Top 10 Best Unusual Halloween Costumes 2017

unusual halloween costumes, unique halloween costumes, unique costume ideas

If you’re here, you’re probably like me. You’re not interested in dressing up for Halloween as a witch, ghost, or character from the highest grossing movie of the year. You want something different.

You want something people aren’t expecting. Something clever or funny or unique or obscure or downright strange.

I confess, I love obscure costumes. I love that they’re these little secrets shared only by people who can recognize them. The best of these costumes still work either as bizarre or scary for people who don’t know what they’re from. These aren’t generally the type of costume that you can pick up in a Halloween store all in one package. They aren’t “popular” enough to be mass produced. These unique costumes are ones you have piece together yourself from what’s available. I’m including a few of these ideas here with elements I’ve pulled together that can create a one of a kind costume.

For some people, obscure can go too far. Not everyone wants to dress up as a minor character from Good Omens that barely anyone will recognize. And not everyone wants to go through the trouble of making a costume from scratch.

But you still want something odd, something unusual. If what you want is a costume that will make people do a double-take, I’ve got you covered. I’ve gathered a bunch of costumes that if you roll up at a party wearing them, you’re going to get a big reaction.

If you’re thinking maybe this is a little too odd for you, check out my guides to the best Stranger Things Halloween costumes, best Avengers Halloween costumes, and best mermaid Halloween costumes of 2017.

Trick or Treat, friends. Let’s get unusual.

1. The Log Lady of Twin Peaks

unusual halloween costumes, unique halloween costumes, unique costume ideas


Twin Peaks is a classic show from the master of weird David Lynch. With the Twin Peaks: The Return remake coming out, this drama, murder mystery, comedy, surrealist soap opera is on our minds again. The Log Lady isn’t among the main characters to be sure, but she is maybe the most unique. For a Log Lady costume, first things first–you need a log. This Kikkerland Log Micro Bead Pillow for $15.54 is perfect because it looks just like a log but is a fraction of the weight and won’t give you splinters. The rest is just matching her outfit from the show.

Her iconic Red Glasses here for $7.99 have clear lenses meant to be used as a costume so there’s no worry about straining your eyes. For the Log Lady’s layered look, begin with a dark blue Turtleneck from $11.17, then a musterd yellow Plaid Button Down Shirt from $9.99, and cover that with this $10.31 Chunky Knit Cardigan. If you’re going for detail, an Acorn Pin at the neckline for $9.95 and this $17.99 Bobbed Wig are the finishing touch. Now you’re ready walk around dispensing the wisdom of The Log.

Price: $15.54 (9 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Log Lady Costume here.

2. Three-Toed Sloth

unusual halloween costumes, unique halloween costumes, unique costume ideas


For a costume that no one will expect but everyone will love, try this Sloth Costume. This incredibly soft, onesie pajama-style costume is comfortable, works for lots of body types, and is great for any gender. Your adorable sloth head is on the hood so your face isn’t covered or obstructed for when you need to dig into the Halloween candy. The arms have attached gloves for the three-toe look, but you can slip your hands out of the gloves to have full use of them. The back has an adorably droopy butt and tiny sloth tail, as well as a zipper to make using the bathroom less of an ordeal. This costume can almost guaranteed squeals from cute overload.

Price: From $39.95

Buy the Three-Toed Sloth Costume here.

3. The Corrupted Soul of Rusty Lake

unusual halloween costumes, unique halloween costumes, unique costume ideas


If I were going to wear one of the costumes from this list, it would absolutely be this one. I love Rusty Lake games. I love their puzzles and I love how completely unsettling they are. The Corrupted Soul is the image that freaks me out the most. I won’t get to much into the mystery of Rusty Lake, but whenever you see the Corrupted Soul, nothing good is about to happen. For a profoundly unsettling costume, it’s easy and fairly cheap to assemble. Start with this Black Zentai Bodysuit with holes for eyes for $29.99. For the eyes, check out my guide to the best Halloween makeup palettes so you can paint your exposed skin either white or red. Add Black Antlers worn as a headband for $14.59 and you’ve got a creepy Corrupted Soul costume that will freak everyone out and scare Rusty Lake fans even more.

Carry around some captured memories, I mean, this White Cube for $27.08 or a $15.65 Stuffed Parrot as a stand in for Harvey.

Price: $29.99

Buy the Corrupted Soul Costume here.

4. Avocado

unusual halloween costumes, unique halloween costumes, unique costume ideas


Sometimes Millennials just have to embrace the stereotypes we’ve been given. This one-piece avocado costume turns you into one of Millennials’ favorite things. It’s a one size fits most kind of thing so just be aware. The fabric is thin, but for a costume that’s going over your head, you wouldn’t want anything too thick or else you’ll overheat.

For a darker, more Halloween-y take on this avocado costume, show up to the party with a big bowl of guacamole, Hannibal Lector Mask, and Fake Chef Knife.

Price: $59.99

Buy the Avocado Costume here.

5. Sean Spicer in a Bush

unusual halloween costumes, unique halloween costumes, unique costume ideas


Of the many jaw-dropping news items from this year, former House Press Secretary Sean Spicer hiding in the bushes from reporters will be one we won’t soon forget. This Sean Spicer Tee Shirt is the foundation. From there, all you need to turn your self into a bush is some fake leaves. This 12 pack of Fake Banyan Branches for $13.98 is plenty to turn yourself into some shrubbery. There’s a total of 420 leaves to do with as you please. Grab an old pair of pants you don’t care about and either start gluing these leaves on one at a time, or hot glue on whole branches. You’ll definitely get a laugh.

Price: $16.99

Buy the Sean Spicer in a Bush Costume here.

6. Kids’ Zalgo Urban Legend Morphsuit

unusual halloween costumes, unique halloween costumes, unique costume ideas

It’s not just adults who want to stand out. This kids’ Morphsuit of Zalgo is going to turn heads with the way it looks like your body disappears at the waist. Zalgo is an internet urban legend out of Creepypasta, a site that brings together stories that will never allow you to sleep again. This one-piece body suit covers every inch of your body and even includes white claws on the ends of your fingers. This is a plus for being fully transformed, but a minus if your little one is claustrophobic. The fabric is thin to prevent over-heating, but if you’re planning to be out at night in a colder climate, it could get chilly. This suit does run a little small, so keep that in mind when ordering.

This morphsuit is also available in Adult Sizes.

Price: $34.99

Buy the Kids’ Zalgo Urban Legend Morphsuit here.

7. Durian Fruit

unusual halloween costumes, unique halloween costumes, unique costume ideas


Nothing seem weird enough yet? How about a durian fruit? Durian fruit are a large, spiky fruit native to Asia which are famous for their horrid stench. They are considered the worst smelling fruit in the world–a title I didn’t know was even up for grabs. Despite the sweet fruit inside, the scent of durian is somewhat indescribable. Some have compared it to rotten meat, dirty socks, old cheese, and onions. The smell is so bad and so strong that in some countries in Asia, durian fruit is forbidden from hotels, airports, public transit, and other public spaces. So in a way, this is a truly scary costume to have a giant durian coming toward you. This mask is made out of 100 percent natural latex and includes the attached branch. Plus, you can pretty much wear whatever you want with it because no one’s going to be looking at anything but this spiky fruit on your head.

Price: $16.99

Buy the Durian Fruit Mask here.

8. The Scariest Thing That Always Comes for You: Debt

unusual halloween costumes, unique halloween costumes, unique costume ideas


For a costume that is both funny and terrifying, show up to your friend’s house dressed as Debt. Hopefully you’ll still be invited back. Start with this Black Debt Tee Shirt for $19.99 and cover it with this Black Cloak from $12. The cloak is open in the front so your shirt isn’t covered, but still has that traditional Grim Reaper look to it. This $9.99 Seamless Tube Scarf Mask turns the lower half of your face into the $100 bill’s Ben Franklin in case people weren’t sure what you’re about yet. An awesome thing about these types of masks is when you want to eat or drink, you can just pull it down and it stays around your neck like a bandanna. A creepy Death Scythe for $26.98 completes the look of doom. Debt is coming for us all.

Price: $19.99

Buy the Debt Reaper Costume here.

9. Big Foot

unusual halloween costumes, unique halloween costumes, unique costume ideas


I can’t say for sure because I don’t know your friends, but I’d wager that none of them are expecting to open the door and see a giant foot. This might be about as unusual as it gets. Depending on the crowd this could be a funny gag or Halloween-levels of horror for people who are extremely grossed out by feet. The costume comfortable and not too hot (which is good since no one likes sweaty feet.) It’s one size fits all, but this will work better for people who are average to tall. Shorter and younger folks might be a little overwhelmed by the foot.

Price: $28.95

Buy the Big Foot Costume here.

10. Octopus

unusual halloween costumes, unique halloween costumes, unique costume ideas


Octopodes are lovable, cute, clever, and also the stuff of nightmares in the right context. This stuffed octopus body fits over your head and your arms slip into the two biggest tentacles. There’s a velco opening for your hands so you can stick your fingers out when you need them and slip them back into the tentacles to hide them away when you want. There’s a black mesh opening that provides decent vision especially for this type of costume. Again, this isn’t for the very short, so you probably want to be above five-foot-three to wear this without it dragging on the ground. For under the costume you could either get an aqua bodysuit to resemble water or a black bodysuit so when you’re walking in the dark, it looks like the octopus is floating–which would freak me out for sure.

Price: $52.38

Buy the Octopus Costume here.

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