4th of July Shirts: 10 Best Designs on Amazon 2018

4th of july shirts


There’s probably no better time to let your clothes do the talking than America’s birthday. Fourth of July shirts are a fun way — and a great excuse — to put your allegiance to the USA right out on front street. This list features 10 great shirts — five for women, and five for men — that will have everyone applauding your patriotism and your great taste.

Women’s 4th of July Clothes

You’ll find the shirts for women from #1 to #5.

Men’s 4th of July Clothes

For the dudes, check out shirts #6 through #10.

What Is a July 4th Shirt?

It doesn’t take a lot of research or digging to determine what it is that qualifies a shirt to be included in a list like this. Here are the basics:

  • Color — You’ll never guess what colors are the predominant colors for shirts to wear on Independence Day.
  • Style — The style is casual with a capital C. Most of the shirts are loose and comfortable, although there are some that are more fitted.
  • Fun(ny) — Fun is the operative word and, for a lot of these shirts, they’re funny, too. Yes, the founding of a nation is serious business, but everyone knows that Fourth of July parties are all about the cool, relaxed vibe.

Get Your Shirt On Time

All the shirts are available on Amazon and we’ve chosen shirts that should get to you well before July 4th. To make it easier on yourself, consider trying Amazon Prime, which gives you two-day delivery. You’ve probably heard it before, but it’s worth repeating: you can sign up for Prime on a trial basis and you can cancel anytime.

It’s not only time to salute the USA, it’s time to show your style. You’ll find something fun — maybe more than one thing, since the prices here are all very good — in our list of 4th of July Shirts: 10 Best Designs on Amazon 2018.

4th of July Shirts: Women

1. Kancystore Women’s American Flag Short Sleeve Shirt

kancystore women's american flag short sleeve shirt


A very cute, casual shirt that definitely works as a 4th of July shirt. A bonus with this one is that you can really wear it any time of the year because the predominant design element is the horizontal red and white striping. The shoulders and the patch pocket — as well as the collar — are all done in dark blue with white stars.

Fabric — This should be a very comfortable shirt because it’s done in a poly/cotton blend and it’s a soft, breathable fabric. The neck is an O-neck, so it’s roomy and comfortable.

Other Options — This shirt is from Kancystore, and they offer three other versions in the same style: pink, blue and red. Each version leaves no doubt about your patriotism, as they’re all in a Stars and Stripes motif. (Each one is different.)

Sizing — Depending on the shirt you choose, the sizes go from small up to XXXL, so you have tons of options.

Whichever style you choose, they’d go great with jeans, shorts or a skirt. The shirt has some length to the bottom hem so it’ll be very versatile and comfortable.

Price: $8.99 and up (depending on size/style selected)

Buy the Kancystore Women’s American Flag Short Sleeve Shirt here.

2. For G and PL Women’s July 4th American Flag Print Top

For g and pl womens july 4th american flag print top

For G and PL

This is a tiny bit unique because the Stars and Stripes motif is done in a slanted vertical pattern. The design is around 60 percent red and white stripes (the stripes cover both shoulders) and 40 percent blue background with white stars. Features white piping on the neck, sleeves and hem.

Fabric — The shirt is made of 65 percent cotton, 35 percent polyester. The manufacturer — For G and PL — recommends washing inside out on the gentle cycle in cold or warm water. You can either tumble dry or line dry.

Sizing — You can get this shirt in sizes from small to XXL. Small: 4-6. Medium: 8-10. Large: 12-14. XL: 16-18. XXL: 18-20.

Other Option — Spadehill has a women’s July 4th shirt that features the American flag motif in a short sleeve. It’s a faded, somewhat weathered appearance that’s also in a 65/35 cotton/poly blend.

Price: $18.99

Buy the For G and PL Women’s July 4th American Flag Print Top here.

3. Angashion Women’s American Flag Print Kimono Cover Up Top

angashion womens american flag print kimono cover up


There’s a ton of versatility with this top. It’s roomy enough to go over a heavier shirt underneath — just in case your Independence Day has some chilly weather — or to just leave hanging freely for total comfort.

Sizing — The shirt should end up just about mid-thigh or right above the knee. It’s 34.6″ in length. The sleeves are close to 3/4 length, at 13.4 inches. Other sizing: Bust – 47.2″ Shoulder — 21.3″ Waist 48.8″. This kimono-style cover up doesn’t have any button closures.

Fabric — The fabric of this shirt from Angashion is 100 percent polyester chiffon. Very lightweight, breezy and breathable.

Other Options — The top is available as shown, with the somewhat faded, weathered treatment, or it’s available in the same size and pattern, except with bolder, darker coloring. Riviera Sun makes a loose, easy-wearing boho-chic top that features a tie-dye look for the red and white stripes, with white stars over the blue background.

Price: $18.99

Buy the Angashion Women’s American Flag Print Kimono Cover Up Top here.

4. Tipsy Elves Women’s Red White and Blue Long Sleeve Shirt

tipsy elves womens american flag raglan shirt

Tipsy Elves

A terrific long sleeve raglan top that features the very bold red and white horizontal striping that sets off the equally bold blue sleeves with white stars. It’s a raglan, meaning there aren’t any shoulder seams and the sleeves continue up to the neck. That’s all about comfort.The Stars and Stripes make it clear that you’re all about good old American style.

Fabric — The shirt is made of a 50 percent cotton, 50 percent polyester blend. The manufacturer’s recommendation is to machine wash and hang dry or tumble dry on low. As with any print shirt, it’s always best to wash it inside out.

Sizing — It’s available in a wide range of sizes, from small to XXL. The bottom hem of the shirt, which features double needle stitching, should hang just to the bottom of a pair of shorter shorts.

Other Option — From SoRock, a fun raglan top baseball jersey style shirt that features a beaded heart emblem on the chest. The heart is done in a red, white and blue flag motif.

Price: $29.95

Buy the Tipsy Elves Women’s Red White and Blue Long Sleeve Shirt here.

5. Merica Stadium Long Sleeve Jersey T-Shirt With Front Pocket

merica stadium long sleeve jersey t-shirt with front pocket

Fashion Greek

A fun, bold long sleeve shirt that leaves no doubt about your patriotic sentiment. The main design element of the shirt is on the back, stretching from the middle of the left arm, across the shoulders, to the middle of the right arm. It simply says ‘MERICA. At the risk of stating the obvious, we must perform due diligence and clarify that ‘MERICA is a casual way of saying “America.” Besides the big, bold country word — which is in a blue and red shading — the middle back portion of the shirt has “Est. 1776” printed on it, giving a nod to when the country was born.

The front of the shirt is also fun, with a very bold patch pocket on the left chest area. The pocket is in tight red and white stripes in a seersucker fabric.

Fabric — 100 perent cotton.

Sizing — The shirt is available in a wide array of sizes, from small to 5XL.

Other Options — The shirt is shown in white, but it’s also available in blue and available in red.

Price: $27.95

Buy the Merica Stadium Long Sleeve Jersey T-Shirt With Front Pocket here.

4th of July Shirts: Men

6. Meowica July 4th Cat & Bald Eagle American Flag Shirt

Meowica july 4th cat and bald eagle american flag shirt

Meowica Cat Shirts

Leave no doubt about your allegiance to:

Country – there’s a big old American Flag on the shirt
Cats – the flag is being flown by the cat
Emblems – the cat is being flown by the bald eagle
Lingo – the shirt features the word ‘Meowica – which is a kitty-cat way of saying ‘Merica (which is a down-home way of saying “America” – apologies in advance if we have explained the obvious).

Fabric & Sizing — This shirt is 100 percent cotton (other versions of the shirt feature different fabrics). Features a double needle sleeve and bottom hem. Both men’s and women’s sizes are available.

Other Option — For another fun patriotic t-shirt, check out the “Dibs” shirt from Tipsy Elves. It features an astronaut planting a flag on the lunar surface with the word “dibs” under the imagery. In other words, the astronaut got first dibs on the moon with that flag. (Again, we apologize if we’re stating the obvious.)

Price: $19.99

Buy Meowica July 4th Cat & Bald Eagle American Flag Shirt here.

7. Quiksilver Men’s 4th of July Woven Shirt

Quiksilver Mens 4th of July Woven Button Down Shirt


This is a good looking and very fashionable 4th of July shirt from the company with a surfer vibe, Quiksilver. It is a short sleeve shirt with a regular fit, so it’s going to have the room that makes it comfortable.

Fabric — The shirt is 100 percent cotton twill and the majority of the piece is the denim-colored blue with the faded white stars overlayed. It’s the front pocket that provides the big pop of color: the pocket is all horizontal red and white stripes. It’s a patch pocket, with no button and no flap.

The collar is a small spread collar and the bottom hem of the shirt is finished so you can definitely wear this shirt untucked. (Can be tucked in, too.) It’s a button up/down shirt with seven buttons. Quicksilver recommends hand washing.

Other Option — For another button up/down short sleeve shirt, check out this bolder version of the red, white and blue flag motif. Tipsy Elves has this Patriotic USA Red, White and Blue Hawaiian shirt.

Price: $54

Buy the Quiksilver Men’s 4th of July Woven Shirt here.

8. Pacific Surf Men’s American Flag Slim Fit Muscle Shirt

pacific surf mens american flag slim fit muscle shirt

Pacific Surf

This is a terrific dual purpose top: you can rock it as your 4th of July shirt and after that, it’s a great workout shirt.

The shirt is all about the Stars and Stripes. It’s an “all-over” print, so every square inch of the shirt throws the patriotic vibe. The predominant imagery is the red and white stripes that run vertically, while the left chest/shoulder area is comprised of white stars on a blue background.

Sizing Note — the fabric is 95 percent polyester and five percent Spandex, so there is stretch to the piece. It is described as a “slim fit” so you might want to order a size up if you’re looking for something a bit looser.

Other Options — The shirt is by Pacific Surf and when you click through, you’ll see that they offer 25 different versions of the tank top. Eight of them are USA flag themed and would work well as an Independence Day shirt.

Price: $5.71 and up (depending on size/style selected)

Buy the Pacific Surf Men’s American Flag Slim Fit Muscle Shirt here.

9. Under Armour Men’s Freedom July 4th T-Shirt

under armour men's freedom July 4th t-shirt

Under Armour

Like shirt #8 in this list, you could call this one a dual purpose shirt, too, because it is from athletic apparel maker Under Armour and it’s designed to be comfortable for the workout.

The shirt, as shown, is white with blue and red horizontal striping across the chest. The Under Armour logo is featured on the left side of the chest area, surrounded by stars. On the right size, within the striping, are the words “United States of America.” On the back of the shirt, Under Armour has its usual logo at the neck.

Other Options — There are two other versions of this shirt: one in predominant red and one in predominant blue (both have the same type of striping/logo/USA verbiage). At the time of this writing, there was limited size availability for the red and blue shirts, while the white had the full range of sizes available.

Fabric — The shirt fabric is what Under Armour calls “Charged Cotton.” It’s 57 percent cotton, 38 percent poly and five percent Elastane (which gives it stretch and flex). Under Armour says its Charged Cotton “has all the comfort of cotton but dries much faster.”

A Great Cause — This actually is more than just a patriotic look: Under Armour has a charitable arm called UA Freedom (this shirt is part of that effort) and UA donates a minimum of $250,000 each year to support first responders, military personnel, law enforcement officers and veterans.

Price: $19.99 and up (depending on size/style selected)

Buy the Under Armour Men’s Freedom July 4th T-Shirt here.

10. Joe’s USA Vintage USA Logo T-Shirt

joes usa vintage usa logo t-shirt

Joe’s USA

Leave no doubt about which team (or country) you are rooting for by copping this very simple, very bold shirt from Joe’s USA.

Fabric — The shirt is 100 percent cotton that is heavyweight 6.1 ounce soft-spun cotton. It’s got a rib knit collar, shoulder-to-shoulder taping and a coverseamed neck. The sleeves and the bottom hem are double stitched.

Sizing — the shirt is available in a huge range of sizes and will work for either men or women. The sizes start at “regular small” and go up to 6XL. In addition, there’s a range of “tall” sizes available, too.

Colors — we’re showing the shirt in red but it is available in 22 different colors (including blue). The “USA” print on the front is designed to appear weathered, giving the shirt a “broken in” appeal.

Other Option — Joe’s USA also makes a shirt that says “Independence Day – July 4, 1776” and features an American flag. It’s available in six different colors.

Price: $13.95 and up (depending on size/color selected)

Buy the Joe’s USA Vintage USA Logo T-Shirt here.

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