Top 10 Best Men’s Black Jeans 2018

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Black jeans are a must have for every guy’s wardrobe because they are so versatile. With blue jeans, you usually have to get the wash (the color) of the jeans right (read: dark wash) if you want one pair of pants to be versatile. It’s tough to make a dressier fit with lighter jeans. Not so with black jeans. By definition, they’re dark and ready to for a casual fit or a dressy look.

Top 10 Best Men’s Black Jeans: How This List Works

With this list, we’re focusing on three of the main styles:

Skinny Jeans
Slim Fit Jeans
Relaxed Fit Jeans

Men’s Jeans: The Best Style & Fit

For a little bit more insight into which style of jeans might work best for you, take a look at our list of the Top 20 Best Men’s Jeans: Skinny, Slim or Relaxed Fit 2018. Among all the great tips, there’s a video from Brock at The Modest Man and he breaks it down very well about the differences to watch for when it comes to skinny jeans or slim fit jeans. (We’re of the belief that relaxed fit jeans don’t need much explanation.) Another great video in the Top 20 list, from stylist Ashley Weston, talks about the way jeans should fit.

In a nutshell, Brock says that skinny Jeans are a more extreme version of slim fit jeans. Ashley breaks her part down into making sure you’ve got a good fit with the waist, seat, legs and length.

Men’s Jeans: Optional Add-Ons

One big reason that jeans are such an important staple in the dude wardrobe is because they can be worn cool and casual or cool and dressier. Black jeans, especially, can be worn to dressy functions, depending on what the go-with ensemble includes. Take a check of a couple of curated lists of sneakers that would go great with your jeans. Check out our Top Ten Best White Shoes for Men and our Top 10 Best Men’s Dress Sneakers. And it’s not too late in the season for a cool looking coat that would look fantastic with the jeans. Peep our curated list of the Top 10 Best Men’s Duffel Coats: Buy, Compare & Save.

Top 10 Best Men’s Black Jeans: Skinny, Slim or Relaxed Fit

For a quick look at the different cuts, here are the parameters:

Skinny Jeans are, generally, for guys who are smaller, leaner and have a slightly slight (nice description!) build. Men who fit this description can shop with confidence for skinny jeans or, even, the ultra-skinny jeans. For guys with a more average build, you’ll need to be more careful when you order, paying close attention to the size of the leg opening, the size of the thighs, etc. If you’re a big cat or very athletic, the skinny jeans probably aren’t for you because you’d have to start off by going up a few sizes in the waist just to make sure the rest of the pant fits. And that sorta defeats the purpose. Skinny Jeans feature a leg opening (where your feetsies come out) that’s anywhere from 10″ to 14″.

Slim Fit Jeans are a very on-trend, contemporary style. If you’ve seen those guys with the skinny jeans (read: about half of mankind) and you’ve thought: I wanna wear those, but they’re too tight, then Slim Fit Jeans might be your style. And it’s a good chance that a lot of those dudes who you thought were wearing skinny jeans were actually wearing slim fits. The category of slim fit includes the very common description of straight leg jeans. Sometimes, the Slim Fit Jeans taper a bit from the knee to the hem. Sometimes they don’t, and that’s when they’re generally thought of as straight leg. This category gives you a nice, slimming look that’s a bit more snug than relaxed fit, but not as snug as skinny jeans. The leg opening on slim fits is usually in the 14″ to 17″ range.

Relaxed Fit Jeans are always a safe bet when it comes to comfort. The danger, though, is that you’ll focus too much on comfort and end up with jeans that just don’t look as good as they could. To be honest, we’ve always been a relaxed jeans kinda guy, but we’ve also always noticed that we gotta pull the pants up a lot…that we can too often feel the butt-crack breeze when we bend over…that we’re always feeling like we’re in “dad jeans.” No offense to the dads out there, but it is possible to be comfortable in a relaxed fit that fits well. First and foremost, make sure you get the right waist size so you don’t have to battle slippage if you’re beltless. Secondly, get the proper length so you won’t end up with a lot of fabric bunched up at the shoes. This is another case where you might want to take some extra time to scrutinize the leg opening size, the thigh size, etc. The leg opening on relaxed fits is usually in the 17″ to 20″ range.

Whatever you choose, make sure you get the best fit so you’ll look your best with a pair of jeans from our list of the Top 10 Best Men’s Black Jeans.

Best Black Jeans: Skinny Fit

1. Eagle Men’s Skinny Stretch Jeans

eagle skinny stretch jeans, men's Black jeans, black skinny jeans


These are the classic skinny jeans and they’re a great bargain, at just $18.95. The low price could be one of the reasons the jeans have gained huge reviews from customers. Out of 250 customer reviews, the average is 4.5 out of 5-stars. We’re calling these “classic” skinny jeans because they do have a low rise (meaning they will sit a bit below the waist) and they’ve go the 14″ leg opening. These men’s black jeans are 98 percent cotton, two percent Spandex (which is where the stretchiness comes from). They’ve got a zipper fly and a button closure. One reviewer says “If you like a skinny fit jean…you will love them…they fit fabulously and I’m 6’4″…I would highly recommend.”

Price: $18.95

Buy Eagle Men’s Skinny Stretch Jeans here.

2. Joe’s Jeans Men’s Slim Fit* Jeans

joe's jeans slim fit, men's Black jeans, black skinny jeans

Joe\’s Jeans

We’re headlining these Joe’s Jeans with an asterisk* because while they are technically “slim fit” jeans, the dimensions and customer reviews indicate that they could easily be defined as a skinny jean. For one thing, they’re low rise, which is a waist treatment that is typically associated with skinny jeans. (Joe’s Jeans skinny fits have a 9.75″ rise and these jeans have a 10″ rise.) As Joe’s says, these jeans are “created for the man looking for something slightly narrower but not quite a skinny fit.” The jeans, which are 88 percent cotton, 11 percent poly and one percent Elastane (which is what gives them the stretch), feature a 14.5″ leg opening. These men’s black jeans do feature “dimensional whiskering,” which means they have some “worn-in” looks built into the manufacturing process. Very solid reviews with 4.1 stars average. Joe’s Jeans was founded in 2001 in Los Angeles by creative director Joe Dahan.

Price: $80.54-$178 (depending on size/color selected)

Buy Joe’s Jeans Men’s Slim Fit Jeans here.

Best Black Jeans: Slim Fit

3. Levi’s Men’s 511 Slim Fit Jeans

levi's 511 slim fit jeans, men's skinny jeans, black skinny jeans


The Levi’s Men’s 511 Slim Fit is extremely popular. More than 5,500 reviews with a 4.2 (out of 5-star) rating average. According to Levi’s, the 511s are “a great alternative to the skinny jean — you’ll get the same lean look with added comfort.” That’s pretty much describing the difference between any slim fits and skinny jeans so, duh, Levi’s. But we do want to thank Levi’s for a fashion tip: “For a laid-back daytime look, try a slightly scrunched leg and sneakers. Once night rolls around, try a 2-inch cuff with a Chelsea boot.” The jeans are 99 percent cotton and one percent Elastane so they do have some stretch and, therefore, comfort. They do have a medium rise, meaning they sit just below the waist and they are slim cut from hip to ankle. Leg opening is 14.5″ and they’re zip fly/button closure. There are a dang ton of colors available in this style: 38.

Price: $39.21-$69.50 (depending on size/color selected)

Buy the Levi’s Men’s 511 Slim Fit Jeans here.

4. Calvin Klein Men’s Slim Fit Denim Jeans

calvin klein slim fit jeans, men's Black jeans, black skinny jeans

Calvin Klein

Another very popular jean with customers, with a 4.2 out of 5-star average rating. The Calvins are a slim fit, not a skinny jeans fit. They’ve got a 14.5″ leg opening and are 98 percent cotton, two percent Spandex. It’s the Spandex that gives them the stretch and comfort that is very forgiving. The jeans feature Calvin Klein’s signature omega stitch on the back pocket. Five pocket styling with a zipper fly and button closure. Available in 38 different colors, so grab a couple!

Price: $18.27-$148 (depending on size/color selected)

Buy Calvin Klein Men’s Slim Fit Denim Jeans here.

5. Naked & Famous Weird Guy Black Selvedge Jeans

naked & famous black jeans, men's Black jeans

Naked & Famous Denim

Naked & Famous heavily emphasizes the type of denim they use, and this pair of slim fit jeans is a great example of that. The denim is Selvedge denim made in Japan using vintage low speed looms, a process that ends up with a fabric that feels hand woven. In a nutshell, you could call the fabric a “raw denim” and the jeans will conform uniquely to the wearer’s body and will take on whatever whiskering (marking) and fading that brings. What can you say about a brand that names a pair of its jeans “Weird Guy”? Well, we can explain the details of the Canadian company’s Weird Guy style: they’re Naked & Famous’s standard tapered fit “comfortable from waist to hip and tapered from the knee to hem.” Depending on the waist size chosen, the leg opening goes from 13″ up to 17″. The 100 percent cotton jeans feature five pocket styling and a zipper fly with a button closure. Take note: you can machine wash cold but don’t use the dryer. Hang dry.

Price: $170

Buy Naked & Famous Black Selvedge Jeans here.

6. 7 For All Mankind Men’s Standard Jeans

7 for all mankind standard jeans, men's Black jeans

7 For All Mankind

The luxury denim industry got a strong push from the dock when 7 For All Mankind came on the scene in 2000. The name refers to the fact that they think everyone should own seven pairs of their jeans, a worthy, yet expensive, proposition. The Men’s Standard style has a 10″ rise, so it’s not too low. The leg openings are 16″. These men’s black jeans are 98 percent cotton, two percent Spandex, so they do have the very welcoming stretchability. Five pocket styling with a button closure and zip fly.

Price: $189

Buy 7 For All Mankind Men’s Standard Jeans here.

7. True Religion Men’s Straight Leg Jeans

true religion straight leg jeans, men's Black jeans

True Religion

True Religion’s Men’s Straight Leg Jeans are typically named “Ricky” jeans, which is simply an example of the unusual naming preference of the company. As for the cut, they’ve got a normal rise and a 17.5″ leg opening. They are, essentially, a classic straight leg jean. But there are details that set these jeans apart. While they do feature traditional five pocket construction, three outta the five pockets are unique. The coin pocket features a bright silver button flap closure, as do both of the back flapped pockets. Do note that the jeans also feature True Religion’s big white-with-red-font patch on the back waist. The pockets feature the upside down horseshoes which, according to the company, “was born from the silhouette of a Buddha’s smile, and our hardware was inspired by the romance of denim’s 140-year history.”

Price: $98.28-$129 (depending on size selected)

Buy True Religion Men’s Straight Leg Jeans here.

Best Black Jeans: Relaxed Fit

8. Silver Jeans Co. Men’s Grayson Easy Fit Jeans

silver jeans co. easy fit jeans, men's Black jeans

Silver Jeans Co.

These Grayson Easy Fit jeans from Silver Jeans Co. have a normal rise, so they sit at the waist. According to the company, the Grayson cut is “easy fit…offers more room in the saddle.” If you’re a bigger cowboy, you’ll appreciate knowing that Silver uses reinforced stitching to ensure that the seams and belt loops won’t rip. Silver Jeans Co. says it “handcrafts” its jeans with an emphasis toward “superior softness, stretch, and mobility.” They are 99 percent cotton and one percent Elastane. The leg is a straight leg, so there isn’t any tapering from the knee to the hem.

Price: $99-$133.65 (depending on size/color selected)

Buy the Silver Jeans Co. Jeans here.

9. Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Men’s Relaxed Jeans

levi's relaxed jeans, men's Black jeans


A super great price on a classic pair of relaxed fit jeans. Levi’s says it uses premium denim for its Signature line of jeans. These are 99 percent cotton and one percent Elastane, so in addition to being cut roomier, they also have the stretchability that Elastane provides. These jeans have a relaxed fit through the seat and the thigh and they’re cut straight from the knee to the hem.

Price: $19.99-21.94

Buy the Levi’s Relaxed Jeans here.

10. Wrangler Men’s Wrancher Dress Jeans

wrangler wrancher dress jeans, men's Black jeans


This is the outlier of the list, but they’re very popular with past customers. With more than 900 reviews, the jeans have a 4 out of 5-star rating average. These are not denim jeans, they’re 100 percent polyester stretch twill. They’ve got a high rise and will fit over boots. Zip fly with button closure, the pants feature a “soil release finish,” which means they’re stain resistant. Scoop front and spade hip pockets. BTW, that’s not a typo in the headline. They’re Wranchers.

Price: $49.99 (28 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Wrangler Men’s Wrancher Dress Jeans here.

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