11 Best Meme Costumes for Halloween

meme costume

Meme costumes are these inside jokes that if you don’t get them, it’s like, “Why is everyone talking about breadsticks?” but if you’re in the know, you’re bent over laughing.

Check out these best meme Halloween costumes for a quick, easy costume that will crack your friends up. And if they don’t think your costume’s funny, just throw the breadsticks in your purse and run.

1. 30-50 Feral Hogs

Feral hog costumes


Looking for a costume for you and your 29-50 friends? The internet has you covered.

The 30-50 feral hogs meme flooded our social media feeds in rapid speed like–well, like 30-50 feral hogs charging into your yard. This is a great meme costume alone, but it really shines if you can get a group of people together to dress up with you.

You can make this costume as simple or involved as you like. A Team 30-50 Feral Hogs shirt or Feral Hog Squad shirt and a boar mask will do it.

There are two styles of boar mask available. This latex full-head Boar Mask is affordable and covers your entire head to really transform you into a child-hungry feral hog. If you’re willing to spend a little more you can get this highly-detailed Wild Boar Helmet Mask that sits on your head and won’t cover your face. I love the huge tusks and realistic eyes on this one–plus, you can eat and drink while wearing it.

If you’re looking for something to complete the look on your bottom half, you could always pick up these Wild Boar Leggings and there are a surprising number of wild boar-themed swim trunks.

Buy the Team 30-50 Feral Hogs Tee here.

2. ‘I’m Sorry, Ms. Jackson. (Ooooo) I Am 4 Eels!’

I'm sorry tee shirt with four eels


“Never meant to make your daughter cry. I am several fish and not a guy.” At least that’s what the song sounds like.

I’m a big fan of memes you can hear just by looking at them and this funny comic is definitely that. For this one you’re trying to look like four eels in a trench coat. For that, you’ll need some eels.

These Plush Moray Eels from The Petting Zoo are 4.5 feet long which is a good length that enough eels together could maybe be wearing the coat. You’ll want to attach them to your shirt or coat with safety pins.

Any long trench coat will do, but if you need to pick one up, this Doctor Who Coat fits the bill.

You can either go with this “I’m Sorry” Shirt to give a hint at what you’re referencing or choose the full Black Zentai Suit which removes you from view and makes it look more like you’re just four eels in a trench coat.

Buy the Plush Moray Eel here.

3. Table Cat

White cat mask and accessories for table cat costume


This one is going to require a little DIY and crafting skills but the result will be show-stopping.

Table Cat (or Woman Yelling at Cat on Know Your Meme) is one of those memes that can be used for almost anything. This is definitely not the type of costume you can buy at the store but if you’re willing to throw a couple of things together you can build a little Table Cat tableau.

First things first, you need to be a white cat. Luckily, only the cat’s head is visible so you don’t have to get all up in a big full-body suit if you don’t want to. I say go with this White Cat Balaclava which is more comfortable and less hot than bulkier masks.

Then you need to create the table in front of the cat. For this, we need the MyWiggy Wearable Snack Tray. This creates a table surface you can carry around with you at parties while keeping your hands free. Your “table” needs a black tablecloth so grab this Black Cocktail Tablecloth which should be small enough to not get in the way. You’ll want to secure this with craft or hot glue.

Table Cat is sitting in front of a plate of salad so that’s your final step. Pick up a cheap, plastic, white square plate to glue onto your tablecloth. You should be able to find these at most home stores but if not you can get them on Amazon. Next, you take a Fake Salad Play Set and glue your salad to the plate so it won’t go sliding around as you walk.

Now all you have to do is walk around looking judge-y and prepare for drunk housewives to yell at you.

Buy the White Cat Mask here.

4. Distracted Boyfriend

Clothes for distracted boyfriend costume


This is one of the most versatile memes out there with the potential for a lot of fun moments at your next Halloween party.

So if you’ve got a group of three looking for a meme costume, you’ll want this Van Heusen Plaid Shirt for the distracted boyfriend, Light Blue Tunic Tank Top for the jealous girlfriend, and a Bright Red Midi Dress for the person catching his attention.

It has the benefit of being comfortable as well as reusable the rest of the year since the costume is mostly the context and positioning.

According to Know Your Meme, Distracted Boyfriend was named Meme of the Year for 2018 at the Shorty Awards.

Buy the Van Heusen Plaid Shirt here.

5. Doge

Clothes covered in images of Doge


Wow. Very costume. Such Doge.

Doge is classic and this latex Shiba Inu Mask is a steal at the price and even has the classic Doge side-eye expression. It’s large enough to wear even with your glasses on and there are breathing and seeing holes in the nose and mouth.

It does have a strong latex smell, so if you’re extremely sensitive to smells or are allergic to latex, skip this mask and go with a polyester fabric Balaclava Mask.

This mask can go with really any outfit depending on what style of Doge you’re going for, so this can be a one item meme Halloween costume if you want. But if you want more Doge, check out this 3D printed Doge Hoodie and pair that with these Doge Sweatpants. Together they may or may not be the stuff of nightmares. I haven’t decided.

For something a little less intense, this simple Doge Tee that just says “Such doge. Very Wow,” in case you’re worried people won’t pick up on who you are.

Buy the Doge Mask here.

6. ‘Shut Up & Take My Money’

Philip J Fry costume


You can buy a Philip J. Fry from Futurama costume but it looks pretty terrible. If you build one from scratch, then at least you have some clothes you can wear separately for the rest of the year instead of a cheap polyester outfit that is clearly a Halloween store costume.

Start with a plain white undershirt and top that with this Red Jacket from Augusta Sportswear. It’s a great match for Fry’s red coat. For pants, go with Plain Blue Sweatpants and you’re all set for clothes.

Fry’s hair stands out, to say the least. Unless you’ve got a big head of ginger hair, you’re going to want a wig. This Red Overwatch Wig is bangless so the hair is already going in the direction we want. You’ll need to use a little product to style it in a chunkier way that looks more Futurama and less anime.

If you’re worried you still won’t be recognized you can always wear his Planet Express Name Tag.

Maybe most importantly, you need money, and lots of it. If you’re going to be shouting at people to take your money, you want a good fist full of it and this Motion Picture Money Prop Set comes with 100 fake $20 bills that are printed on both sides for a more realistic effect.

Buy some Fake Money here.

7. But That’s None of My Business

Kermit the frog costume with glass tea mugs and tea


Everyone loves Kermit The Frog, but somehow the internet has turned him into an icon of passive-aggressive judgment. (The internet can be a rough place sometimes even for kind-hearted souls like Kermit.)

This full-body Kermit Costume is complete with mask, pants, and round Kermit tummy.

All you just need to add an extra large round glass bistro Tea Mug and, if you don’t have any sitting around, some Lipton Tea.

You’re all set to throw some Kermit shade.

Buy the Kermit Costume here.

8. Ermahgerd!

Costume pieces for Ermahgerd costume including wig book and vest


This “Gersberms” meme has spawned a whole line of memes and a way of speaking that is very much its own. (If you’re unfamiliar, check out this YouTube video about the Ermhagerd phenomenon.

Memes that use photos of real people without their knowledge or consent can be a little sticky ethics-wise, but Maggie Goldenberger, who was 11 in the picture, has publicly stated that she doesn’t mind because she was dressing up as a kooky character for a photoshoot with her friends. A meme star was born.

To get your Ermahgerd on, you’ll need high pigtails and if you don’t have the locks to do it yourself, this Pig Tail Wig has you covered–though you’ll want to pin back the bangs and make the pigtails look messier for accuracy.

This Cloud Pullover Sweatshirt is a good copy for her sweater. If you have access to a vintage ugly vest from your Great Aunt Edna’s closet use that but otherwise this Paisley Vest will give you a similar effect.

Fake Braces and this blue and pink Backpack round out the accessories.

Last, but not least, you need your “fervrit berks.” If you don’t have an old stash of Goosebumps sitting around in a box somewhere, pick up this 25th Anniversary Set for five books to carry around and show your friends.

Buy the Ermahgerd Costume here.

9. Courage Wolf

Wolf mask and orange tie dye shirt


Courage Wolf: Because what doesn’t kill you, is going to die.

A classic meme to fortify yourself against whatever comes your way, Courage Wolf is a meme Halloween costume idea that is filled to the brim with thousands of catchphrases like, “Bite off more than you can chew. Then chew it.”

This Balaclava Face Mask has realistic 3D printing to give the look of a wolf’s face and raised fabric for the ears without the smothering heat of a full-head mask. It covers the nose and mouth but has a wide opening for your eyes.

To match the traditional Courage Wolf meme background, check out this Tie-Dye Shirt. You could easily pair this with jeans for a low-key, comfortable costume.

The whole world is against you. It wouldn’t be fair otherwise.

You can find more Courage Wolf sayings on the Courage Wolf Know Your Meme page.

Buy the Courage Wolf Mask here.

10. Grumpy Cat

Grumpy cat mask and accessories


Although we lost Tardar Sauce in May of this year, her legacy of grumpiness will live on forever.

Whether you’re not feeling very positive about the holiday or you simply love hating stuff, Grumpy Cat is a meme costume that is popular enough to please a wide crowd. All you need is a few items and a deadpan tone of voice to announce that everything is horrible.

This full-head Grumpy Cat Mask transforms you into a grouchy, but lovable, cat in one step. There are openings to see and provide ventilation next to each of the cat’s eyes, but this is a mask you’ll have to take off to eat and drink.

If you don’t want to dress up in a full cat costume, but don’t want to be wearing any old shirt as your costume, a Tee Shirt bearing Grumpy Cat’s favorite word is a perfect solution. For a little more feline, try a fluffy Tail which loops around your waist like a belt and White Cat Paw Gloves which allow you use of your hands while still keeping that kitty look.

Buy the Grumpy Cat Mask here.

11. Disappointed Picard

Star Trek costume


From his epic facepalms to his, “What even?” hand gestures, Jean Luc Picard is a treasure trove of meme goodness.

This is an easy and affordable costume that consists of a Next Generation Shirt to match the captain’s uniform, black pants, and a bald cap. I reccomend the BGE Bald Cap which comes in large or medium.

If you haven’t used a bald cap before, check out this YouTube tutorial for ideas of what other supplies you might need for a more realistic finish like Spirit Gum and a Body Paint Palette Set.

Buy the Star Trek Shirt here.


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