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11 Graduation Gift Watches He’ll Absolutely Love

Graduation is a great time for the graduate and it’s a great time to check out a list of graduation gift watches so you can help the graduate celebrate the accomplishment. Whether you’re wishing your best for the graduate as he (note: this post is about watches for men, so we’re going with the masculine pronoun; feel free to cop any of the watches for the her in your life) heads to college or into the real world after college, a watch is always a fantastic idea as a graduation gift.

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Graduation Gift Watches

There is something very traditional about presenting a watch as a graduation gift for him. A watch is (hopefully) a well made and "worth it" gift. A good watch is something special because...well, watches are just so clever and cool. They're "little wearable machines" on the wrist, as Ariel Adams, the founder of aBlogtoWatch.com, calls them. A watch is imminently practical and is a gift that he'll use for (hopefully) a long time. And...not to get too philosophical or metaphorical about it...but a graduation watch is saying you're on your own, now, and you are the master of each second of your day. To put it simply, watches for graduation are big-boy gifts.

Graduation Watches: A Definition

The main criterion for inclusion on this list of graduation gift ideas is simple: Quality. The watches on the list are well made and worth the money. Because we're focusing on quality, the price point is higher. We do, though, provide alternate watches at lower price points. Look for the lower priced alternatives within the write up for each watch. Some of these watches may be the first steps into becoming a watch collector. Of course, the world of watch collecting is a big one and is chock full of some verrrry expensive time pieces. We're not taking immediate aim at high dollar collectibles but the watches on this list are certainly a good way to start (or add to) a collection. Primarily, we're going for quality, good looks and great graduation gift ideas.

Graduation Watches: Mechanical or Quartz?

An important point to make about this list: you'll notice that most of the watches are mechanical. That's one type of "movement" that you'll find in a watch. The other major movement -- which is represented in some of the watches below -- is quartz. Quartz watches, generally speaking, actually keep better time than automatic watches, but it is the mechanical movement that you will find in the higher priced, more collectible watches. That said, quality Japanese quartz or Swiss quartz movements are also used for some higher end watches that a watchmaker offers. One isn't necessarily better than the other but, again, it is the mechanical watch movement that dominates the high-end of the collectible watch category. Quartz watches are powered by batteries or light; mechanical watches are either automatic (powered by arm or other movement) or manual (powered by winding).

A man can never have too many watches. That's why watches for graduation are a can't-miss idea and you'll hit the gift-giving bullseye when you procure one of these great watches from our list of the Graduation Gift Watches: Graduation Gifts for Him 2019.

Graduation Gifts for Him: A Few Alternate Options

If the relatively high price point of graduation watches is a bit out of reach, there are other, less expensive and high quality options. We suggest taking a quick look at a few other curated lists of top-notch watches.

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