11 Best Cool Bucket Hats for Men: A Buyer’s Guide (2018)

cool bucket hats for men


There was a time when you couldn’t use the word “cool” if you wanted to talk about cool bucket hats for men. They were on-trend in the 1960s and then the bucket hat seemed like it was at the bottom of the bucket.

The hat came back in a very prominent way over the past few years when recording artists and other celebrities were spotted wearing the hats at festivals and concerts. According to the British newspaper The Guardian, bucket hats saw a big resurgence starting around 2014. (Rihanna was spotted wearing a bucket hat at the 2014 World Cup.)

Bucket hats come in a variety of looks and there are bucket hats for women that are quite different than the unisex look of your standard bucket. Generally speaking, a bucket hat is defined simply as a hat with a wide brim that slopes down. It’s a simple construction, which is part of the appeal.

Whether you call it bucket or a fisherman’s hat, an Irish country hat or a session hat, you’re gonna look just right in yours.

What are the Best Cool Bucket Hats for Men?

1. Kangol Men’s Strip Lahinch Bucket Hat – $28.95 and up (depending on size/color)

kangol mens strip lahinch bucket hat


Legendary hat maker Kangol’s version of the men’s bucket hat is called the “Lahinch.” It’s a 100 percent cotton hat with a contrasting band and the Kangol logo on the crown.

We’re showing it in beige but the hat is available in five different colors (color availability changes periodically). Kangol calls this a “classic shape” bucket and they do recommend hand washing.

Buy the Kangol Bucket here.

2. Adidas Originals Trefoil Bucket Hat – $28.75

adidas originals trefoil bucket hat


A very good looking men’s bucket hat in black with the white contrasting logo on the crown. The logo features the brand name — adidas (lowercase “a”) — with the trefoil brand above it.

This hat is 100 percent cotton and it features some cool detailing with the stitching. Adidas also has a 100 percent cotton stone washed denim bucket with the same logo and branding, except in black.

Buy the Adidas Originals Bucket here.

3. Polo Ralph Lauren Turquoise Bucket Hat – $34 and up (depending on style/color)

polo ralph lauren mens reversible turquoise bucket hat

Polo Ralph Lauren

This is a classic Polo bucket hat that’s as dramatic in appearance as it is simple in construction. It’s got just three 100 percent cotton panels: the crown, the top and the brim. The brim is seamed and features tonal stitching.

The crown of the hat features an embroidered pony logo. Shown in the aqua (turquoise) color, the hat’s available in five colors.

This hat would work very well with a linen shirt or linen pants.

Buy the Polo Turquoise Bucket here.

4. The Hat Depot Cotton Bucket Hat – $3.46 and up (depending on style/size)

the hat depo camo bucket hat

The Hat Depot

The Hat Depot offers a ton of cool bucket hats for men. We’re showing this one in blue camo, but they have 35 colors and styles available (style and color availability periodically changes).

The camo hat is 65 percent cotton, 35 percent poly, but all the other styles are 100 percent cotton. They all feature brass ventilation eyelets in the crown, which will help to keep you as cool as you look.

Buy the Hat Depot Bucket here.

5. Hatphile City Aloha Bucket Hat – $16.99

hatphile city aloha bucket hat

Hatphile City

Hatphile was founded in San Jose, California and they specialize in on-trend hats and accessories “to empower personal style and inspire possibilities,” according to Hatphile.

This Aloha hat definitely has the island vibe. It’s a floral pastel pattern with white embossed lettering on the brim. Shown in “tropical Hawaii aloha multicolored,” the hat’s available in five different colors and styles (options periodically change).

The material is 100 percent cotton. It gets great reviews from customers, with a 4.2 out of 5-star rating average.

Buy the Aloha Bucket here.

6. Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Reversible Bucket Hat – $27.99 and up (depending on size/color)

polo ralph lauren mens reversible bucket hat

Polo Ralph Lauren

Another one from Polo Ralph Lauren, this time with some design work on the hat. It’s shown in “prepster Hawaiian” but this Polo bucket hat is available in 12 different colors and styles.

The hat is 100 percent imported cotton and it features the signature polo player logo — somewhat small — on the crown of the bucket.

The hat is reversible. In the case of the one shown, the reverse side is a neutral khaki color. Other versions of the hat have very colorful reverse sides.

Buy the Polo Reversible Bucket here.

7. Carhartt Men’s Fircrest Bucket Hat – $20.99 and up (depending on size/color)

carhartt mens fircrest bucket hat


Carhartt’s had a big resurgence as a brand and this hat is a good example of the company’s focus toward on-trend style.

The Fircrest Bucket Hat is 100 percent cotton and it has Carhartt’s proprietary “Carhartt Force” technology on the sweatband to prevent odors and to wick away sweat. There’s a hidden inside pocket with a loop-and-hook closure.

The color is called “Realtree Xtra” and there is a leather Carhartt tag on the brim, as well as cool details in the stitching.

Buy the Carhartt Fircrest Bucket here.

8. Decky Polo Bucket Hat – $8.37 and up (depending on size/color)

decky polo bucket hat


This is from the Decky Apparel Group out of Compton, California. It’s 100 percent washed cotton that’s a thicker material.

Decky calls is a “soft, unconstructed version of the Fisherman’s Hat.” Shown in charcoal, the hat’s available in 12 different colors (color options change periodically).

If you’re looking for a solid, everyday cool bucket hat for dudes, this works.

Buy the Decky Bucket here.

9. Dorfman Pacific Men’s British Bucket Hat – $12.23 and up (depending on size/color)

dorfman pacific mens british bucket hat

Dorfman Pacific

From the somewhat legendary American hat and handbag maker Dorfman Pacific. They started out in Oakland, California in 1921 and are now headquartered in Stockton, California.

This is a 75 percent cotton, 25 percent poly poplin fabric that is water repellant. The hat is handmade.

Shown in white with the red/blue band, it’s also available in British tan or charcoal.

Buy the Dorfman Pacific Bucket here.

10. Stetson Men’s Fairway Bucket Hat – $20

stetson mens fairway bucket hat


When you’re looking for designer bucket hats, you’ve gotta include this one from renowned hat maker Stetson. It’s got the classic look, including grommeted vents for ventilation.

The hat is 75 percent cotton, 25 percent poly and it is water repellent. The band is grosgrain and the hat color is khaki.

A very popular hat with a 4.6 out of 5-star rating average. The XXL is just about four bucks more.

Buy the Stetson Men’s Fairway Bucket here.

11. Columbia Silver Ridge Bucket Hat – $31.67

columbia silver ridge bucket hat


Probably the most “technical” of the list. Check the features:

  • Omni-Shield 4-Way Stretch Twill
  • Omni-Shield advanced repellency
  • Omni-Wick sweatband
  • Omni-Shade UPF 30 sun protection
  • Laser cut venting

In other words, this would work very well for hiking, but it would also work well for just looking like one of those cool bucket hats for men. The hat features the Columbia brand name on the crown in a contrasting white typeface.

Buy the Columbia Silver Ridge Bucket here.

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