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Best Men’s Big & Tall Summer Shirts: 11 Hawaiian Styles

When you’re shopping for men’s big and tall summer shirts, you’re continuing a long tradition. The style and comfort of the Hawaiian shirt are perfect for summer fun. Bigger and taller guys can look and feel good without having to compromise style, comfort, or fit. These are the best of the best in Big and Tall summer shirts in fun and cool Hawaiian styles based on tons of research done by the folks at Heavy.

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An alternate history of the Hawaiian shirt, as told by Dale Hope, author of "The Aloha Shirt -- Spirit of the Islands," is that a University of Hawaii student named Ellery Chung conceived of the idea to market the shirts to tourists and locals at his parents' clothing store in Waikiki. This was 1935. Smart guy, that Ellery. The Hawaiian Shirt -- or Aloha Shirt -- thing has been goin' strong since then, and that's why you're here.

Men's Big & Tall Clothing: Hawaiian Shirts

A big part of the appeal is that Hawaiian shirts are comfortable. You (usually) don't tuck them in, they're cut with a more relaxed fit and the fabric is usually printed with something fun (or, often, funny). And because they're routinely worn to the islands, to the beach, to the backyard BBQ, they've got built-in comfort thanks to time and place. It's because of all these comfy details that the Hawaiian shirt is appealing to the bigger guys out there. You could call them "plus-size" shirts, but that's an industry term more closely associated with women's clothing. That's fine, it works for guys' stuff, too. We're just saying that this list is comprised of shirts that are either specifically for "big and tall" guys (the industry term for larger dudes' stuff) or Hawaiian shirts that come in sizes at least up to 3x, often more.

There are a ton of men's Hawaiian shirt makers. You always know it's a popular style when Amazon starts its own line. In this case, it's 28 Palms, which offers Hawaiian shirts in silk, cotton, and silk-linen. My list of 10 below doesn't feature any of the 28 Palms, but that's just a coincidence. In fact, the list is offered in no particular order.

Whatever you're sporting with your Hawaiian shirt, and whichever brand you choose, we know you'll be looking good and feeling great when you snag one (or more) of the great shirts from our list of Best Men’s Big & Tall Summer Shirts: 11 Hawaiian Styles.

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