40 Festival & Rave Accessories: The Best of 2018

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Adding in the perfect rave accessories makes or breaks your whole festival outfit. Sure, there are plenty of sick pieces of clothing…but are they really that sick without the proper add-ons?

Thanks to this ever-present question, we’ve put together a list of the best festival accessories on the planet. And, we’ve determined the Pineapple Crossbody Bag is the overall best choice, thanks to its price and versatility.

Over the years, raves have significantly increased in popularity. They’re no longer solely underground acid house movement shows. Instead, they’re often coupled with music festivals, and other EDM-esque events.

In other words, rave wear has transformed from just neon-colored hot pants and fluffies. Nowadays, it encompasses everything from hippie-type clothes, to ultra-sexy cut-out bottoms.

So, it should come as no surprise rave accessories have evolved in the same capacity. This list includes everything from the classics, up to what’s trendy for the festival season.

With that in mind, this guide has been broken up into the following categories:

  • Legs
  • Body
  • Clothing
  • Face
  • Head
  • Jewelry
  • Bags
  • And, we know how important budget is. That’s why each section is set-up with the least-expensive accessory in the first slot, and the most-expensive one in the last slot.

    Keep in mind, this post is geared towards women’s accessories. BUT, that doesn’t mean men and enbys can’t also rock any featured pieces.

    If you’re hoping for information that focuses on guy’s clothes, though, peruse this guide to festival clothing for men, in addition to these sweatpant shorts by Nike.

    We’ve covered all of our obligatory introduction bases. Now it’s time to find out where to buy rave accessories. You ready to up your levels of festival fashion? Let’s get to scrollin’!

    Rave Leg Accessories

    Many accessories at a festival aren’t just for the face and head. Instead, there are plenty of leg decorations to add a twist on your look, keep you warm, or even upgrade the level of sexiness.

    Great to pair with bodysuits and shorts.

    1. Fishnets

    rave accessories


    When it comes to raves, there’s a good chance you don’t think of “hosiery”. After all, pantyhose and tights just don’t really fit the vibe.

    You’re totally correct. BUT, don’t forget about the fabulous festival accessory, that are fishnets.

    Regardless of the time of year you’re attending a show, you’re bound to find a number of people rocking a pair of these. Jump in on the fashion, with these akiido Fishnet Stockings.

    This particular pair has extra-large cut-outs, giving your legs a slim, sexy appearance. You might fall so in love, you incorporate them into your everyday style.

    They’re held up with an elastic waist. Keep in mind, they will feel slightly uncomfortable for the first minute, then will stretch to your body’s size–you won’t notice them after that.

    One-size should fit most, as they’re designed to fit a wide range of people:

  • Heights between 5′ and 5’10
  • Weights between 100 – 175 pounds
  • If you end up ripping them at the show, you’ll only up the level-of-coolness.

    Pair with: denim shorts and a crop top, under a dress, or with some ultra-sexy booty shorts.

    Available in a number of quantities, designs, and colors.

    Price: $6.99

    Buy the akiido Fishnet Stockings here.

    2. Leg Wraps

    rave accessories


    If you’ve ever attended a rave before, you know what leg wraps are. But if you haven’t, here’s a quick lesson: They’re garters with long pieces of spandex, which you wrap around your legs and secure at the bottom.

    Sounds complicated, but they’re shockingly easy to put on. And they make you look fine as fffffffff because they break up the monotone color of your legs, and add some definition.

    Leg Avenue is easily one of the most well-known hosiery brands on the planet. So, it should come as no surprise their leg wraps made the list of fabulous festival fashion.

    Slide the garter up your thigh, where it’s comfortable, yet will remain in place. The band itself is made with 100% nylon, while the elastic part is a mix of 76% nylon and 24% rubber–more stretch than you could ever need.

    From there, wrap the fabric around your legs, and tie them when you’re done. If you don’t feel like squeezing your thighs, opt to wear the garter on your ankle, and tie up your leg.

    As far as rave accessories go, these babies pair with pretty much anything…other than pants.

    Not feeling the white? There are nine other colors to choose from, including pink, rainbow, and neon green.

    Price: $8.15

    Buy the Leg Avenue Leg Wraps here.

    3. Barefoot Sandals

    rave accessories

    Holylove Jewelry Co

    Take a moment to consider the truly vast number of choices in footwear. Heck, narrow it down to solely festival footwear, and there are still a ton.

    Think outside-of-the-shoe-box, though, and you’re onto some really unique choices. Did I just hear someone say “barefoot sandals”?

    Ding ding ding ding! You called it, my friend. Barefoot sandals are such an awesome rave accessory, in and of themselves, aside from the fact they’re an awesome piece of footwear.

    These Crystal Barefoot Sandals are exactly what you’re looking for. After all, who doesn’t want to add a little extra sparkle to their lives?

    They’re made with an alloy chain, shiny rhinestone beads, and loads of sparkles and crystals. Day or night, they’ll catch eyes and compliments.

    The best part? No matter what shoe size you wear, you can purchase these babies. If they’re too loose, all you have to do is remove one part with a long nose plier, until they’re the proper size.

    Since you were already planning to go barefoot, you might as well deck out your feet, right?

    Pair with: Maxi skirt and bra top, crop top and mini skirt, or a sparkly bodysuit.

    Price: $15.90

    Buy the Crystal Barefoot Sandals here.

    4. Fluffies

    rave accessories


    We already saw fishnets, which are a staple in almost every rave girl’s closet. If you want to talk about another classic rave accessory, though, fluffies definitely come to mind.

    Fluffies are boot covers, which are covered in lightweight fur. They’re very reminiscent of go go boots. Over the years, they’ve survived the changes to the rave fashion scene.

    The best place to find fluffies are at a company you probably know: Leg Avenue. They produce high-quality pieces, and these babies are no exception.

    Made with 100% polyester, so it is suggested you hand-wash, or spot clean them. As a one-size-fits-most (OSFM), they should fit around the vast majority of people’s calves.

    The coolest part? They’re extra rave-y, thanks to the fact they reflect UV light. It’s like a fluffy highlighter party on your legs.

    Pair with: A cut-out one-piece, open-front tunic, and an awesome headpiece.

    Not feeling the rainbow? There are four other colors to choose from: Hot pink, purple, turquoise, or neon green.

    Price: $18.79 (16 percent off MSRP)

    Buy the Leg Avenue Fluffies here.

    5. Thigh Highs

    rave accessories


    Even if you’ve never been to a rave before, you know what’s up with thigh highs. Oftentimes referred to as “over-the-knees”, these babies are just ridiculously long socks.

    Unfortunately, many of them are only “thigh highs” on short humans–under 5’6. So, you’re left SOL if you want that sexy look as a tall person.

    “Many” is the operative word in that sad statement. Luckily, there are thigh highs that work for both tall and short people. They come in the form of TeeHee Thigh Highs.

    I actually own multiple pairs of these babies. I’m 5’8, with long legs (34″, for reference), and I struggled for months to find a company that worked for me. These bad boys really knocked my socks off….errrrr….on? Either way, they rocked.

    They’re made with a blend of 75% cotton, 22% polyester, and three-percent spandex. So, they’re lightweight and breathable, with a decent amount of stretch.

    Once they’re dirty, simply toss them in the wash with your regular clothes. I’ve never hang-dried mine, but you can easily do that, in order to extend the life of the wear.

    They’re constructed as a one-size-fits-all (OSFA) cut, so they’ll fit women’s sizes six-to-ten. (That’s men’s sizes four-to-eight). You’ll receive four pairs in each pack.

    Pull them over some leggings for an added level of texture, or wear against bare thighs for a sexier look. Keep them fully-straight, or fold them over….even if you’re tall like me.

    Pair them with a mini skirt, bodysuit, or some sexy lil’ shorts for a rave.

    Also available in four-packs of marled and solid fabrics.

    Price: $18.99

    Buy the Teehee Thigh Highs here.

    Body Rave Accessories

    Stickers and glitter and sparkles, oh my! This section covers festival accessories that can be worn anywhere on your body….seriously.

    Smear it on with any outfit, and you’ll be accessorized out the behind.

    6. Pasties

    rave accessories


    Alright, so technically pasties are supposed to be worn on a single part of your body (yes, it’s exactly what you think)….but, that doesn’t mean they can solely be worn there.

    Pasties are amazing to cover up the nips, if showing them off isn’t your prerogative. With a super sticky backing, many pairs are reusable.

    Well, what if you love the design of some pasties, but don’t need them to cover the goodies? Easy: Wear them as body stickers. Just like a temporary tattoo, they add a whole different dimension to your look.

    These Flower Rave Pasties are a solid choice. Made in the USA, you know you’re proudly purchasing something from American soil.

    Their coverage diameter is 2.2″, with dimensions of 3″ x 2.9″. In fact, they’re made from an Eco-fi material, which resists wrinkles and curves, in order to maintain a smooth appearance.

    Made with a latex-free material, they’re safe to wear if you have a latex allergy. That is to say, they’re made with a medical-grade, hypoallergenic, waterproof adhesive. Pull them off painlessly, when the show’s over–they last a good 10 – 12 hours.

    If you’re not feeling the color scheme, there are five other designs to choose from, including purple and sparkle.

    Price: $9.95

    Buy the Flower Rave Pasties here.

    7. Temporary Tattoos

    rave accessories


    I don’t really think temporary tattoos need much of an introduction. After all, the vast majority of us shrieked in happiness, when we received them as children.

    And if we’re being honest…that same excitement never really left–it was just squashed down, when you aged into adulthood.

    Well, don’t keep it hidden; allow yourself to feel the enthusiasm, as you’re decking yourself out for a show. Let InkDaze assist you.

    I want to thank the team over at InkDaze for sending me some temporary tattoos to try out. Correction: Thank you for sending a credit, so I could choose from the hundreds of amazing designs.

    I finally was able to give them a try at Electric Forest this year. Let me tell you–these things are bomb as heck. Not only do they stay on your body like a charm, they’re also extremely unique in design.

    Most temporary tattoos have the same general look: Something Aztec-y or hippie-esque. InkDaze, on the other hand, has loads of brilliant designs, like the two you see above.

    And if you can’t find something that piques your interest, you can upload or create your own design, right on the website. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, commission one of their designers to create something BA.

    Each design is available in sizes small (2″ x 2″) – XL (8″ x 8″), so it can be transferred to any area of the body. Once it’s on, it’s good for a solid three-to-four days. Want it off sooner? Simply use baby oil, and wipe it off.

    Keep in mind, if it’s hotter than Satan’s playground, don’t let any plastic (or kandi) touch the tattoo. If you do, it’ll stick to the plastic, and pull right off your skin. Avoid that misstep, by applying after you’re dressed.

    Temporary tattoos are the perfect rave accessory…and everyday life accessory. Pair them with literally anything.

    (P.S. You only have to purchase two medium-sized tattoos, in order to qualify for free shipping.)

    Price: $11

    Buy the InkDaze Tattoos here.

    8. Body Glitter

    rave accessories


    I dunno about you, but I freakin’ love things that shimmer and glitter. Sometimes, I swear I’m half-cat, with my collection of shiny objects.

    If you fall into the same boat, then you need some body glitter. It’s, like, a necessity for any card carrying member of the Glitterati.

    Unicorn Snot is where it’s at. Aside from the hilariously brilliant name, it’s by far one of the best body glitter brands out there.

    In fact, the little kid you babysit may already have some on-hand, if you’d like to test before you buy. (Four little girls I know have it…it’s like currency for children).

    Just twist off the top, scoop some out, and rub it wherever the heck you want. You don’t need any primer or adhesive, for lasting effects.

    Once the gel dries, it’s super lightweight. When you’re ready to remove it, use makeup or baby wipes, or a liquid makeup remover. Please don’t shower with it–the glitter isn’t biodegradable, and will harm the ecosystem.

    In order to be as earth-friendly as possible, though, Unicorn Snot is totally vegan and cruelty-free. No Unicorns were harmed in the process.

    Slather on some body glitter with any rave look.

    Not a lover of silver? Purple, pink, gold, and blue are also available.

    Price: $12.99

    Buy the Unicorn Snot here.

    Clothing Rave Accessories

    There are times when you have clothes that are perfect accents at a rave. Anything in this section can be paired with almost any piece of festival clothing on the planet.

    For ideas on what to pair them with, consider this guide to festival clothing for women, as well as this plus size rave wear.

    9. Butterfly Wings

    rave accessories


    As far as rave costumes go, there are a number of “classic” ones you’ll encounter at a show. These include alien, mermaid, unicorn, and yes, butterflies.

    There are tons of ways to create a butterfly rave outfit, ranging from entirely hand-sewn, to purchasing a full-on Halloween type of get-up.

    Of course, on that spectrum is mix-and-match type of look. The easiest way to accomplish that, is with some Butterfly Wings by VESNIBA.

    Made with a beautiful chiffon and polyester blend, this rave accessory is a lightweight piece that moves with your body. Secure it with a tie around the neck, or change it up and fasten around your waist.

    There are two sizes available: 78″ x 50″ and 66″ x 53″. If you’re on the shorter side, it’s advised you purchase the smaller size, to reduce drag on the ground.

    With more than 25 other colors to choose from, you can customize your rave outfit to a T. Please keep in mind, some styles do not have wrist or finger loops, and are more like a shawl.

    Pair with a sparkle-filled bodysuit, a cute little mini skirt, or even a light-up bra.

    Price: $7.88 – $16.88

    Buy the Butterfly Wings here.

    10. Bandana

    rave accessories


    Howdy, partner! You ready to discuss the awesomeness of bandanas? I know we’re not in the Wild West, but festival do see quite a few dust bowls.

    Bandanas are a super nifty, versatile accessory. They can be worn over your mouth and nose, to prevent you from inhaling anything nasty. They can be worn as a headband, to wick away sweat. Heck, they can be used as a holder for your pins, if you’re in a pinch.

    Having a bandana on-hand at a show, is really to your advantage. This LongLong Bandana is an easy choice, for a great price.

    Made with a fabric that’s both comfortable and breathable, it also won’t fade or wrinkle after being thrown into the washing machine. Seriously–just toss in with your regular clothes.

    Each bandana measures 25″ x 25″–an ideal size for any person. And, each side has a unique pattern, allowing you to change up your look on the fly.

    All four sides have been stitched, for maximum durability and long-lasting qualities. No more annoying strands of thread, just waiting to unravel the whole thing.

    Bandanas aren’t just an accessory. They’re an important piece of any festival kit.

    Choose from four other designs.

    Price: $11.99

    Buy the LongLong Bandana here.

    11. Drug Rug

    rave accessories


    Ah, the good ol’ drug rug’s making an appearance once again. You’d be hard-pressed not to include it in a list of festival accessories.

    Not only is it a durable piece that you can wear both in-the-venue, and post-show, it also banishes any nasty chills you may encounter at night.

    This particular drug rug is made with a blend of fabrics: 50% cotton and 50% acrylic fibers. Either toss it into the machine in cold water, or hand-wash, for best results.

    If you prefer men’s cuts when it comes to warm rave gear, don’t worry. This baby is available in both guys and girls cuts.

    A pocket in the front will hold all of your goodies. Plus, a hood with strings to adjust the opening, provides extra protection from the elements.

    Pair with a tight festival dress, printed leggings, or even a pair of booty shorts.

    Choose from 12 other colors, including pink, blue, and green.

    Want a truly 420 vibe? Give these pot leaf hoodies a peek.

    Price: $16.80 – $29.49

    Buy the Drug Rug here.

    12. Light-Up Jacket

    rave accessories


    You might not have actively realized it, but there’s a good chance you expected to see some light-up rave wear included in this accessory guide.

    LEDs pretty much scream festival gear, owing to their eye-catching, dazzling designs. Light-up clothes are available in many cuts and types. They range from LED gloves, to blinking glasses, and even t-shirts.

    Outerwear, like this iHeartRaves Light Up Jacket, however, really takes the cake. I want to thank the team over at iHeartRaves for sending me this piece to review.

    I was already stoked on life when I received it. But, flipping this bad boy on took it to a whole different level. I finally was able to test it in a festival setting this past month, and it blew my expectations out of the water.

    After a sick set, many artists take a picture with their fans. They jump out from the booth, turn around, and face the stage, with the crowd in the background.

    Most of the time, you can’t discern between attendees, unless they’re right in the front row. When Bassnectar took his picture, I was off and back to the left. I raised my hand, thinking you’d never see me, given the distance.

    Well, to my complete and utter shock…..YOU CAN SEE ME IN THE PICTURE. Without a doubt, it’s all because of this amazing jacket. It was like riding a compliment train all night–everyone loved it.

    The jacket itself is made with a 100% acrylic faux fur, which was comfortable and cruelty-free. The battery pack sits on your back, and can be accessed via a zipper. It takes six AA batteries, which are included.

    Once it’s on, the lights flash in a brilliant array of colors, including red, blue, green, and orange. Easily turn them off, with the flip of a switch.

    As I mentioned above, I’m a pretty tall at 5’8. Finding jackets with sleeves that are the right length can feel like an endlessly daunting task. I didn’t have to worry for a second, with this amazing piece–it was plenty long enough.

    Without a doubt, this festival accessory will have the compliments pouring in, in no time. I paired it with a rave bodysuit, but you can add it to virtually any outfit.

    Take it up a notch further, with a tie dye LED jacket, like this one.

    Price: $128.94

    Buy the iHeartRaves Light Up Jacket here.

    Rave Accessories for the Face

    You put on your best face everyday, so why not put on your best festival face with some amazing adornments? This section covers anything and everything you’d ever want to decorate your face with.

    Best part? Many of them look especially cool if you flow, with something like this light up hoop or a staff.

    13. Diffraction Glasses

    rave accessories


    Diffractions glasses…as in light diffraction? Ding ding ding ding! We have a winner–you hit the nail on the head.

    These special glasses work by breaking up light, and separating it into a rainbow. If you know what a prism is, that’s how the lenses act like.

    When you’re attending a show–especially one with an amazing light show, like Skrillex or Nero–putting on a pair of these glasses takes your experiences from fab to fabulousssssssss.

    In fact, diffraction glasses provide such a distortion of reality, there are a number of festival goers who wear them to mimic the experience of hallucinogens, without ingesting anything.

    Don’t purchase a pair of boring rave glasses. Instead, opt for an adorable pair of heart-shaped ones, like this pair by eMazing lights.

    The lenses are composite, and provide the clearest visuals on the market. They’re surrounded by a lightweight plastic frame, in a standard fit.

    Heck, you don’t even need to be at a show, to enjoy the view. Pair with anything.

    Price: $8.95

    Buy the Heart Diffraction Glasses here.

    14. Face Mask

    rave accessories


    When you’re attending a rave, there are many reasons why you could possibly want to wear a face mask.

  • 1) If it’s an outdoors show, kicked up dust is a distinct possibility
  • 2) It can complete a look
  • 3) Sometimes you don’t want people to see your face, especially if you chew your lip
  • We already looked at a bandana previously. But, you can opt for a pure face mask, too. This one by iHeartRaves is a fantastic choice.

    With a 100% polyester microfiber, you can toss it into the washing machine in cold water, once the festival is over. And, the fabric works to wick away sweat, and transfer heat and humidity away from you.

    If you’re not feeling the face mask thing for any reason, you can wear it more-than-10 other-ways, including a headband, hairband, and more.

    Face masks are designed to be worn with any rave gear.

    Not a big fan of the trippy, almost-Saw-esque design? Choose from more than 29 other ones, including a kitten puking rainbows, eyes, and tie dye.

    Price: $9.95

    Buy the iHeartRaves Face Mask here.

    15. Face Gems

    rave accessories


    Admit it–stickers are one of the best things on the planet. Heck, as a kid when my Mom would bring me to the grocery store, without hesitation I’d always ask for a milk sticker.

    As adults, we can’t exactly go around with Disney princess stickers stuck to our face. I mean you could, but you’d get some major looks.

    So what’s a sticker-loving-adult to do? Answer: Face gems, like these Mermaid Face Jewels by COKOHAPPY.

    You’ll receive six packs of rhinestones. They’re backed with a self-adhesive. All you have to do is remove the protective cover, and position it on your face. Literally, just stick and peel.

    Each pack contains a mix of shiny, matte, sparkle, and even glow-in-the-dark. The gems themselves are made from acrylic and metal stones.

    And if you’re not feeling the whole gem-filled face thing, you can easily place them on the rest of your body, including chest, stomach, back, and arms.

    Choose from two other sets of designs.

    Price: $12.99

    Buy the Mermaid Face Jewels here.

    16. Kaleidoscope Goggles

    rave accessories


    When you’re attending a rave, there’s a good chance you want to alter your mind in some capacity. For some, that simply means listening to the music. For others, that means a happy substance.

    But, what if you don’t fall into either of those categories? Well, you wear something that’ll change your visual field significantly.

    Above, we saw a pair of diffraction glasses. If you’re looking to take it to a whole-new-level, though, then you need to consider some kaleidoscope glasses.

    While both lenses will distort your visual reality, there’s a key difference between them. Diffraction glasses merely bend the light, like a prism. Kaleidoscope glasses, however, shrink or grow light, depending on how the light hits them.

    In other words, kaleidoscope glasses are an ever-changing beast. It just takes a small movement, in order to change your whole visual field. Diffraction glasses, on the other hand, do not give you this same experience.

    The best part about this particular piece of rave gear, is that you don’t have to drop a ton of cash-ola on them. I mean you could, it’s just not necessary.

    These Kaleidoscope Rave Goggles are exactly what you’re after. Built with an entirely Steampunk feel, they’re perfect as a stand-out piece, or as a finishing touch to an outfit.

    As for the construction, the frames are made with a chrome plastic. The lenses, though, are a real kaleidoscope lens–no fakes over here. A copper frame encircles the lenses, for added durability.

    Most people can wear them, thanks to an adjustable strap. Simply put them on, and customize the fit to your head’s dimensions.

    Pair with an extra trippy outfit. Consider amusing yourself by wearing an LED t-shirt, too.

    Choose from 10 other brilliant colors.

    Price: $13.99 (26 percent off MSRP)

    Buy the Kaleidoscope Rave Goggles here.

    17. Sunglasses

    rave accessories


    So, there’s technically a little caveat regarding this festival accessory. If you’re attending a rave at night or solely indoors, you can skip this section.

    Actually, double caveat. Skip this section only if you don’t want to look like a complete and total D-bag to other rave attendees. After all, nobody likes a person who rocks sunglasses indoors or at night.

    Disclaimers aside, having a pair of solid sunglasses at a music festival is high-key necessary. Protecting your eyes is a must, if you’d like healthy eyes in the future.

    I want to thank the team over at Sunski for sending me a number of pairs to review. I’m usually one for just cheap-y sunglasses. I played softball my whole life, and never wanted to bring nice ones to the diamond.

    Old habits die hard, I guess. So, I’ve slowly been transitioning into “nice” frames as an adult. Every single pair of Sunskis blew me away.

    This particular pair, the Dipseas, is my favorite shape. It has round frames, which are less-common than wayfairers or aviators.

    The frame is polycarbonate, for maximum durability, while the hinges are made with lock-tight steel. Polarized lenses protect your eyes from harmful rays. They’re constructed with a Triacetate Cellulose (TAC) lens, which measures 48mm wide.

    On the back of each arm is a small hole, where you can attach a string to keep them on your head. Say goodbye to those hideous, very apparent, old-person glasses holders.

    And, if they end up busting during the show, just send them back. All pairs come with a lifetime warranty.

    Sunglasses are a personal preference, and can be paired with any outfit in-venue and at-home.

    Choose from four other lens and frame colors.

    Price: $58

    Buy the Sunski Dipseas Sunglasses here.

    Rave Headwear

    In the section above, we focused specifically on the face. Here, we’re diving into all types of rave headwear. If you can pop it on your brain-container, you’ll find it here.

    Depending on your style, you can pair rave headwear with just about anything.

    18. Hair Clip

    rave accessories

    Floral Fall

    A hair clip?! What are we, like, seven?! No, but many of us have an inner-wild-child we’d like to let out at a show. Hair clips are an easy, adorable way to do so.

    Now, sunflowers aren’t exactly that hardcore-rave look you might be after. Instead, it falls into the more “boho” style of festival wear.

    As you’d expect, it’s not made with a real flower. Instead, both the leaves and flower itself are made with polyester.

    And, it’ll definitely pop amongst the other rave hair accessories, thanks to its size: A whopping almost-four-inches.

    With a sturdy clip on the back, all you need to do is position it, snap it in, and you’ll be looking cute as a button in no time.

    Pair with a maxi skirt, off-the-shoulder shirt, and some strappy sandals.

    Not feeling the single flower? There are plenty of other sunflower-related hair pieces.

    Price: $5.99

    Buy the Sunflower Hair Clip here.

    19. Unicorn Headband

    rave accessories


    I’m probably a little bit biased…but, Unicorns are the best. You think they’re make-believe? Scotland would beg to differ–a unicorn is their national animal.

    Putting together a unicorn rave outfit can range from easy-to-holy-crap-that-took-a-ton-of-time-and-effort. This rave headwear will make your life fall on the former-end of the scale: Easy.

    Get your festival look going, with this Unicorn Horn Headband. Heck, you could just wear this, a white shirt, and rainbow tutu, and you’d be good to go.

    This headband is made of a ridiculously shiny polyester fabric, which looks like gold and other dazzling colors–especially under the stage lights.

    The horn measures an impressive five-inches-tall. But don’t let that fool you–it’s very lightweight and comfortable, for long-term wear.

    Headband-sizing is built specifically for adults. So if you have an extra-small head, or need it for a child, you may want to find a different pair, like these.

    Pair them with the aforementioned outfit, or check out these other outfit ideas for a rave.

    Choose from 12 other brilliant colors, including pink, purple, and iridescent silver.

    Price: $9.99

    Buy the Unicorn Horn Headband here.

    20. Snapback

    rave accessories

    Vintage Year

    Snapbacks and tattoos. Snapbacks and tattoos. Nice whips, fly chicks, all that ’cause cash rules. Ok, so you probably aren’t attending a Driiky Graham show (or you might be!).

    But, when you’re feeling the music, you’re feeling the music? *Insert multiple awkward eyebrow raises and a smile here*

    In any event, rave snapbacks are all the rave–er, rage. It doesn’t matter what show you attend, you’ll encounter them. Some people use them for enamel pins, while others rock them to proudly show off other festivals they’ve gone to.

    If you’re looking for a flat bill that allows you to do both, take a look at the Hawaiian Snapback. I don’t personally own this one, but I rock the all-over-Hawaiian-print one, so this line comes on personal recommendation.

    As you’d expect a snapback to be, it’s completely adjustable. With that in mind, one-size should fit most (OSFM).

    Side note: If you have a small head, it’ll still work. My head’s so small, I sometimes wear kids glasses…and they fit, without looking goofy. So if you’re in the same boat, you’re golden.

    It’s a six-panel cap, with six-embroidered eyelets. The crown has been pro-stitched, and there are an impressive eight rows of stitching, on the visor portion.

    The hat itself is made of a mix of fabrics. The crown is a 100% cotton, while the flat, visor portion is 97% cotton and three-percent spandex.

    Snapbacks pair with anything–they don’t even have to match. Pop it on, and you’re ready.

    Choose from 11 other designs, including the all-over-Hawaiian-print.

    If you’re not feeling this flat bill, there are plenty of other EDC snapbacks to choose from.

    Price: $12.99

    Buy the Hawaiian Snapback here.

    21. Animal Hood

    rave accessories


    Animal hoods are an extremely popular piece of rave headwear. They’re built as a soft hood, with extended pieces of fabric, which lead to small pockets at the bottom. On the head portion sits some type of animal.

    What kind of animal? It really depends. There’s practically every species under the sun, including wolves, panthers, bears, foxes, and more.

    Since we’re on a self-declared unicorn kick, we’re going to take a peek at a hood version: The Unicorn Rainbow Fur Hood.

    Most hoods look semi-similar to the animal they’re portraying. Although, that’s not a hard-and-fast rule. The unicorn hood, though, takes it from a regular unicorn, to a freakin’ rainbow one.

    The hood is made with a mixture of 70% acrylic and 30% polyester. If you get it dirty for any reason, simply spot clean it.

    And because the structure of the hood is very moveable, it’s ideal for almost any person–except for very small children.

    Animal hoods go with absolutely anything. Opt to wear some denim shorts, a holographic top, and light-up footwear.

    Side note: Please do NOT refer to this as a “spirit hood”. That is cultural appropriation, and highly frowned upon.

    Price: $29.99

    Buy the Unicorn Rainbow Fur Hood here.

    22. Mickey Ears

    rave accessories

    Magically Mine Minnie Ears

    “Um, excuse me Becca, but I think you have the wrong type of event. This is a rave we’re talking about, not Disney world!”

    You’re totally right–we are discussing raves, rather than Disney. But, guess what–people rock Mickey ears in both situations.

    I keep bringing up that inner-wild-child because it’s key to finding your perfect outfit. Well, ears bring about a ton of childhood nostalgia. And who doesn’t want to rock something that makes you downright giddy?

    These Rainbow Mickey Ears are a festival gear must-have. Unlike many other pairs you can find on the internet, these babies are handmade, so each pair is unique.

    This particular set of ears is full of sparkle, shine, and a buttload of glitter. And it’s a quite literal rainbow of colors–Roy G. Biv would be proud.

    Because each pair is made-to-order, you can customize them in a number of ways. Not feeling the white bow? Switch out the color. Don’t want a bow at all? Ask for it to be removed.

    Moreover, the headband is custom-molded and lightly-padded, in order to increase comfort, and reduce that headache-inducing behind-the-ears pinch.

    Pair your dazzling Mickey ears with a tutu, some thigh highs, and a light-up rave bra.

    Price: $30

    Buy the Rainbow Mickey Ears here.

    23. Crystal Tiara

    rave accessories


    Now, I know this doesn’t apply to everyone. Actually, what I’m about to say doesn’t even apply to me. BUT, I’m gonna say it anyway.

    Most girls dream about being a princess. Many also plan for their future wedding. What do those two things have in common? Tiaras! (And pretty dresses, but that’s a whole different story).

    What makes a tiara so BA? You feel like you rule the world. Truly, how often do you get to wear something so, um, royally amazing? I’ll just go ahead and say “never”.

    So, busting out a crystal tiara at a festival is an amazing way to let your kid-at-heart sing. This Flower & Gemstone tiara is perfect.

    Not just any regular, ol’ crystal crown, it’s made with a blend of alloy, crystal, and fabric. The rhinestones are high-quality, while providing a diamond-like look.

    The headpiece’s diameter is 5.9″, while the height is 4.5″. Keep in mind, it is a metal crown, so it has some weight to it.

    Easily secure it to your head, thanks to two loops, located on the inside of the band. Just add bobby pins–your hair length shouldn’t matter.

    Once the festival’s over, it’s advised you properly store it in a sealed box or fresh bag, in order to maintain its brilliance.

    And there’s a bonus: You’ll receive a pair of matching earrings. They measure 2.4″long by 1.4″-wide.

    Crystal crowns pair well with a maxi dress, mermaid costume, or even with a plain bodysuit.

    There are three other designs available.

    Price: $39.99

    Buy the Flower & Gemstone Tiara here.

    24. Sun Hat

    rave accessories


    I’m going to go on a little mom-type tangent. Protecting your face and body from the sun is of the utmost importance to your long-term health. Yes, you already know to lather on sunscreen. But, you need other protection, too.

    A sun hat is by far the easiest way to accomplish that. You don’t want just any sun hat, though, or else you might end up with something ugly and droopy.

    When you’re choosing your headwear, don’t skimp out. Spending a bit of extra money now, ensures you’ll have solid sun protection for years.

    I’d like to thank the team over at HatAttack for reaching out for a review, on their What’s Your Motto Sun Hat. I’m picky as heck about my straw hats. I’m not a super girly girl, so floppy headwear isn’t usually up my alley.

    What I really liked about this hat, though, is that it provides a design twist, thanks to phrase detailing. I chose the “Rose all day” version, but it’s also available in “Privacy please”, “Bon voyage”, or “Dream big”.

    The hat itself is made of a mix of 10% cotton and 90% raffia. That means it has the look of a straw hat, but has the comfort and durability of cotton.

    With a rounded crown, it doesn’t sit weirdly on your head. Instead, it lays where it should, providing that “cute floppiness” wide-brim look.

    Wear it all-day, even in the most blazing hot conditions. It has an interior sweatband, so you won’t be constantly wiping sweat out of your eyes.

    Pair this baby with a maxi skirt, bandeau top, and some gladiator sandals.

    Feeling something a bit more “wife-y”? Give this Mrs version a peep.

    Price: $100

    Buy the HatAttack What’s Your Motto Sun Hat here.

    25. Captain’s Hat

    rave accessories


    Uh…..a captain’s hat, as in in a boat captain? Yep!–you nailed it. If you’re curious why they came about at raves, I’m just as clueless as you.

    But, that doesn’t negate their coolness factor. A festival captain’s hat takes a plain captain’s hat and embellishes it, like a bedazzler threw up on it–in a classy way, of course.

    This type of rave hat isn’t super common, but it definitely stands out amongst other non-decorated headwear. The Burning Man Hat is the perfect choice.

    If you have a large head, or are purchasing this for a significant other or friend, it does fit both men’s and women’s heads. Measurements are 56 – 57 cm.

    In order to ensure a proper fit, you must take a measurement. Lay a measuring tape from your forehead, about an inch above your eyebrows, to the back of your head above your ears.

    Every single one of these festival hats are handmade, so they’re entirely unique–you’ll never encounter the exact same one.

    Keep in mind, it does take one-to-two weeks to make. BUT, if you need it done sooner, they’ll work to finish a rush order at no extra charge.

    While this bad boy is more expensive than other festival headwear, it’s an investment you can wear to shows, for years to come.

    Pair with: A sparkly bodysuit, leg wraps, and an open-front poncho.

    Price: $232

    Buy the Burning Man Hat here.

    Rave Jewelry

    Decking yourself out often includes pieces of festival jewelry. Pick something from your current collection, or invest in a brand, spankin’ new set of adornments.

    Pair with whatever the heck you please.

    26. Kandi

    rave accessories

    Donkey and the Unicorn

    You may or may not be aware of what a Kandi Kid is. They’re the people that you see at a rave who rock a butt load of bead bracelets–specifically, pony beads.

    They subscribe to the PLUR lifestyle, like most OG rave attendees. PLUR is a set of principles associated with raving. It stands for Peace, Love, Unity, Respect.

    According to ravers who adhere to the original raving rules, you can only get kandi in one-of-two ways:

  • 1) By making it yourself
  • 2) By trading for it
  • In fact, there’s actually a handshake that goes along with giving someone kandi. Both parties must participate:

  • 1) Do a peace sign with two fingers in a V, touch other person’s fingertips (Peace)
  • 2) Put your hands into half-a-heart, connecting it with other person’s half (Love)
  • 3) Lay your hand flat against the other person’s (Unity)
  • 4) Interlace your fingers with the other person’s (Respect)
  • From there, you can slide your kandi onto their wrist, and vice versa.

    Now, the idea of only getting kandi via trades or your own skills is amazing in concept. Unfortunately, it’s just not realistic for some people.

    According to rave lore, if you have zero fine motor skills, or have some type of disability that prohibits you making your own kandi, you’re SOL.

    And honestly, that goes against the PLUR lifestyle in every capacity. Nobody wants you to be left out. So, if you’re unable to make your own kandi, you can purchase some.

    These Rave Stretch Bracelets are a solid choice. You have the ability to choose the quantity (multiples of one, five, or ten), and the price is on a per-bracelet-basis.

    Each bracelet measures approximately seven-to-eight inches, which is the average size of an adult wrist.

    And, every single piece is made-to-order. That means you get to choose exactly what they say. Simply send a message, including your wording.

    PLEASE ensure everything is spelled correctly, or you may have some bracelets that are incorrect.

    Pair with: A rave bodysuit, thigh highs, a snpaback, and some light up shoes.

    Price: $5.49

    Buy the Rave Stretch Bracelets here.

    27. Body Chain

    rave accessories


    When it comes to rave jewelry, there’s a good chance that a body chain isn’t top-of-mind. It actually might not be on your radar for regular jewelry.

    Wooooowie, let me tell you–if you’re looking to go big sexy, opting for a body chain will have you well on your way.

    This Finrezio Cross Body Belly Chain is the perfect piece, for almost any festival outfit. Aside from its phenomenal price, it’s also ridiculously easy to wear, and find things to pair it with.

    All body chains are handmade with high-quality alloy that’s been gold-plated. This provides a more solid feel, and eliminates rusting.

    Keep in mind, it may get tangled when it ships. Be patient when untying it. If you’re unable to do so, simply contact the manufacturer and they’ll right the issue.

    Moreover, they have a satisfaction policy of a year. So if a problem arises during those 365-days, get ahold of the company, and they’ll do their best to fix anything.

    Over-time, like any piece of jewelry, it’ll lose its lustor. All you need to do is wipe it down with a baby wipe, and it’ll be shiny once again.

    Pair with: A halter top and mini skirt, a two-piece rave outfit, or denim shorts and a crochet top.

    Available in a wide range of quantities and designs.

    Price: $7.99

    Buy the Finrezio Cross Body Belly Chain here.

    28. Choker

    rave accessories


    If you were aware of clothing trends in the 90s, there’s no way you missed the tattoo choker crazy. Well, it’s baaaaaaaaack.

    Chokers have made their way back into popular jewelry culture. So, it should come as no surprise this ultra-sexy necklace has hopped right back into the rave scene.

    Like most rave jewelry, chokers come in a diverse array of styles, colors, prices, and cuts. You don’t need to drop a ton to get an amazing piece, like the Crystal Silver Choker.

    One of the main problems with cheap festival jewelry is the presence of nickel. Unfortunately, it’s a common metal allergy, and must be avoided if you have one.

    Luckily, this baby is entirely nickel-free. Instead, it’s crafted with dazzling rhinestones, set against a silver-plated (nickel-free!) background.

    Unlike stretch chokers, this baby has a hook closure. This feature allows you to customize the fit. And if you need more room, it comes with a flexible 4.3″ extension chain, for maximum comfort.

    Buying cheap rave jewelry can be annoying. I mean, do you really know the quality? With this bad boy there are no worries because you can send it back for a 90-day money-back guarantee–they want you to be thrilled with your purchase.

    Pair with: An LED jacket, denim shorts, bandeau top, and some pot leaf socks.

    Feel like this choker is close-but-not-quite-there? There’s a thicker style available, as well.

    Price: $8.95

    Buy the Crystal Silver Choker here.

    29. Anklet

    rave accessories

    Mary Grace Design

    Not just at festivals, but life in general, anklets have been a somewhat-hit-or-miss type of jewelry, in terms of popularity.

    They’ve remained popular amongst some groups, but haven’t necessarily maintained long-term notoriety. Well, let me tell you: They’re back in a massive way at shows.

    Most jewelry focuses on the upper-half of your body, like earrings, necklaces, and rings. If you want to deck out the bottom-half, you’re often left scrounging.

    Scrounge no more–I’ve got the perfect solution: This fabulous Blue Turquoise Anklet.

    Unlike other anklets out there, each and every piece is handmade. So, you’ll never find one that’s exactly the same.

    Please keep in mind, this also means there will be slight variations in the color and/or pattern, from what’s shown.

    It measures ten-inches, so it should fit around most adult ankles. (Check out this baby for an anklet with an extender).

    Once the show’s over, store it in the provided organza pouch. Or, just wear it until you’re sick of it.

    Pair with: A shift dress, denim shorts and crop top, or mini skirt and rave bra.

    Price: $11.99 (25 percent off MSRP)

    Buy the Blue Turquoise Anklet here.

    30. Gemstone Ring

    rave accessories


    Maybe it’s just me and my weirdness, but there’s just something so satisfying when I wear a ring. I feel like a total BA.

    Don’t get me wrong, I wear my Claddagh proudly every day. But it’s just that–an everyday piece. When I bust out an awesome ring from my collection, though, I feel unstoppable. Like, fight me, I dare you.

    Of course that “fight me attitude” isn’t true aggression, rather, a deep-seated level of confidence and excitement.

    Bring out your inner-bad-*ss, with a gemstone ring, such as this White Gold Opal Ring.

    In order to keep costs down, all of the opals are lab-created. They look real to the naked eye, but only your pocketbook will know the difference. (Unless you run into a gem snob, but who needs them at a rave anyway?)

    In any event, man-made opals are actually ideal when it comes to festival jewelry. They’re more-durable and less-likely-to-bust, than their natural counterparts.

    An impressive five opals are inlaid into a precision-polished plating, with 18k white gold. And, it’s tarnish-free, without the chance of your fingers turning green.

    For any reason imaginable, in the first 30-days send it back for a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That could be an exchange or return–they just want you to be thrilled with your purchase.

    Pair with: A holographic crop top and booty shorts, an off-the-shoulder dress, or leggings and a tunic.

    Available in sizes 6 – 10.

    Price: $12.89

    Buy the White Gold Opal Ring here.

    31. Earrings

    rave accessories

    Me&Hz Jewelry

    I know, I know. You probably have a million different pairs of earrings already. You could easily choose a pair from your collection. But, isn’t it more fun to get something new for a show?

    There’s a good chance most of your earrings are a stud, or the small dangly kind. A few varying-sized hoops may be in there, too.

    Instead of snagging a pair similar to what you already have, go for something more out-of-the-box. These Layered Tassel Earrings ought to do the trick.

    I usually hate long earrings because they’re heavy. Heavy earrings give me major anxiety–I feel like they’re gonna rip right out.

    Luckily, these babies weigh less-than-an-ounce. I know–I was just as shocked, especially because they measure about 3.42″ in-length.

    In the same breath, I wasn’t totally surprised, thanks to the material. They’re made with a silk tassel, natural druzy stone, and the metal portion is both lead- and nickel-free.

    And the company wants you to adore them for many shows to come. So, if you’re unhappy for any reason, reach out and their team will do everything to fix the issue.

    Pair with: A maxi skirt and bandeau top, denim shorts and a peasant top, or a flow-y dress.

    Choose from more-than-20 colors.

    Price: $13.99

    Buy the Layered Tassel Earrings here.

    32. Beaded Cuff

    rave accessories


    We’ve covered a wide variety of rave accessories, many of which have doubled as bohemian-type festival clothing. We’re going to continue on that style trend.

    As far as festival jewelry goes, a cuff is an easy choice. Why?

  • 1) You only need the one piece, to complete your look
  • 2) They’re available in a massive selection of styles
  • 3) Pair them with festival outfits and everyday ones, with a snap
  • So, choosing a cuff that’s high-quality and versatile is to both your rave wardrobe and regular wardrobe’s advantage.

    You really can’t go wrong with this Bohemian Multi-Colored Bracelet. It’ll bring just about any outfit from wow to BAM POW.

    Each cuff is handmade with gold and sequins, featuring a variety of colorful plastic and glass beads. It measures 1.5″ wide, and seven-inches around.

    No need to worry about allergic reactions, either. You’re safe with this baby because it’s 100% lead- and nickel-free.

    And even if you run into someone wearing the same piece, you’re still good-to-go–no two pieces are exactly the same.

    Regardless of the return reason, send it back within the first-30-days, with free returns.

    If you prefer to go the match-y match route, peep these earrings.

    Price: $23.99

    Buy the Bohemian Multi-Colored Bracelet here.

    33. Tree-of-Life Pendant

    rave accessories


    Symbolism is everywhere. Yes, that does include music-related events, too. Hippies and rave-goers alike have glommed onto some beautiful imagery, over-the-years.

    One of the most-well-known is that of the Tree-of-Life. It’s an ancient concept, entwined in both philosophical and mythological texts.

    In essence, everything is connected. We are one. The Tree-of-Life fully embodies this concept. But, this Full Moon & Cat Tree-of-Life Pendant takes it a step further.

    Rather than solely focusing on plant-like imagery (aka the tree), it brings in an animal and astronomical figures, as well (the moon & cat).

    Aside from this beautiful concept, wrapped jewelry is massively popular at festivals. It shows a dedication to an art, and attendees appreciate the heck out of that.

    Each pendant is totally handmade, so no-two-are-alike. The wire itself is copper, and has been covered by jewelry patina. It comes with a long copper chain, to complete the look.

    In terms of measurements, the necklace is 28″ long, the pendant is 1.7″, the cat charm is 0.8″, and the moon bead is 0.6″. If you’d like a different chain length, simply contact the buyer.

    Pair with: A tunic and jean shorts, mini skirt with bandeau top, or jeans and a tank.

    Price: $43.75

    Buy the Full Moon & Cat Tree-Of-Life Pendant here.

    34. Stackable Ring

    rave accessories


    Festival accessories are so diverse, you could easily write an article about each and every kind out there. We already saw a ring above.

    But, it’s not ideal for wearing multiple rings. Sure, opal looks incredible by itself. However, if you want to layer your hand jewelry, you’re left high-and-dry.

    Stacking rings has been a fashion trend for years. It really exudes a bohemian, chic vibe, which pairs up beautifully with a ton of festival fashion.

    This Candice Shimmer Ring by Gorjana is unbeatable, for a number of reasons:

  • 1) It’s simple, yet unique – many compliments
  • 2) Stack it with similar rings, or something out-of-the-box
  • 3) For the quality you receive, the price is phenomenal
  • Of course, you don’t have to stack this beautiful festival jewelry. It looks amazing all on its own.

    At its tallest point, it measures an 1/8-of-an-inch, making it super dainty and lightweight. Stone detailing is cubic zirconia, and the coloring comes from a plated precious metal.

    When you throw your hands up in excitement, it’ll shimmer and shine under your favorite artist’s set lights.

    Pair with: A maxi dress and sunhat, peasant top and jean shorts, or leggings and a tunic.

    Also available in silver.

    Price: $50

    Buy the Candice Shimmer Ring here.

    35. Necklace

    rave accessories


    Alright, so we’ve already technically covered a necklace. But it was a choker, specifically, and there are other longer pieces out there.

    Just like any other piece of rave jewelry, you can easily choose whatever’s already in your collection. But investing in festival wear is fun and it can help build your regular wardrobe, too.

    We’ve seen a few pieces of cheap festival jewelry (cheap in price–not quality!), but sometimes you want what I call an “investment piece”.

    In other words, jewelry that’ll last for years. My recommendation is the Natural Bone Horn Necklace, by Perpala.

    There’s a good chance you haven’t heard of this amazing company, unless you do most of your shopping in high-end boutiques on either the West or East coast.

    I want to thank the team over there, for sending me one of these beautiful pieces to review. I’ll lead with this: I freakin’ LOVE necklaces.

    Recently, I’ve been allll about chokers and super boho long ones. So, this baby provided a phenomenal change of pace.

    I attended a few shows last month, and chose to wear it with a number of outfits. These outfits ranged from a long-sleeve romper, to an off-the-shoulder-dress, and a bodysuit.

    This baby is one of Parpala’s best selling necklaces, and it’s super apparent why: It pairs with loads of different looks, is the perfect mid-length size, and is a great price for such a high-quality piece.

    I personally have the 16″ version, and it hits right in the middle of my chest. Whether I wore a low-cut or high-neck on-top, it laid beautifully.

    The chain is available in two styles:

  • 1) Gold-filled
  • 2) .925 Sterling silver
  • As for the pendant, it’s a hand-carved bone. But don’t worry–no animals were harmed in the process.

    Whether you use it as a layering piece, or as a stand-alone one, you really can’t go wrong with such a versatile necklace.

    And if you want a length that isn’t listed, simply email the team, and they’ll work with you on any requests.

    Pair with: A peasant top and shorts, a flow-y shift dress, or a maxi skirt and crop top.

    Available in lengths from 14″ – 30″.

    Price: $87

    Buy the Natural Bone Horn Necklace here.

    36. Pinecone

    rave accessories

    Third Eye Pinecones

    Ok, so I know how weird this one may sound, if you’ve never attended a festival before. Pinecones are a truly unique piece of festival jewelry.

    Each one is crafted with a literal pinecone, by taking a single cross-section. This allows the rest of the cone to be used as its natural purpose: To germinate more trees.

    While there are many companies who make Pinecones, Third Eye Pinecones easily takes the cake. If you have attended a festival before, there’s a good chance you saw them–they’re at most major ones.

    Their pinecones are made with the densest pinecone on the planet: The Knobcone Pine. This type can only be produced after a forest fire.

    Every single pinecone is sustainably gathered, in order to reduce the footprint on the ecosystem. Moreover, since nature never creates exact copies, each pinecone is 100% unique.

    Once they’ve been cut, pinecones are thoroughly cured, cleaned and polished. From there, the perfect inlay is chosen, to match the pinecone’s look and personality.

    To ensure a lifetime’s worth of wear, all pinecones are sealed with a fantastic wood-working resin. Moreover, this coat brings out the brilliance of each piece.

    This particular line of pendants use a crushed turquoise, which has been mixed with a phosphorescent powder. From there, it’s inlaid into the pinecone….which glows in the dark!

    As previously mentioned, no two pinecones are the same. So you’ll receive something similar, but not exactly what’s pictured.

    Pair with: A drug rug and leggings, an animal hood and bodysuit, or a rave bra and cut-out booty shorts.

    Price: $111

    Buy the Third Eye Pinecone Pendant here.

    Rave Bags

    No matter what show you attend, you need something to hold your stuff. Most rave outfits don’t have pockets, so this is your one-stop-hold-my-stuff-shop.

    Bags don’t need to match your look, so go wild.

    37. Crossbody

    rave accessories

    Yiwu Kukoo E-Commerce Co

    As far as purses and bags go, there are some styles that just work for any situation. No, I’m not referring to those gaudy Hollister bags a la 2005.

    Instead, I’m talking about a classic: Crossbodies. Crossbody bags are relatively-small purses that sit on one shoulder, sling across your chest, and sit on the opposite side of your body.

    Without a doubt, I’d recommend a crossbody purse, if you’re looking for a more traditional type of bag at your upcoming event. More specifically, though, I’d recommend this Pineapple Crossbody Bag.

    This baby knocks other festival bags out of the water, for a number of reasons:

  • 1) It’s a pineapple – can you say cute as heck?!
  • 2) Large enough to hold your phone, some cash, and your ID
  • 3) The price is unbeatable
  • Measuring 5.51″ long x 6.29″ across x 2.75″ wide, it weighs in at a mere 0.39 lb. Inside, you’ll find an organizational pouch, to easily find things. The pocket has reinforced stitching, to prevent any accidental tears.

    When choosing a festival purse, it’s important to focus on a few qualities. Price and aesthetics are obvious. But, you also want something that’s water-resistant, in case of a surprise downpour.

    You don’t have to worry about your stuff getting soaked, as this bag has that water-resistant quality. So, your phone will be nice and dry.

    Pair with: Anything–pineapples are a cute choice for any look.

    Not feeling the “traditional pineapple look”? This baby’s also available in black and transparent color-schemes.

    Price: $13.99

    Buy the Pineapple Crossbody Bag here.

    38. Fanny Pack

    rave accessories


    Are fanny packs cliche as all get out? You betcha! Does that mean I’m excluding them from this list on rave accessories? Absolutely not.

    Fanny packs may look dorky as floodwaters, but they’re convenient, compact, and don’t require you to keep track of anything…because they snap right to your hips.

    Good thing this article’s geared towards American music festivals. In the UK, “fanny” refers to something other than your booty…more like a woman’s crotch. Fun fact, in case you plan to attend a show overseas.

    In any event, look no further than this 90s era bag: The Space Cat Fanny Pack.

    Truly, nothing screams “rave” like the inclusion of cats and galaxies. You’ll see more of them at a rave, than any other gathering on the planet.

    Like most fanny packs, this bad boy has two spacious, zippered compartments. They’re large enough to hold your phone and some cash, and even a small water bottle, too.

    Aside from being phenomenal at it’s job (aka holding your stuff), it also adds to your aesthetic. Printed for both regular and UV light, it reacts under any blacklight.

    Going hands-free is the way to be. You’ll wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner.

    Pair with: Whatever you please. Fanny packs don’t remotely have to match your outfit.

    Price: $16.95

    Buy the Space Cat Fanny Pack here.

    39. Hydration Pack

    rave accessories


    Most of the festival bags on this list focus on holding your stuff. Don’t get me wrong–this is massively important at a rave. But, it’s not the be-all, end-all.

    In fact, staying hydrated should be your number one prerogative. It doesn’t matter if you’re participating in reality-altering substances, or merely attending a packed show–you need to intake a ton of water.

    While you could bring an empty water bottle and refill it, that poses a number of problems:

  • 1) It’s a pain to carry
  • 2) You have to refill it semi-often
  • 3) It’s easy to set-down and forget
  • 4) Someone could put something in it, without your knowledge
  • The first three focus on convenience, but the last issue revolves around your safety. And your safety is number one, at all times (which is why you’re hydrating in the first place!).

    Mitigate all of these issues with a Vibedration Pack. Similar in concept to a Camel Bak, but built with rave-goers in-mind.

    Most hydration packs are the same neutral, boring colors you’d expect. Vibedration, however, appeals to the festival crowd, with brilliant, fun colors and designs.

    The bag’s dimensions are 16″ long x 11″ across x 3.25″ wide. It’s small enough to fit most people, and has adjustable shoulder and chest straps, for full customization.

    And, you don’t have to worry about your back’s comfort, either, thanks to a padded p-board backside.

    On the inside sits an interior pocket, measuring 11″ long x 12″ wide, which also houses the pocket for the water bladder.

    Outside of the pack, is an additional side pocket. It measures seven-inches-long x six-inches-wide, perfect for any small items.

    The bladder itself has a two-liter capacity, and is made with BPA-free, anti-microbial properties. And, it comes with a back-up mouthpieces–just in case.

    Use this baby at any shows you attend, and during other outdoor activities. Your body will thank you.

    Pair with: All festival outfits. Hydration is more important than being totally match-y match-y.

    Don’t want to taste the rainbow? Choose from four other designs: Iridescent, light pink, pretentious pink, and silver.

    Price: $36.99 (33 percent off MSRP)

    Buy the Rainbow Vinedration Pack here.

    40. Coin Purse

    rave accessories


    At first glance, a coin purse seems kind of stupid to bring to a rave. I mean, how much cash are you really looking to drop?

    Hold your horses there, bucko–there’s good reason to consider this type of rave bag.

  • 1) It’s compact
  • 2) Large enough to hold most phones
  • 3) Has a wrist strap, so you can hold with ease
  • 4) Can easily be slid into a backpack
  • Now, not all coin purses fit the bill. But, the Luv Betsey Coin Purse does.

    Measuring seven-inches long x five-inches across x 0.5-inches wide, it’s the perfect mini-purse size.

    And it’s made of entirely faux-leather, so no animals were harmed during production. On the bottom, sits a zipper for easy access. That zipper opens up to a lined interior.

    Slide it onto your wrist, thanks to a six-inch loop. All of the important stuff is in one place, so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

    Pair with: Any outfit, regardless of the style.

    Interested in a different design? Choose from five other awesome ones.

    Price: $38

    Buy the Luv Betsey Coin Purse here.

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