Top 5 Best Meme Halloween Costumes of 2017

meme costume, meme halloween costume, grumpy cat costume, doge costume

A meme is generally defined as an element of culture that is passed to other individuals non-genetically. Richard Dawkins invented the word back in 1976 to describe the dispersion of cultural information, though I’m fairly certain he wasn’t expecting his word, 41 years later, to be used to describe photos of Doggo and Moon Moon.

Dawkins has even said that the internet has hijacked and twisted his word into something new that spread virally and is now too culturally ingrained to take back. Which is probably an even better definition for exactly what a meme is.

I’m from the older end of the Millennial generation and remember when Hamsterdance came out and was regularly reading The Sneeze when Steve Molaro ordered the now famous None Pizza; Left Side Beef–making those images a weird passcode to other folks my age. It’s the same for all memes. They’re these inside jokes that if you don’t get them, it’s like, “Why is everyone talking about bread sticks?” but if you’re in the know, you’re bent over laughing.

Check out these best meme Halloween costumes for a quick, easy costume that will crack your friends up.

And if they don’t think your costume’s funny, just throw the bread sticks in your purse and run.

1. Grumpy Cat

meme costume, meme halloween costume, grumpy cat costume


Whether you’re not feeling very positive about the holiday or you simply love hating stuff, Grumpy Cat is a meme costume that is popular enough to please a wide crowd. All you need is a few items and a deadpan tone of voice to announce that everything is horrible. This full-head Grumpy Cat Mask for $49.99, complete with fluffy fur, transforms you into a grouchy, but lovable, cat in one step. There are openings to see and provide ventilation next to each of the cat’s eyes, but this is a mask you’ll have to take off to eat and drink.

If you don’t want to dress up in a full cat costume, but don’t want to be wearing any old shirt as your costume, a Tee Shirt bearing Grump Cat’s favorite word for $15.95 is a perfect solution. For a little more feline, try a fluffy $21.99 Tail which loops onto your belt or can be safety pinned on your pants and White Cat Paw Gloves for $26.99 which allow you use of your hands while still keeping that kitty look.

Price: $49.99

Buy the Grumpy Cat Costume here.

2. But That’s None of My Business

meme costume, meme halloween costume


Everyone loves Kermit The Frog, but somehow the internet has turned him into an icon of passive-aggressive judgment. (The internet can be a rough place sometimes even for kind-hearted souls like Kermit.) This full-body Kermit Costume for $192.38 is complete with frog feet, gloves, and round Kermit tummy. After that, you just need to add a round glass bistro Tea Mug from this set of two for $13.95 and, if you don’t have any sitting around, some Lipton Tea (100 tea bags for $3.07) to brew yourself some contemplative tea. All that’s left is for you to be quietly judgey–but be careful not to take it too far depending on the crowd you’re in.

Price: $192.38

Buy the Kermit Costume here.

3. Doge

meme costume, meme halloween costume, doge costume


Wow. Very costume. Such Doge. This $12.99 latex Shiba Inu Mask is a steal at the price and even has the classic Doge side-eye expression. It’s large enough to wear even with your glasses on and there are breathing and seeing holes in the nose and mouth. It does have a strong latex smell, so if you’re extremely sensitive to smells or are allergic to latex, skip this mask and go with a polyester fabric Balaclava Mask. This mask can go with really any outfit depending on what style of Doge you’re going for, so this can be a one item costume if you want.

If you want more Doge, check out this 3D printed Doge Hoodie for $28.90 which may or may not be the stuff of nightmares. I haven’t decided. For something a little less intense, this simple Brown Doge Hoodie for $39.99 just says “#doge” in case you’re worried people won’t pick up on who you are.

Price: $12.99

Buy the Doge Costume here.

4. Ermahgerd!

meme costume, meme halloween costume


This “Gersberms” meme has spawned a whole line of memes and a way of speaking that is very much its own. Memes that use photos of real people without their knowledge or consent can be a little sticky ethics-wise, but Maggie Goldenberger, who was 11 or so when the photo was captured, has publicly stated that she doesn’t mind, partly because it’s a photo of her dressing up as a kooky character for a Polaroid photo shoot with her friends. A meme is born.

To get your Ermahgerd on, you’ll need high pig tails and if you don’t have the locks to do it yourself, this Pig Tail Wig for $17.80 has you covered–though you’ll want to pin back the bangs and make the pigtails look messier for accuracy. This Cloud Pullover Sweatshirt for $42.99 is a good copy for her sweater. If you have access to a vintage ugly vest, kidnap it from your Great Aunt Edna’s closet, otherwise this Green Vest for $61 will give you a similar effect. Fake Braces for $9.53 and this $29.99 blue and pink Backpack round out the accessories. Last, but not least, you need your “farvrit berks.” If you don’t have an old stash of Goosebumps sitting around in a box somewhere, pick up this 25th Anniversary Set for $20.32 of five books to carry around and show your friends.

Price: $17.80

Buy the Ermahgerd Costume here.

5. Courage Wolf

meme costume, meme halloween costume

Courage Wolf: Because what doesn’t kill you, is going to die. A classic meme to fortify yourself against whatever comes your way, Courage Wolf is a costume idea that is filled to the brim with thousands of catchphrases like, “Bite off more than you can chew. Then chew it.” This Balaclava Face Mask for $15.99 has realistic 3D printing to give the look of a wolf’s face and raised fabric for the ears without the msothering heat of a full-head mask. It covers the nose and mouth, but has a wide opening for your eyes. To match the traditional Courage Wolf meme background, check out this Tie-Dye Shirt for $21.94 which also glows in the dark. You could easily pair this with jeans or whatever you’re most comfortable in, but if you want a more wolfy look, try these White Wolf Leggings for $21.94. Now you’re ready to spread the wisdom of Courage Wolf.

The whole world is against you. It wouldn’t be fair otherwise.

Price: $15.99 (15 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Courage Wolf Costume here.

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