7 Best Cool Sweatshirts for Men: A Buyer’s Guide (2018)

cool sweatshirts for men


You don’t need to be in a fitness club to wear a sweatshirt. In fact, it’s usually way too hot in there (you know, the way you give 110 percent). However, cool sweatshirts for men work very well just about anywhere outside the gym.

I don’t care if it’s overused: versatile items of apparel are essential for any guy’s wardrobe. Jeans: gotta have. Chinos: gotta have. Chino (or khaki) shorts: gotta have. Same goes for a great sweatshirt.

The sweatshirt is very versatile. You can wear it out with jeans. You can throw it on when you’re stuck to the couch. It works for the summer barbecue that goes long into the night and it works for heading out to breakfast the next day when you “work off” your too-much-fun at that barbecue.

We’re hitting you with seven quick options. Four of them are crewnecks, three of them are hoodies. There are, of course, many other versions that qualify as cool sweatshirts — zipped, collared, pockets, etc. — but those are for another list.

These are “cool” because they’re from brands that have been around and have established themselves with everyone from celebrities to salt-of-the-earth regular dudes. The fact is, you could even substitute the word cool with the word classic, because these are just that. One is from a relatively new brand — Faherty — that’s got an interesting take on men’s apparel and an interesting story about the two brothers who started the company.

Once we narrowed down the brands, we focused on sweatshirts that are well made and/or get good reviews. Popularity isn’t a reason to do anything (maybe), but popular sweatshirts are just another indication of quality and a reason to be included in lists like this.

A note about each sweatshirt: we’re showing one version of each, but we make note when there are other colors available, as well as similar products.

So wear that thing to the gym if you want. Wear it any time of the year. Just make sure it fits right (not baggy, not tight) and that you bring your own cool to the game, too.

What are the Best Cool Sweatshirts for Men?

1. Champion Authentic Originals Sueded Fleece Sweatshirt – $21.59 and up (depending on size/color)

champion mens authentic originals sueded fleece sweatshirt


We’ve got two Champion products on the list because they’re both great. This one might very well be one of the coolest sweatshirts for men that you can get. Cool because Champion is a long-time brand that has seen a huge resurgence in popularity.

The shirt is 80 percent cotton, 20 percent poly. It’s “sueded fleece” on the outside while the inside is the soft fleece that makes a great sweatshirt…a great sweatshirt.

The crewneck, bottom hem and cuffs are all ribbed, while the bottom waistband is more relaxed. The crewneck features the classic V-notch.

Out of more than 60 reviews, the Champion has a great 4.5 out of 5-star rating average. We’re showing it in “Carmine red heather,” but it’s available in eight different colors (color availability periodically changes). The “oatmeal heather/oxford gray” is particularly good looking.

Buy the Champion Authentic Originals Sweatshirt here.

2. Russell Athletic Men’s Pro10 Fleece Crew – $19 and up (depending on size)

russell athletic mens pro 10 fleece crew sweatshirt

Russell Athletic

Russell Athletic maintains that it is the “original sweatshirt designer.” No argument here, as the brand’s been making cool sweatshirts for men for more than 80 years.

Pro10 is an updated line from Russell Athletic, with modern detailing and an emphasis on keeping the classic look. As Russell Athletic puts it, “we are channeling our past” with this sweatshirt. They call it “heritage inspired.”

The shirt is 83 percent cotton, 17 percent poly and it’s in a respectably heavyweight 12.5 ounce fabric.

The bottom hem and the cuffs are ribbed banding that’s a little bit on the wide side. The crewneck features the detail of the V-notch in the middle, which Russell says “adds modern detail to the timeless athletic staple.”

We’re showing it in oxford but it’s available in four colors (color availability periodically changes).

More than 40 customer reviews and a rock solid 4.6 out of 5-star rating average.

Buy the Russell Athletic Fleece Crew here.

3. Adidas Originals Men’s Trefoil Crew Sweatshirt – $36.66 and up (depending on size/color)

adidas originals mens trefoil crew sweatshirt


From the gigantic and very on-trend brand Adidas, this cool sweatshirt for men is from their Originals line. That, in itself, tells you this is a classic. The Adidas trefoil logo (the three leaf graphic) is featured prominently on the chest.

This is a tiny bit deceptive because, while it is a crewneck pullover sweatshirt, it does have two side welt pockets (meaning they’re more or less just “cut” into the fabric, rather than being a patch pocket that’s sewn on). Adidas calls them “unexpected side pockets.”

The shirt is 70 percent cotton, 30 percent poly, some of which comes from recycled materials. It’s got ribbed cuffs and bottom hem. The fit is relaxed, so it will look great — not “sweatshirt sloppy” — if you get it in your correct size.

It has almost 70 reviews and a super solid 4.3 out of 5-star rating average. This is a classic that’s been updated for a modern feel.

We’re showing it in black, but it’s available in six different colors (color availability periodically changes).

Buy the Adidas Sweatshirt here.

4. Faherty French Terry Crew Neck Sweatshirt – $57.17 and up (depending on size/color)

faherty french terry crew neck sweatshirt


Faherty is about as close as you can get to a mom-and-pop brand when the mom is one brother and the pop is another brother. Mike and Alex Faherty are, in fact, twins. They started the brand in 2013 after Mike did some time (eight years) designing for Ralph Lauren and Mike was a finance guy. Good for people who like quality clothes that they started their eponymous company.

This French terry is 44 percent cotton and 56 percent poly. It’s a dual knit heathered cotton, which Faherty says keeps “you warm without the added weight.” They also say it’s been washed for softness.

The ribbed bottom hem, cuffs and collar are in a contrasting shade. We’re showing this one in “athletic grey” but it’s available in four colors (color availability periodically changes). The cut is a regular fit and it does fit to size. It is a fit that will really work well for layering, if that’s your thing…and if it will work for whatever outfit you’re sporting. That might come in handy because Faherty says the weight of this sweatshirt works really well from May to September.

Buy the Faherty Sweatshirt here.

5. Champion LIFE Reverse Weave Hoodie – $21.90 and up (depending on size)

champion life mens reverse weave pullover hoodie

Champion LIFE

From the long-time brand, Champion, this is for guys who want to make sure their hoodie keeps its length. The “reverse weave” is Champion’s process of knitting that means the fabric resists vertical shrinkage.

It’s 12 ounce heavyweight fleece that is around 80 percent cotton, 20 percent poly (some colors are made with different percentages of cotton/poly). It’s got the brush-back fleece inside.

It’s a “full athletic fit,” according to Champion, so it allows for good range of motion. The pocket is kangaroo style and the bottom hem and cuffs are ribbed with Spandex. The hood is two ply and the drawcord is kept in place with metal eyelets.

We’re showing it in black with Champion script, but it’s available in 40 different colors (color availability changes periodically). Some of the colors feature a big “C” on the front. They all have a small Champion’s logo “C” on the sleeve toward the cuff.

Champion has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. The brand has collaborated with streetwear brand Supreme on several different items. This hoodie gets great reviews (more than 100) with a 4.3 out of 5-star rating average.

Buy the Champion hoodie here.

6. Nike Pullover Club Hoodie – $34.94 and up (depending on size/color)

nike sportswear mens pullover club hoodie


A classic look on a hoodie from Nike. This is very popular with customers — more than 250 reviews and a 4.2 out of 5-star rating average.

It’s 80 percent cotton, 20 percent poly and it does feature the brushed-back fleece for softness. The bottom hem and the cuffs are ribbed with a slimmer width of fabric. The drawcord is tonal (matches the color of the sweatshirt).

The front pocket is kangaroo style and the Nike logo — brand name and Swoosh — are featured on the left chest. We’re showing it in dark grey heather, but it’s available in nine colors (color availability periodically changes).

This hoodie could become a habit. As one reviewer said: “I bought this hoodie for my brother for Christmas. His girlfriend says he wears it nearly every day.”

Buy the Nike Pullover Club Hoodie here.

7. Burton Estevan Pullover Hoodie – $38 and up (depending on size)

burton estevan pullover hoodie


You don’t have to be a boarder to rep this hoodie but you do gotta have good taste. A sense of humor wouldn’t hurt either, because the embroidered chest emblem is a tree flashing a peace sign and the words “Lost At Last” are screened on the left arm. (Burton says those details “put the style on blast.”)

Burton’s Estevan pullover hoodie is 60 percent cotton, 40 percent poly. It’s a heavier fabric, at almost 11 ounces. The pockets are kangaroo style and the hoodie tie is in contrasting white. It’s brushed-back fleece with a vintage wash.

The fit is a regular, so it will have that perfect cool sweatshirt feel (not sloppy in the arms, but enough comfortable room in the stomach). We’re showing it in “north Atlantic” color but it’s also available in gray heather.

Buy the Burton Hoodie here.

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