Rave Wear for Plus Size: 30 Primo Clothing Pieces (2018)

rave wear for plus size


Where the heck do you buy rave wear for plus size people? It’s a frustrating question, often leading you on a wild goose chase. Most lists of rave gear focus on regular sizing…leaving you high and dry.

For this reason, I’ve complied a list of the best plus size rave outfits–regardless of the show you’re attending. And if you’re after a single, stand-out piece, look no further than this Feather Mini Skirt.

Something to keep in mind on your quest for EDM clothing: Raves aren’t just underground subculture of the Acid House Movement anymore. That is to say, you’re probably not going to an old-school rave at a warehouse.

With that in mind, it’s easy to allow your outfit choice take elements from straight rave wear and other types of festival fashion. The sky’s truly the limit when it comes to EDM gear.

This list is broken down into the following categories:

  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • One-Pieces
  • Two-Pieces
  • Add-Ons
  • And I know you don’t want to drop a ton of cash money on plus size festival wear. So, each section is set-up with the least-expensive piece of rave gear in the first spot, and the most-expensive sits in the last spot.

    Please note that everything on this list is women's rave war–but that doesn't mean it's solely for the ladies. Rather, this designation is solely to indicate sizing. Guys and enbys are more than welcome to rock anything you find here.

    Of course, if you're interested in men's-specific clothing, be sure to check out this list of festival clothing essentials for guys.

    Read this comprehensive guide to rave clothing, for more ideas, too.

    Are you ready to dive into the best rave wear for plus size people? Just scroll down, and you’ll be decked out in stylish festival fashion in no-time.


    In this section, we’ll cover anything you wear on the top-half of your body. Clothing ranges from hoodies, to crop tops and tanks.

    Throw on some rave bottoms, and you’re set-to-go.

    1. Hoodie Vest

    rave wear for plus size


    When you’re choosing EDM outfits, it’s important to select things you’ll, well…actually wear. It’s easy to purchase something cute, just to have it end up in the back of your closet.

    The vast majority of people enjoy wearing hoodies. (I know, there are always exceptions). But, there are times where it’s too bloody hot to wear one.

    If you love hoodies–but don’t want swamp butt–then it’s definitely worth considering a hoodie vest, like this Hoodie Tank by HOP FASHION.

    Pull it on, just like you would a regular hooded sweatshirt. Where it differs is the fact that it’s sleeveless, which allows you to stay cool.

    Thanks to a mix of 88% polyester and 12% spandex, there’s a significant amount of stretch that adds to the level of comfort. Hand-wash and hang-dry for best results.

    This piece of rave gear is easy to pair with most pieces, including leggings, denim shorts, and even a maxi skirt.

    Available in sizes small/medium, large/xl, and 2x/3x. Choose from 23 other designs, including wolf, unicorn, and galaxy.

    Price: $9.88 – $19.88

    Buy the HOP FASHION Hoodie Tank here.

    2. Crop Top

    rave wear for plus size


    It really doesn’t matter whether you’re a hardcore rave girl, or someone who merely dabbles in attending shows. Choosing a crop top is always a solid choice.

    If we’re being honest, there are some downright hideous crops in plus sizes. You just want a freakin’ cute rave shirt…not one that looks like it was a junior’s shirt with additional fabric slapped on.

    Check out the Allegrace Tie String Crop Top. Not only does this well-fitting crop top give you confidence–thanks to an amazing cut–it also keeps your pocketbook happy.

    With a soft cotton blend, it’s comfortable against your skin for a long-day of festival sets. With a short-sleeve, cold shoulder, and round neck, you’ll stay cool even in the hottest conditions.

    Please refer to proprietary size chart, as it does differ from Amazon’s. If you need help with measurements, lay one of your current crop tops flat, and take the garment’s measurements. Order according to that size.

    Easily pair this baby with a mini skirt, jeans, or leggings.

    Available in sizes 1x – 4x. Choose from three other colors: Black, green, and wine red.

    Want other options? Give these festival crop tops a peek.

    Price: $15.57

    Buy the Allegrace Tie String Crop Top here.

    3. Tank Top

    rave wear for plus size


    When you’re hunting for rave tank tops, it’s important you find something that tickles your fancy. Sure, black and neon are great…but what if they aren’t your style?

    Don’t you worry your pretty little mind. There are tons of awesome festival tanks to complete your look. The ZERODOCEAN Printed Tank is the first that comes to mind.

    Who doesn’t love an eye-catching, fun pattern? This rave wear for plus size people is on the cusp of being a tall-tee, so it’s longer than other tanks.

    The material is made of a stretchy micro-fiber, so you’ll be comfortable and cool all-day-long. It’s recommended you toss it into the machine in cold water, then tumble dry on low.

    A V-neck keeps it sexy, without showing all of the goods. Please keep in mind the arm holes may be larger-than-expected, so you may want to wear a different bra than normal.

    Pair with lightweight leggings, high-waisted shorts, harem pants, and more.

    Available in sizes 1X – 4X. Choose from 10 other solid colors and patterns.

    Price: $15.99

    Buy the ZERDOCEAN Printed Tank Top here.

    4. Hoodie

    rave wear for plus size


    If there’s one piece of EDM clothing that doesn’t need an introduction, it’s the hoodie. We’ve already seen a hooded vest. But, what if it’s supposed to be chilly?

    You need something warm, duh. And what better piece to wear of warm rave gear, than a trippy, super comfortable hoodie? None, I tell you!

    Most rave hoodies can cost a pretty penny, but not the ones produced by Neemanndy. Their printed hoodies are a great choice to expand your festival wardrobe, without making your wallet sob.

    Each sweatshirt is made with a high-quality milk fiber–specifically, polyester and spandex. This material is super breathable and soft, while keeping you warm when it’s cool, and cool when it’s warm.

    Unlike other festival hoodies, this baby uses 3D dye-sublimation. It’s a technique that produces brilliant images, without crackage, peeling, or fading. Seriously, take care of it and you can wear it for years to come.

    And if you end up having any issue whatsoever, the manufacturer will solve any problem for you. They just want you to have a solid shopping experience.

    Please refer to sizing chart, as it differs from Amazon’s. Moreover, each hoodie is unisex sizing, rather than a women-specific cut.

    A hoodie is easily paired with a romper, over some leggings, or even with a mini skirt.

    Available in sizes small – 2XL. Choose from an incredible 39 other designs, including an owl lit on fire, squid tentacles, and drippy rasta.

    Of course the Neemanndy brand isn’t the be-all, end-all. Head to this piece for more awesome festival hoodies.

    Price: $16.67 – $27.88

    Buy the Neemanndy Printed Hoodie here.

    5. Off-the-Shoulder Top

    rave wear for plus size

    Just Quella

    While there are a lot of classic pieces in plus size rave wear, sometimes you want something a bit more boho chic.

    Perhaps you’re attending an EDM festival with a few jam bands, and you’re not feeling solely rave clothing. Combine the vibe of the two music types, with an off-the-shoulder top.

    This Just Quella Off-the-Shoulder Top is an amazing choice, both at the show and in everyday life. With a fabric mix of polyester and cotton–some colors have a mix of denim, too–so, you’ll be happy the whole time you wear it.

    Rave gear with a bit of denim mixed in tends to look faded over time, just like you’d expect in a pair of jeans.

    When you’re ready to wash this baby, simply toss it into the machine on cold. Hang-dry afterwards, for best results. A tiny bit of shrinkage is normal in this type of fabric.

    Sizing is standard, so please refer to the chart provided by Amazon.

    Pair with some embroidered denim shorts, cuffed jeans, or a midi pencil skirt.

    Available in sizes XS – 3XL. Choose from an incredible 26 different colors.

    Price: $16.99 – $20.90

    Buy the Just Quella Off-the-Shoulder Top here.

    6. Sparkly Bra

    rave wear for plus size


    We’ve covered a good number of festival fashion tops, as well as a couple of festival-rave-hybrid pieces. But what if you want straight rave?

    Well, what exactly constitutes “rave”? Edgy, eye-catching, and a slew of prints and designs, such as galaxy, holographic, and neon. Oh, and did I mention sparkles?

    Show off a bit of skin and shine under the lights of your favorite DJ’s set, with the Arsimus Beaded Flower Bra.

    As you’d expect, this piece of EDM clothing is quite literally a bra that’s been embellished to the Land of Sparkles, and back. It’s adorned with hundreds of sequins and beads…even the straps are full of them.

    Slide it on, and secure it, just as you would with a regular hook-and-eye-type bra. Once it’s on, you’ll be locked-and-loaded.

    Something to keep in mind: Bras DO run small. Please size-up when necessary, and refer to proprietary sizing chart, for best results.

    Make yourself stand out even further, by pairing this rave bra with some sparkle denim shorts, a maxi skirt, or even with an open-front poncho over it.

    Available in sizes small/medium (32 – 34 A/B) to Plus Size (40 – 46 D/DD). Not feeling the purple? Choose from 12 other dazzling colors, including red, green, and black.

    Love the concept of a sparkle rave bra, but want desire more coverage? Try an under-bust corset.

    Price: $17.49 – $19.99

    Buy the Arsimus Beaded Flower Bra here.

    7. T-Shirt

    rave wear for plus size


    The number one rule to rave wear in plus size (heck, for any raver whatsoever), is to choose something comfortable. If you choose something itchy, too-tight, or otherwise, you’re gonna have a bad time a la South Park.

    Aside from a hoodie, which we’ve already covered, you may want something built for the heat. After all, a hoodie will just make you sweat your butt off, if it’s hotter-than-blazes.

    So, what’s a primo choice in festival wear? A t-shirt. Not just any t-shirt, though. Consider the Weed T-Shirt, in order to bring your outfit from fun to 420.

    With a 100% premium, ring-spun cotton jersey, you’ll be comfortable for the duration of the wear. Not only is it super lightweight, it’s ridiculously soft–“comfortable” might as well be its middle name.

    And, it has built-in stretch. So you can easily move, without disturbing the integrity of the tee. Never worry about an itchy tag, either, as the label is completely tearaway.

    A V-neck allows you to show off a little skin, without letting the goodies pop out entirely. Make it sexier by pairing with a short skirt, or go extra comfy with a pair of harem pants.

    Please refer to sizing chart, for the most accurate fit.

    Available in sizes 14 – 26. Choose from six other colors, including black, white, and chill.

    Like the concept of a 420 t-shirt, but not this design? Peep these weed tees, for more options.

    Price: $24.98

    Buy the Weed T-Shirt here.


    Rave bottoms are a whole different ball game. They range from muted to crazy-in-your-face-loud. This section covers everything you wear on the lower-half of your body, including skirts, shorts, and pants.

    Pair with any of the rave tops from above.

    8. Booty Shorts

    rave wear for plus size


    If you had to choose one pair of festival bottoms to take the cake, you’d be hard-pressed not to choose booty shorts.

    As the scene’s evolved, ravers have moved away from long hot pants, and towards showing a ton of skin. The best way to do so, of course, is some booty shorts.

    These LOV ANNY Mermaid Booty Shorts are what you’re looking for. Regardless of whether or not you want to create a mermaid look, these babies will complete just about any outfit.

    With a material blend of 88% polyester and 12% spandex, they’ll be comfortable, while keeping you locked-and-loaded. A pull-on closure keeps them secure.

    A mermaid fish scale design adorns the shorts throughout. And when the light hits them, they’ll reflect it right back–making you shine under the stage lights.

    Pair them with a mermaid shell bra, or opt for a crop top, LED shirt, or drug rug.

    Available in sizes small – 4XL. Choose from 10 other brilliant colors.

    Price: $9.99 – $10.99

    Buy the LOV ANNY Mermaid Booty Shorts here.

    9. Jeans

    rave wear for plus size


    I know, I know. Jeans? Why the heck did they make it onto the list of the best plus size festival clothing? One reason: Comfort.

    I’ve mentioned the importance of comfort a number of times, and I’ll say it again. Wear rave gear that you find comfortable. Rave wear does NOT have to be “traditional”, by any stretch of the imagination.

    Don’t just get any pair of jeans, though. Indulge in a pair of embellished ones, like the MSSHE Vintage High Waisted Jeans.

    With a fabric blend of 73.7% cotton, 24.7% polyester, and 1.6% spandex, there’s just enough stretch to be cuddle cozy…and dance your butt off.

    In fact, Rugged Flex Durable Stretch Technology, is the root of that comfort. It allows you to truly move without worry.

    These babies feature a single-button closure, as well as the classic five-pockets. With a mid-waist rise, they’ll stay where they should. (Get a belt, if need be).

    They’re not totally skinny. In fact, there’s a slight boot cut flare at the bottom. You can roll them up, or leave them be.

    It’s suggested you hand-wash them, although it’s not a requirement. Please refer to proprietary sizing chart, for best fit.

    Pair with an off-the-shoulder shirt, tank, or even a hoodie.

    Available in sizes 14 – 20. Choose from a whopping 18 other washes.

    Price: $10.99 – $25.99

    Buy the MSSHE Vintage High Waisted Jeans here.

    10. Leggings

    rave wear for plus size

    Pink Plot

    It should really come as no surprise leggings made a list of the best plus size rave clothing. Leggings are the definition of comfort. And, they come in so many patterns, you can build any outfit that comes to mind.

    That being said, though, you don’t want to pick something really boring. Don’t get me wrong–black leggings are a great choice for everyday wear. But, you’re going to a rave. You want something more fun and unique.

    These PINK PLOT Printed Leggings are a phenomenal choice. Not only do they look awesome, they’re comfortable as all get out.

    A blend of 88% polyester and 12% elastane provide all of the stretch, and none of the sag. You knew it as a kid, and you know it now: Elastic makes clothes fantastic.

    Thanks to a 3D printed design, they’ll retain their color over-time…even after repeatedly being thrown into the wash.

    If you encounter any issue at all, simply reach out to the company, and they’ll fix it to the best of their ability. Your happiness is their priority.

    Pair with a crop top, sparkly bra, or even some weed leaf socks, should the temperatures drop.

    Available in one-size and plus-size. Choose from eight other funky patterns.

    Price: $11.29

    Buy the PINK PLOT Printed Leggings here.

    11. Harem Pants

    rave wear for plus size


    Ah, some good ol’ harem pants. You might refer to them as “genie pants” or “Aladdin pants”. Whatever your personal preference, they’re an easy choice in plus size EDM clothing.

    If this is your first time attending a rave, you may not know what a “wook” is. Wooks are people who epitomize the dirty hippie music festival culture. Think dreads and smelling like patchouli.

    It should come as no surprise they only wear comfy clothing, like these Banjamath® Harem Pants. These type of rave bottoms allow you to have a ton of air flow and breathability.

    Most festival pants are made with cotton or polyester. These babies defy that notion, owing to a construction of rayon. Hand-wash, and hang-dry.

    Don’t worry about them sliding down your butt, thanks to an elastic waist. At the ankles are an additional set of elastic bands–they’ll stay on you legs wherever you choose.

    Toss any everyday carries, like your phone or some cash, into the side pocket. All pants have an inseam of 27-inches–the measurement from the crotch to the end of the pants.

    Please refer to proprietary sizing chart, as it differs from that of Amazon’s.

    Pair with a hooded vest, fringe top, or bandeau.

    Available in sizes small – XXL. Choose from 13 other colors.

    Price: $13.95 – $99.99

    Buy the Banjamath® Harem Pants here.

    12. Maxi Skirt

    rave wear for plus size

    Lock and Love

    Since rave girl outfits often bleed into festival outfits, we’re going to dive into something a bit more boho: Maxi skirts.

    A maxi skirt covers you from waist-to-feet. It allows you to go underwear-less–should you choose–and provides ultimate breathability amongst festival clothes.

    This Lock and Love Maxi Skirt is where it’s at, in terms of long skirts. Not only does it look and feel amazing, it’s also manufactured on US soil.

    Thanks to a mixture of 95% rayon and 5% spandex, you’ll have ample amounts of stretch. In fact, this is a great choice if you flow with a staff, or other toy.

    Post-festival, hand-wash this baby in cold water to prevent colors bleeding. Lay flat to dry, to decrease any unwanted wrinkles. Dry clean it, if that’s your preference.

    Fold over the top of this skirt to fully-adjust it to your body. And, the bottom hem is double-needle stitched, for extra durability.

    Please refer to manufacturer’s size chart, for accurate measurements. Keep in mind, colors may be slightly different than what’s shown.

    Pair with a funky bra, fringe top, or bandeau.

    Available in sizes small – 3XL. Choose from an incredible 42 other colors.

    Price: $13.99 – $19.95

    Buy the Lock and Love Maxi Skirt here.

    13. Denim Shorts

    rave wear for plus size


    The best thing about denim shorts is their versatility. Heading to a friend’s and want something cute? Denim shorts. Want to dress down a bodysuit? Denim shorts. Interested in a stylish rave outfit? Denim shorts.

    Seriously. You can’t go wrong with adding them to your outfit line-up. These JEANS FOR LOVE Denim Shorts are no exception.

    Aside from their freakin’ amazing price (under-$20 for shorts? Helloooooo!), they’re also an extremely flattering cut.

    Longer than denim booty shorts, and shorter than full-on Bermuda shorts, these babies hit your thigh at just the right place. And, they feature a rolled hem, to further define your body shape.

    They’re made with a mixture of 76% cotton, 22% polyester, and two-percent spandex. They have a bit of give, but also snap back to their “original size” when you wash and dry them.

    When dirty, simply toss them into the washing machine in cool water. From there, tumble dry on low, or hang-dry. Never, ever bleach them.

    Like most jean shorts, they have five-pockets. They differ, however, in that they have a single back pocket and four front ones.

    Jean shorts pair with practically anything under the sun. So, consider something extra fun, like an EDC snapback.

    Available in sizes 14 – 24. Choose from six other washes.

    Price: $15.99 – $16.99

    Buy the JEANS FOR LOVE Denim Shorts here.

    14. High-Waisted Shorts

    rave wear for plus size


    Holy heck, who knew there were so many different types of rave shorts? Actually most of us knew that–it’s just eye-opening to see them all in one place.

    Booty shorts and regular denim shorts are always a solid choice, if you’re feeling yourself. But, there are times where you want a more flattering cut, like high-waisted shorts.

    These Tengo Lace Up Denim Shorts are something seriously worth considering. They’re not just regular jean shorts…they’re lace-up ones.

    I know, it’s not 2003 anymore. BUT, lace-up rave wear has been popular forever. Heck, lace-up anything is making a comeback in a huge way.

    A mixture of 73% cotton, 14% rayon, 11% polyester, and two-percent spandex, are the basis for these babies. In fact, they have stretchy and comfortable written all over them.

    Owing to this fabric blend, they’re entirely machine-washable. Although, it’s recommended you let them hang dry. Don’t bleach them for any reason.

    Keep them secure on your hips, with a zip fly and button closure. Like most jean shorts, they have five-pockets.

    For an accurate fit, please refer to proprietary sizing chart.

    Pair with a fringe top, multi-colored bikini, or even some pasties, if you’re feeling cheeky.

    Available in sizes small – 3XL. Choose from five other colors.

    For more high-waisted shorts options, give these rave bottoms a look.

    Price: $18.88 – $21.88

    Buy the Tengo Lace Up Denim Shorts here.

    15. Overalls

    rave wear for plus size


    We are just on a denim kick on this EDM clothing list. It’s such a versatile fabric that you already know and love. Why wouldn’t you want something like that at a rave?

    Overalls aren’t just for little kids. I know a ton of us 90s (and many 80s) babies rocked them during childhood. Well, they’re making a big comeback.

    If you love the look of denim, but prefer to go a little more out-of-the-box, look no further than these TwiinSisters Overalls.

    Just like jeans, overalls come in a ton of different cuts. Some are a loose, painter’s cut. Others are purely for comfort. These babies, though, are made with a snug fit.

    So, they’ll keep you covered and comfortable, while providing a sexy, slimming shape. But if you prefer a looser fit, simply size up.

    Move around with ease, thanks to the stretchiness of 3% spandex, and 97% cotton. When they’re dirty, flip them inside out, and toss them into a cold wash. Hang-dry when done.

    Pair with a high-neck top, tight-fitting crop, or even a sheer shirt of some sort.

    Available in sizes small – 3XL. Choose from five other colors: Black, camo, white, optic white, and olive.

    Head over here for plenty of other ladies festival clothing options.

    Price: $19.99 – $29.99

    Buy the TwiinSisters Overalls here.

    16. Feather Skirt

    rave wear for plus size

    Ree Dot Boutique

    At the beginning of this post, I mentioned this as the number one overall piece of plus size rave clothing–and for good reason.

    The best EDM outfits focus on a single stand-out piece. This feather skirt is that piece. Make it your base, and build an entire brilliant outfit around it.

    And the coolest part? You don’t have to limit yourself to wearing it just at shows. It’s so fashionable, you can bust it out for a night on the town, or a New Year’s Eve celebration.

    Mini skirts are a phenomenal choice, for those who love to show off a little leg. As an added bonus, they tend to make your butt look amazing too.

    The waistband is manufactured with a ton of stretch, so it won’t dig into your sides. Pull it up or down your body, to customize the look.

    Refer to sizing chart, for correct fit.

    Pair with some leggings, if you’re not comfortable showing that much leg. On top, add a sparkle bra, plain black shirt, or wear over a bodysuit.

    Available in sizes 1X – 4X.

    Price: $34.99

    Buy the Plus Size Sexy Feather Mini Skirt here.


    More than likely, the image that comes to mind when you think of rave girls is a person dressed in a bodysuit. Here, you’ll find bodysuits and other single-piece EDM clothing.

    They can be worn alone, or accessorized to the moon-and-back.

    17. Maxi Dress

    rave wear for plus size


    When you choose a rave outfit, it’s important to focus on comfort and looks. In other words, fun and functional.

    Maxi dresses are something you can easily wear everyday. They’re comfy, flattering, and breathable, to boot. So if you’re going with one for a show, opt for a unique cut and a stand-out pattern.

    This VERTTEE Maxi Dress is a fabulous choice, for an EDM fest. Not only does it have a super favorable, assymmetrical cut (slash neck, half-sleeves, and leg slits!), but the design is downright awesome.

    A mixture of polyester and spandex make up the fabric–the combination is well-known for retaining its shape, as well as its durability.

    The best part about this bad boy? It doesn’t have a zipper. Yep, you read that correctly. It’s a pull-on dress, upping the level of comfort even more.

    Pair with a poncho, choker, and strappy sandals.

    Available in medium – 5XL.

    Price: $12.99 – $28.99

    Buy the VERTTEE Maxi Dress here.

    18. Onesie

    rave wear for plus size

    Totally Pink

    What is it about adults wearing onesies? Everyone thinks it’s hilarious (and some of the designs definitely are), but don’t knock ’em until you try one.

    Much like the footie pajamas of our youth, a onesie is a warm piece of clothing, often in a funky pattern or character-style.

    So if you want to be downright cuddle cozy at the show, opt for one of these puppies. The Totally Pink Women’s Onesie is a solid choice.

    As you’d expect, it’s made with luxurious, plush material. This soft fabric is made from 100% polyester, and is smooth against the skin.

    Both the ankles and wrists have ribbed, elastic cuffs. They’ll keep the sleeves and legs in-place, whether they’re fully straight, or scrunched up.

    Pair with some LED sneakers and a t-shirt underneath.

    Available in 1X/2X and 2X/3X. Choose from 13 other designs, including tiger, cow, and unicorn.

    For more options, give these onesies for adults a look.

    Price: $15.20 – $19

    Buy the Totally Pink Women’s Onesie here.

    19. Long-Sleeve Bodysuit

    rave wear for plus size


    Ah, the oft-mentioned bodysuit. They come in so many colors, cuts, and sizes, it’s unbelievable. Everything from the design, to the material varies widely.

    This list contains a couple of bodysuits. In this capsule, though, you’ll find a long-sleeve mesh bodysuit–perfect for both day and night.

    The Zeagoo Mesh Bodysuit is made of 95% polyester and five-percent spandex. As you’d expect from a mesh material, it’s entirely see-through.

    If you’re confident enough to just put it on and go, that’s awesome. But, if you prefer to keep it a little more covered, try some pasties.

    A round neck is flattering for your collarbones, while a soft elastic circles your wrists and groin area. The body is a smooth and sheer.

    Don’t worry about bathroom breaks. There are press-button-closures at the crotch, to make your life much easier.

    Pair with high-waisted shorts, a mini skirt, or fringe bottoms.

    Available in sizes 16W – 24W. Choose from white and navy, too.

    Check out this comprehensive list of bodysuits for a rave, for more options.

    Price: $17.88 – $19.99

    Buy the Zeagoo Mesh Bodysuit here.

    20. Romper

    rave wear for plus size


    Rave rompers are all the rage. Try saying that 10 times fast. All jokes aside, rompers are fantastic outside of a festival. But as a music festival outfit, they’re pretty hard to beat.

    Because you just need to slip it on and add shoes, they’re a snap to accessorize. Heck, you don’t have to wear a bra or even underwear, if you’re not feeling them.

    But don’t choose something you already frequently wear. Opt for a festival romper that really pops, such as the IN’VOLAND Floral Print Romper.

    Lightweight and soft are the key to this EDM clothing. A mixture of polyester and fabric making this piece breathable, without being see-through.

    Adjust it to your body, thanks to a drawstring at the waist, as well as moveable shoulder straps. No more awkwardly-fitting looks.

    Please note that the proprietary size chart differs from Amazon’s. It can be accessed via the product images. And if you dislike it for any reason, you’ll receive a 100% refund for 30-days-post-purchase.

    Pair with some gladiator sandals, a crystal crown headpiece, or a colorful pashmina.

    Available in sizes 16 – 24. Choose from seven other colors.

    Price: $17.99 – $25.99

    Buy the IN’VOLAND Floral Print Romper here.

    21. Cold Shoulder Dress

    rave wear for plus size


    Being trendy is often the name of the rave clothing game. Certain looks and styles become popular, then fade into distant memories, every single festival season.

    If you’re big on following the latest festival fashion trends, going for a modern boho look is right up your alley.

    This Nemidor Women’s Cold Shoulder Dress screams “on-trend”. Whether you choose to wear it solely at the show, or add it to your regular wardrobe, you’re set to go.

    The fabric is made of a blend of 35% cotton and 65% polyester, leaving you comfortable all-day-long. It’s recommended you hand-wash it when it’s dirty. Or, send it to the dry cleaners.

    Featuring a round neck, short-sleeve, swing-hem, and a loose fit, it’s the epitome of a chic tunic dress. Upping the level of fashionability even further, is the A-line cut.

    And the best part? Pockets, my friend. Every time someone compliments you, you have a built-in response: “Thanks, it has pockets!”

    Pair with some fun tights if it’s chilly. Add in some jelly sandals for a throwback look.

    Available in sizes 14 Plus – 26 Plus. Choose from 12 other colors.

    Price: $24.99

    Buy the Nemidor Women’s Cold Shoulder Dress here.

    22. Bodysuit

    rave wear for plus size


    Above, we dove into the wonderful world of rave one-pieces. Well, we’re about to continue the fun with round two: A short-sleeve bodysuit.

    I’m going to let you in on a little festival secret: Many bodysuits double as swimsuits, and vice-versa. So, you can purchase an awesome swimsuit, and wear it to a show with ease.

    This American Trends One-Piece is a rave girl’s dream. If it rains, you’ll be dry in no time. If you get sweaty, it’ll keep you cool. No matter what, though, you’ll be rocking a spectacular piece of EDM clothing.

    Featuring a sweetheart neckline, you can show off or cover up, no matter the prerogative. And, the straps are fully customizable. Criss-cross them, make them into a halter, or remove them all-together–the choice is yours.

    On top of that, there’s a full underwire, to provide all-day support. It’s so supportive, in fact, you can easily flow with your poi without worry.

    Sizing is different than Amazon’s chart, so please refer to the one in the product photos.

    Pair with some leg wraps, an open-front poncho, and a snapback.

    Available in sizes 10 – 20. Comes in rainbow print, as well.

    Love the concept of a one-piece, but want a few more sequins? Give these sparkly bodysuits a peep.

    Price: $27.99

    Buy the Womens Printed One Piece here.


    This section covers two-piece plus size rave outfits. They come in one package, so you don’t have to build a look from scratch.

    Accessorize or not–the choice is yours.

    23. Long-Sleeve Two-Piece Set

    rave wear for plus size


    In the last capsule, I dropped an information bomb regarding festival bodysuits. I’ll repeat it here: You can wear a swimsuit as a bodysuit, and vice-versa.

    Along those same lines of logic, you can also wear two-piece swimsuits as an EDM concert outfit. Rather than purchasing a regular two-piece bikini, however, think outside-of-the-rave-gear-box.

    This Ribart Women’s Two Piece Set ought to do the trick. Instead of a typical bikini with spaghetti straps or a halter top, this baby has long-sleeves.

    The are many advantages of a long-sleeve bikini. First, they keep you protected from the sun–say goodbye to shoulder burns. Second, they provide a bit more coverage than other two-pieces. And third, they’re downright unique.

    Don’t worry about chafing at the crotch area, thanks to elastic round tape. Moreover, the tape prevents any unwanted slippage.

    The bottoms are high-waisted, for the ultimate flattering look. A cute, yet covered look is emphasized by the bandage cut-out in the front.

    Made up of an ultra-fine polyester, the fabric is super soft. Plus, it’s comfortable to wear for an extended time–a must in rave wear.

    Pair with a flower crown, light-up-glasses, or some cat ears.

    Available in sizes 1X – 4X. Comes in a snake skin print, as well.

    Price: $18.99 – $20.99

    Buy the Ribart Women’s Two Piece Set here.

    24. Crop-Legging Two-Piece Set

    rave wear for plus size


    Two-piece rave sets come in many different flavors. We’ve already seen a long-sleeve top, short-bottom set. Let’s flip the switch, though, and focus on a short-sleeve top, long-bottom set.

    Look, raves are a place to let out your inner-wild-child. No more conforming to society’s standards. You’re there for YOU–not a single other soul. Instead of bottling up your true EDM outfit desires, wear them proudly at a rave.

    This CutieLove 2-Piece Outfit allows you to do just that. Let the girls make themselves known, with the a tie-front-closure on top. Show off that booty and those legs, with a body-hugging pair of short-leggings.

    Made with a mixture of polyester and spandex, so it’s easy to move around, shuffle, and worm your way through a crowd.

    Don’t order based on your usual size. Instead, check the provided sizing chart, located in the product images. Size-up if you’re between sizes.

    Pair with platform boots, a poncho, or a crown made of crystals.

    Available in sizes Small – 3X. Choose from black stripes, and blue.

    Price: $19.97 – $19.99

    Buy the CutieLove 2-Piece Outfit here.


    In this section, you’ll find EDM gear that can be paired with almost anything on this list. Go wild with accessories, or keep it low key.

    25. Fishnets

    rave wear for plus size


    If you know anything at all about raves (and it’s totally ok if you don’t), then you know that fishnets are where it’s at.

    Torn, brand new, black, brightly-colored–you name it, you’ll see it at a rave. The best part about fishnets, is you can wear them with just about anything post-show, too.

    These Black Fishnet Tights are a fantastic choice, for the quantity you receive, and the price. Two pairs of fishnets are in each package.

    They’re made with 90% nylon and 10% spandex, so they have a ton of give. And, they won’t dig into your sides or skin, during extended periods of wear.

    Add them under a dress, or with a pair of shorts over them. They seriously go with everything.

    Available in one-size (XS – XL) and plus-size (Large – 4XL). Also available in smaller-cut-outs.

    Price: $7.80 – $25

    Buy the Black Fishnet Tights here.

    26. Chest Harness

    rave wear for plus size


    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Raves are the place to dress however the heck you want. Your festival outfit is for you, and ONLY you.

    Perhaps you’ve got a goth side. Maybe you’re a bit kinky. Whatever the case, a chest harness takes a look from awww to AWESOME.

    This Body Harness Cage Bra is an incredible add-on to any rave look. The materials are anti-skid, anti-tightening, and have a durable elastic force. In other words, it won’t cut into your skin, or awkwardly slip.

    On the chest sits a pentagram. Straps connect in a halter behind the neck, and with hooks in the back. Adjust the buckles, as needed.

    And it can be worn over-a-bra, under-a-bra, or sans-bra–it’s all about what you’re comfortable with.

    Pair with almost anything on this list. No joke.

    Available in four other designs, including a red pentagram.

    Price: $9.99

    Buy the Body Harness Cage Bra here.

    27. Leg Wraps

    rave wear for plus size


    I couldn’t tell you what it is about stretchy material, but festival goers freakin’ LOVE it. That’s a lie; I know exactly why they love it: Comfort and aesthetics.

    Comfort is a no duh. But aesthetics? Yessiree. Stretchy material strategically wrapped around your body holds everything in place, distracts the eye from any perceived “unwanted” areas, and looks downright cool.

    If you know anything about hosiery (again, totally fine if you don’t), then you’ve probably heard of Leg Avenue. So, it should come as no surprise their Leg Wraps are a fantastic choice.

    They’re constructed with a gathered, stretchy garter, and two metallic straps. Simply slide them on, wrap them around your leg, and tie at the bottom.

    There are times where you just don’t feel like wearing a tight garter. Flip them upside down, with the garter on your ankle, and tie up your leg. Boom. Comfortable and still stylish.

    Leg wraps are the perfect addition to any outfit on here…except anything with pants.

    Choose from nine other colors, including black, purple, and pink.

    Price: $14.51

    Buy the Leg Avenue Women’s Leg Wraps here.

    28. Thigh Highs

    rave wear for plus size


    Many pieces of rave gear focus on a sexiness factor. Sexy doesn’t have to mean baring it all, though. Rather, it’s the attitude you exude, when you rock your EDM clothing.

    Thigh highs are one of the easiest ways to add some oomph to your sexiness. In addition to making your legs look lean, they add a whole different aesthetic to your look.

    These Yacht&Smith Over-the-Knee Socks are a staple in any rave girl’s wardrobe. Made with 80% cotton and 20% spandex, they feel like a regular sock, but have more-stretch-than-usual.

    Super soft against the skin, so you’ll never have to worry about chafing. Plus, they’re constructed with anti-itch properties.

    Sock sizes are marked sizes nine-to-eleven, but they fit women’s shoe sizes five-to-ten. Each pack comes with three-pairs.

    If you end up wanting to return them for whatever reason, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Wear them over tights or leggings, or directly over your bare legs. Pair with most clothing on this list.

    Choose from 12 other color combinations.

    Price: $14.99

    Buy the Yacht&Smith Over the Knee Socks here.

    29. Open-Front Poncho

    rave wear for plus size

    Floral Season

    Uhhhhh aren’t ponchos technically rain gear? Yes, they certainly can be, like this one. But, they’re also a fashionable festival cover-up.

    Ponchos add an interesting layer to your EDM outfit. They’re flowy, breathable, and can bring the whole look together.

    So, if you’re looking for an eye-catching piece to add to your rave outfit, consider the Floral Season Chiffon Poncho.

    Constructed as a long, lightweight “cardigan”, this boho-style piece has an open-front closure. It’s made with high-quality, breathable material.

    Get the rest of your outfit ready, and toss this baby on top. Pair with almost anything on this list.

    Available in sizes small – 3XL. Choose from nine other colors, including yellow, black, and a number of floral patterns.

    Price: $16.99 – $18.99

    Buy the Floral Season Chiffon Poncho here.

    30. Jacket

    rave wear for plus size

    Hollywood Star Fashion

    Ah, the good ol’ jean jacket. This bad boy has been around since denim became a thing. (Don’t quote me on that–it just feels like it’s been fashionable for decades!)

    So, it should come as no surprise that a jean jacket doubles as a solid festival jacket. The Hollywood Star Fashion Denim Jacket fits the bill, like a charm.

    A mixture of 81% cotton, 17% polyester, and two-percent spandex, make up the fabric. If it gets dirty, simply toss it into the machine, in cold water.

    That tiny bit of spandex gives this piece of rave wear some much-needed stretch. After all, you can’t comfortably dance in a stiff, starched jacket.

    Button it up or leave it open, depending on the vibe you want to exude. And if you’re still on the fence, just check out one of the more than 640 five-star reviews.

    Pair with a dress, tank and maxi skirt, or denim shorts and t-shirt.

    Available in sizes small – 3XL. Choose from black, dark blue, and white, too.

    Price: $19.31 – $34.99

    Buy the Hollywood Star Fashion Denim Jacket here.

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