Rave Bodysuits: 10 Spectacular Rave One-Pieces (2018)


Ah, the good ol’ rave bodysuit. It’s such a classic piece, when it comes to putting together a kick butt outfit. Heck, if you attended a rave back in the 90s, you for sure encountered one of them.

So, you’re here because you’re interested in finding the best rave one-pieces. Now there’s something to keep in mind. Everything on this list is in a women’s cut. BUT, that doesn’t mean they’re limited to the ladies. Instead, anyone can wear them–the comment about sizing is solely with regard to fit.

Of course, there are plenty of other amazing things to rock for your outfit. Be sure to check out these rave shorts for both guys and girls. These EDC hats are another awesome option.

When you’re putting together your rave look, there’s always one thing you need to think about: Budget. I know. Everyone hates that word. But it’s best not to over-spend on your outfit. Save that extra scratch for your next show.

Budget is the reason this post is split into two sections. The first section covers rave bodysuits for cheap–bodysuits under-$25. The second section covers rave bodysuits to splurge on.

Within each category, capsules have a descriptive title, so you can dive in or skim. And, you’ll find the least-expensive bodysuit in the first capsule, with the most-expensive in the last.

So stop worrying about where to buy a rave bodysuit, and start doing some research on your next rave one-piece. Let’s jump on in.

Rave Bodysuits for Cheap

Rave clothing can run you a pretty penny. Sometimes you don’t have the funds to go over-the-top in your outfits. So, finding a rave bodysuit for cheap is right up your alley. Everything in this section is under-$25.

1. Rainbow Rave Bodysuit

rave bodysuit

Bikini Factory

When it comes to rave bodysuits, there are a couple of patterns you’re likely to encounter. Bright, in-your-face neon has been a staple for years. Metallic is always a solid choice. And you’re sure to see tons of galaxy. But you can’t forget about rainbow.

This Zippered Rainbow One-Piece is the perfect choice. It’s made with a mix of polyester and spandex, making it extremely comfortable and durable. A zipper closure sits right at the chest, but you don’t have to worry about it unzipping…unless you choose to make it happen.

An open-back adds to the sexiness. And if you like that extra boost, there is light padding–it’s removable if that’s not your jam. Keep in mind, this is Asian sizing, so be sure to refer to the size chart. Pair with some thigh highs and an animal hood for an amazing look.

Choose from sizes small – large.

Price: $17.99 – $18.99

Buy the Zippered Rainbow One-Piece here.


  • Comes with built-in padding – removeable
  • Features an open-back and zipper in the front
  • Made with polyester & spandex – very comfortable
  • Easy to pair with tons of accessories


  • Asian sizing – very small, so refer to sizing chart

Find more Zippered Rainbow One-Piece information and reviews here.

2. Mermaid Rave Bodysuit

rave bodysuit


I know not all of us wanted to be mermaids when we were younger. But, there’s been a fascination with them for centuries. (Have you seen that Discovery channel documentary?!) And plus, they’re known for being beautiful, graceful creatures. Who wouldn’t want to emulate that awesomeness? You can do just that, with the Rainbow Mermaid Bodysuit.

Since mermaids are (supposedly) mythical, you don’t have to rely on “natural” hues. Instead, you can rock this eye-catching craziness of colors. It’s made of a polyester and milk fiber material, so you’ll be comfortable for the duration of the wear. Plus, there’s a backless design, in order to up the level of sexiness. Please refer to size chart, for best fit. Pair with leg wraps and an amazing headpiece.

Available in sizes medium – 3XL. Choose from a rose pattern, as well.

Still want the traditional mermaid green? Head over here.

Price: $17.99 – $21.99

Buy the Rainbow Mermaid Bodysuit here.


  • Unique twist on a mermaid rave bodysuit
  • Made of polyester & milk fiber for comfort
  • Backless design for extra sexiness
  • Available in wide size range – medium to 3XL


  • Sizing may be off – refer to chart

Find more Rainbow Mermaid Bodysuit information and reviews here.

3. Galaxy Rave Bodysuit

rave bodysuit


In one of the capsules above, I mentioned the many types of patterns you’ll encounter at a rave. We already covered the always-adored rainbow. Next up, though, is galaxy. Galaxy, of course, isn’t limited to just rave bodysuits. It’s available in hats, leggings, hoodies, and more. But for the sake of this piece, we’re focusing on the One-Piece Galaxy Bodysuit.

As for the material, this baby is made with a blend of 88% polyester and 12% spandex. With this mix, you’re sure to be comfortable, thanks to a good bit of stretch. In addition, it also has breathable and lightweight qualities.

Technically billed as a swimsuit, it’s ideal for most types of fun in the sun. The image itself is a high-quality HD digital print, so it won’t fade like other rave bodysuits. Please refer to sizing chart, as sizes may be different. Pair with some platform boots and an LED jacket.

Available in sizes medium – XL. Choose from four other patterns: Mermaid, unicorn, skull, and antelope.

Price: $19.99 – $21.99

Buy the One-Piece Galaxy Bodysuit here.


  • Very lightweight & breathable
  • Doubles as a swimsuit
  • Image was printed with a high-quality 3D printer
  • Stretchy, thanks to 12% spandex


  • Sizing may be off – refer to chart
  • Material may be thinner than expected

Find more One-Piece Galaxy Bodysuit information and reviews here.

4. White Rave Bodysuit

rave bodysuit


Classic patterns on a rave bodysuit are always a solid choice. But, let’s be honest–not everyone wants in-your-face colors all-the-time. Sometimes a more-muted color scheme is the way to go. Perhaps a white rave one-piece is up your alley, like the Solid Zip Up Rave Bodysuit.

Manufactured by the team over at iHeartRaves, you know you’re receiving a quality piece. This bad boy is made with a mix of 85% polyester and 15% spandex, so it’ll keep you locked-and-loaded…with a bit of give. Toss it into the washing machine in warm water, and tumble dry on low.

A front zipper adds a bit of embellishment, while allowing you to pump up the sultriness, should you choose. And if you’re feeling extra cheeky, you can wear this rave bodysuit post-event, with a pair of jeans or shorts. Please refer to proprietary sizing chart, for proper fit. Stay comfortable and sexy all night. Toss on a furry jacket for added effect.

Choose from sizes small – XL.

Feeling something more sparkly? Give these sequin bodysuits a look.

Price: $20.95

Buy the Solid Zip Up Rave Bodysuit here.


  • Can be machine-washed & dried
  • Hugs in all of the right places
  • Comfortable, with a bit of stretch because of the spandex
  • Manufactured by a well-known rave company


  • Sizing runs small – refer to proprietary chart

Find more Solid Zip Up Rave Bodysuit information and reviews here.

Rave Bodysuits to Splurge on

Whether you’re an amazing saver, or recently came into a bit of extra scratch, spending a bit more on a rave bodysuit is to your advantage. Not only does a larger budget mean more options, it also allows you to dive into extra embellishments, like LEDs. Everything in this section is over-$25.

5. Black Rave Bodysuit

rave bodysuit


Alright I’ll just say it: Crazy patterns are awesome when it comes to rave bodysuits…but they’re not the be-all, end-all. Instead, if you can rock a solid-colored one-piece, you’re lightyears ahead when it comes to choosing accessories. This Aries Warrior Rave Bodysuit is a must for black lovers.

This baby isn’t just any black rave one-piece. Instead, it was crafted by the masterminds over at iHeartRaves. It features a waistband, which accentuates your curves. The back has a cut-out, scrunch bottom, to make that booty pop. And the neckline is sheer–so you’re covered, but still sexy.

If multi-use clothing is your jam, you’re in the right place. You can wear this rave bodysuit as a sexy swimsuit, as well. Made with 80% nylon and 20% spandex, your bits will stay in place, while you stay comfy as a clam. Pair with a snapback, and some light-up shoes.

Available in sizes small – XL.

Price: $34.95

Buy the Aries Warrior Rave Bodysuit here.


  • Doubles as a swimsuit
  • Back has a scrunch-bottom & cut-out for a sexy look
  • Material has a lot of give – 20% spandex
  • Sheer neckline adds a bit of modesty up top


  • Must be hand-washed

Find more Aries Warrior Rave Bodysuit information and reviews here.

6. Tie Dye Rave Bodysuit

rave bodysuit


If we’re being real with ourselves, most of us never grew out of the tie dye phase. I mean, sure, we don’t wear it as often–hello, office jobs *insert eye roll*–but we sure as heck want to. Luckily, shows are the perfect place to bust out a tie dye rave bodysuit, like the Tie Dye Velvet Bodysuit.

Unlike many other rave one-pieces on this list, this baby is actually made of a velvet–92% polyester and eight-percent spandex. It’s so soft, you’ll catch yourself randomly rubbing it. And if your fingers accidentally leave a stain of sorts, you can easily hand-wash it, then hang dry.

A super flattering cut hugs you in all of the right places, while remaining comfortable as all get out. Choose to keep the zipper fully-closed, or open it a smidge, for an added level of sexiness. It does run small, so please refer to sizing chart. Pair with platform boots and some face jewels.

Available in sizes small – XL.

Price: $39.95

Buy the Tie Dye Velvet Bodysuit here.


  • Made of super soft velvet
  • Features a zipper on the chest – keep it open or closed
  • Has a decent bit of stretch, thanks to spandex
  • Easy to pair with tons of accessories


  • Runs small – refer to sizing chart
  • Must be hand-washed & hung to dry

Find more Tie Dye Velvet Bodysuit information and reviews here.

7. Trippy Rave Bodysuit

rave bodysuit


Whether it was a conscious or subconscious thought, you know this list of the best rave bodysuits wouldn’t be complete without mention of a trippy one-piece. “Trippy”, of course, refers to something resembling the hallucinatory effect of psychedelics…without any drugs. What could be trippier than a rainbow skeleton? Your bones are on the inside…but they’re not.

This INTO THE AM Rainbow Skeleton Bodysuit is a sweet choice. INTO THE AM is owned by iHeartRaves, so you know you’re purchasing a quality one-piece. It’s entirely designed and engineered in California–so it’s made in the USA. Artisans hand-craft each piece, ensuring designs line up on each panel. Each bodysuit features a high-definition set of graphic artwork on both the front and back. Wear alone, or add in some fishnets, and a sweet hat.

Available in small – XL.

Price: $44.95

Buy the Into The AM Rainbow Skeleton Bodysuit here.


  • Very unique design – draws a ton of compliments
  • Available in wide range of sizes – small – XL
  • Manufactured in the US, California to be specific
  • Made of high-quality material


  • May run small – refer to size chart

Find more Into The AM Rainbow Skeleton Bodysuit information and reviews here.

8. Hooded Rave Bodysuit

rave bodysuit


When it comes to rave bodysuits, we’ve already covered the basics with regard to pattern. But, what about the cut itself? What if you’re interested in something more than the typical “one-piece” cut? While there are tons of options like long-sleeve, full-body, and more, a hooded rave bodysuit is where it’s at.

The Strappy One-Piece Bodysuit has everything you could ever want: Stretchiness, holographic pattern, and a hood. This baby is made with an 80% nylon and 20% spandex mix, providing a breathable, comfortable experience. Aside from the hoodie, it also features a 1/2-length sleeve, so you can keep your shoulders and biceps covered.

Make your booty pop, thanks to a cheeky scrunch back bottom. On top, there’s a criss-cross strappy neckline to show off the goodies. Please note, the sizing runs small, so refer to proprietary chart. Add in some awesome shoes and a pair of leg wraps.

Available in small – XL. Choose from black hologram disco and black.

Price: $49.95 – $54.95

Buy the Hologram Strappy One Piece Bodysuit here.


  • Unique cut, featuring a hood and 1/2-length sleeve
  • Has a plunging neckline, with criss-cross detail
  • Booty looks amazing, thanks to scrunch back
  • Very comfortable – nylon & spandex mix


  • Runs small – refer to sizing chart
  • Must be hand-washed

Find more Hologram Strappy One Piece Bodysuit information and reviews here.

9. Long Sleeve Rave Bodysuit

rave bodysuit

Rave Wonderland

Not all rave bodysuits look alike. Sure, plenty have very similar cuts, but they’re not all the same. Above, we saw a holographic one-piece featuring a hood. Here, we’re taking it up a notch with a long-sleeve rave bodysuit, like the Alien Lace Up Bodysuit.

Unlike its many close neighbors, this baby covers you from crotch-to-wrist. So if you easily get cold, or prefer to keep slightly covered, you’re golden. In the front sits a plunging V-neckline, with a lace-up pattern.

And you’re not pigeon-holed into the tautness of the ties–they’re totally adjustable. An 80% nylon and 20% spandex mix, allows for maximum comfort. Pair with platform boots, or thigh highs.

Available in sizes small/medium and medium/large

Price: $55.99

Buy the Alien Lace Up Rave Bodysuit here.


  • Totally adjustable, thanks to ties
  • Plunging V-neckline lets you show off
  • Stretchy & comfortable
  • Can be worn as a stand-alone piece, or paired with other accessories


  • Only available in two sizes: small/medium & medium/large

Find more Alien Lace Up Rave Bodysuit information and reviews here.

10. Light Up Rave Bodysuit

rave bodysuit

J. Valentine

If there’s one thing you’re dying for in rave bodysuits, it’s definitely LEDs. Most of us never really grew out of out love for glow sticks and other light-up toys. So, why not bring that childhood fascination to life? You can do so, with an LED rave bodysuit, like this J. Valentine Women’s Light-Up Romper.

J. Valentine produces fabulous rave apparel, and their rave one-pieces are no exception. This baby is made with 85% nylon and 15% spandex, so it’ll stretch to your body. Each piece is proudly made in the USA. A deep, plunging neckline and open-back, keep it super sexy. Simply slide it on, turn on the lights, and you’ll be quite literally lighting up the night.

Available in small/medium and medium/large. Available in five other colors, including green, kaleidoscope, and rainbow lightning.

If you’re a fan of LED apparel, but aren’t feeling J. Valentine, be sure to check out these light-up shoes for adults.

Feeling the LED love? Check out these light up t-shirts.

Price: $81.78 – $99.96

Buy the J. Valentine Women’s Light-up Romper here.


  • Very stretchy – made with spandex
  • Super sexy – plunging neckline & open-back
  • Lights up….enough said
  • Available in a ton of colors


  • More expensive than other rave bodysuits
  • Battery pack may be visible

Find more J. Valentine Women’s Light-up Romper information and reviews here.

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