooh’s and shock-filled aah’s when you wear this pick, and of course first-prize in every costume contest too.

This costume’s quality and detail ensures that it will hold up for years and will be one you’ll look forward to wearing. You may find it a bit cumbersome, but it can easily be used as a party prop or even a fantastic addition to porch or lawn decor. Any way you use it, it’s a Halloween winner.

Rubie’s also offers other wicked exaggerated character costumes including Frankenstein, Bat, Clown, Scarecrow and more for $167.07-$309.06.

Price: $375.00

Buy the Dark Diablo Creature Reacher Deluxe Oversized Mask and Costume here.

5. California Costumes Women’s Devilish Diva Costume

devil, she-devil, costume


Ladies, you’ll have a devil of a time in this fierce and fun ensemble from California Costumes. Sometimes you want to be sexy, but still covered up and classy and this one achieves that fine mix. The dress features flattering ruching down the middle, flame-inspired draped sleeves and skirt bottom, and dramatic attached collar. More than that though, the bodice and skirt and sleeve material is iridescent too, creating alluring shine as you move. It also comes with cool, curved horn headband with gold ring details. To really achieve a glam look, pair your red dress and horns with a vampy red lip and nails, gold drop earrings, gold heels, and a pile of cocktail rings.

Price: $27.23-$49.00

Buy the California Costumes Women’s Devilish Diva Costume here.

6. Leg Avenue Women’s Plus-Size 2-piece Diva Devil Costume

devil, she-devil, costume


Leg Avenue’s two-piece costume is perfect for curvier gals looking for a unique yet naughty take on a she-devil. It comes with a gothic style, long lace dress and devil horn headband. While the length of the dress is a tad conservative, the top may be a bit low-cut for some tastes. If you’re shy about showing off that part of your body, simply swap in a black tank top or camisole underneath. The rest of the dress boasts great details including gold trim and a red gem center along the bust, asymmetrical sleeves, and a fish-tail hem. The overall effect flatters the figure in a playfully wicked way. One fun, final aspect is that the length also allows puts a perfect spotlight on killer heels, so make sure you choose a pair that you’re dying to show off.

Price: $50.32-$110.22

Buy the Leg Avenue Women’s Plus-Size 2-piece Diva Devil Costume here.

7. California Costumes Toys Devil Darling

devil, teen, costume


The perfect devil costume for that sassy pre-teen or young teen in your life, California Costumes Toys Devil Darling comes complete with dress, horns, tail, wings and pitchfork. The dress has stylish details including a corset tie and lace trim around the bodice as well as a tiered skirt. The material is shiny and pairs well with the more patent-like horns, pitchfork and tail. One thing about the skirt though, it can wear a little short, so if Daddy-devil objects, add a pair of black leggings underneath. It’ll keep your picky fashionista on point, on trend and warmer too. The accessories are nice as well. The wings have glitter details on the edges, the horns are large and attached to an easy-to-conceal dark headband, and the tail has a nice length and bend. The only bummer is that the pitchfork is small and fragile, but its compact size does make it easier to take along trick-or treating.

Price: $18.90-$96.60

Buy the California Costumes Toys Devil Darling here.

8. Rubie’s Costume Kids Deluxe Glowing Devil Costume

kids, devil, costume


The Rubie’s Costume Kids Deluxe Glowing Devil Costume is a spooktacular choice for all kids. It’s available in small, medium or large sizes, and the hood and light up plate are totally gender neutral and allow the wearer to don whatever underthings they choose. Long pants and boots work for guys or girls on colder evenings, and a skirt lets young ladies show off some fun black combat boots for indoor parties or school events.

The fact that this one lights up is also great when it comes to nighttime protection. While it’s always good to carry a flashlight and other reflective materials, the light up chest plate on this costume keeps your kid seen while they’re playing sinister. Batteries are included too, for ultimate ease.

Price: $18.75-$22.12

Buy the Rubie’s Costume Kids Deluxe Glowing Devil Costume here.

9. In Fashion Kids Toddler Girl Devil Costume

kids, toddler, devil, costume

In Fashion Kids

Your little lady will have a mischievous good time for Halloween and playing dress up the whole year through with the In Fashion Kids Toddler Girl Devil Costume. They say the devil is in the details and this pick screams quality for under twenty bucks. It comes with a dress, headpiece, glovelettes and pitchfork. The dress has fun layers and ruching, and the accessories are in matching plush material with faux fur accents for added playtime fun and safety. This costume looks adorable with all sorts of different shoe styles too, from white Mary Janes, to red go-go boots, and even colored Converse sneakers.

Price: $16.99

Buy the In Fashion Kids Toddler Girl Devil Costume here.

10. InCharacter Baby Devil Costume

devil, baby, toddler, costume


As if babies weren’t the most adorable, huggable creatures on their own, when you put yours in this furry, snuggly, lovely devil suit from InCharacter and their cuteness will hit overload. Which is never a bad thing, truly. There is so much to love about this pick itself too. The main jumpsuit is zippered and has leg snaps for easy diaper changes, the slip-on booties have skid-resistant bottoms, and it’s machine-washable. The jumpsuit also features a plush tail, and hood with soft horns and fun cartoony eyes. There are four sizes to choose from to fit babies from zero to 24 months. Lastly, with a few layers underneath, this fuzzy one-piece costume is plenty warm, so you won’t need a cumbersome coat to take away from your delightful devil.

Price: $17.95-$66.74

Buy the InCharacter Baby Devil Costume here.

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