11 Best Festival & Rave Costumes: The Ultimate List (2018)

rave costumes

Amazon, Naked Zebra

One of the most awesome things about attending an event, is the ability to pick out your rave costumes. That’s why you’re here, right–for outfit inspiration?

I’ll keep it short and sweet. I’ve determined any type of LED rave costume is sure to quite literally shine…and ensure you’re not twinning with some rando.

Before we dive into the best rave outfits, we’re going to cover how to put together a festival costume.

Skip ahead, if you just want to see the outfits. Otherwise, stick with me. The intro’s broken down into the following sections:

You ready?

What’s the Venue Like?

This is a bit of a “no duh”, but seriously consider where the event’s being held.

Is it indoors in the middle of winter? Or, is it under the blazing hot sun in the summer? Does it bleed from day-to-night?

Take all of these elements into consideration–especially if you’re prone to easily getting cold or hot.

The best way to ensure you’re properly dress to your liking, is to bring an extra layer if it gets cold. If you don’t use it, whatever. If you end up putting it on, you’ll be thrilled with your choice.

Best part? You probably don’t have to hold onto that layer. Most venues have a coat check, or allow you to bring in a bag. So, you can easily keep track of your stuff.

Once you’ve determined the temp and general weather, you can choose the right amount of coverage, to make sure you have a great time.

From there, you need to know what you want.

What Are You Most Comfortable in?

At first glance, this question may feel the exact same as the one above. And, they are actually pretty similar.

But, they differ in that this is the next step. You’ve already determined if you need short- or long-sleeves, pants, shorts, whatever.

Now’s the time to take that broad-clothing-type, and hone it in on your fashion sense.

Are there certain types of clothing you prefer to wear, like rompers, bodysuits, or pasties? Are you an all-in-one look, or prefer to do a bit of DIY? What’s your budget? Do you like bright or muted colors?

These are just a few basic questions. But, seriously determine what your style is, and apply it to your rave wear.

If your closet is full of every bright color under the rainbow, you might be disappointed in an all-black outfit. Or, you could be a huge minimalist, so going over-the-top with accessories may be a no-go.

These are not hard-and-fast rules. Rather, they’re meant to give you an idea of what you already wear, and what you’ll be comfortable rocking in front of other people….for an extended period of time.

There are two suggestions when it comes to rave outfits:

  • Comfort is key
  • Love what you’re wearing

That’s it. With these two rules in-mind, you literally cannot fail at putting together a festival look because you’ll feel great and know you look amazing–the perfect rave-y combination.

But, what’s that really mean?

Well, a couple of things. First, it means try everything on before the day-of-the-show. Second, it means don’t force something that won’t work.

By giving your outfits a dry run, you’ll be able to determine if you need any additional accessories…or if it looked way cooler in your head. And, you’ll know if you really do feel good about what you’re wearing.

But, if you’re feeling stuck, you can find ideas from this guide to rave clothing, and this festival outfit inspiration. And if that doesn’t whet your appetite, there’s always Pinterest.

With the overview of clothing-types and your preferred-style, you’re ready for the next step.

Putting it All Together

By this point, you know exactly the type of clothes you prefer, as well as what they physically look like.

Now’s the super fun part: Putting it all together.

There are two routes you can take, when looking to buy a rave costume:

  • Snag a pre-packaged outfit
  • Create a DIY rave costume

Keep your budget in-mind here. Many times, pre-packaged costumes are more expensive. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t run your wallet dry, with a DIY festival look either.

This post gives you both options: A pre-made one (if there’s one available), as well as how to recreate the look on your own.

Another thing to consider; with DIY outfits, you’re almost guaranteed to have a 100% unique look. After all, you chose all of the pieces, and fit them to your style–a combination nobody else possesses.

If you choose to go the DIY festival outfit route, always keep thrift stores in-mind. They’re a serious treasure trove for finding one-of-a-kind rave accessories that take your outfit from wow to WOWZA!!!

Below, you’ll find the “most important” piece listed with the costume name. You don’t need that exact piece. Instead, use it as a starting point to fit your style.

Now that I’ve talked your ear off, I know you’re ready for the question

What are the best rave costumes?

1. Alien Rave Costume – $15.95+

rave costumes


When it comes to festivals and raves, there are loads of different costumes you’ll encounter.

As you’d expect with “alien music”, are alien costumes. Naturally, it had to take the first slot.

How to Make an Alien Costume

Top: Black mesh top
Bottom: Metallic silver skirt
Extras: Dealy boppers

There are so many ways to make an alien costume, it’s kind of mind-blowing. Instead of going super intricate, we’re going super in-your-face.

The mesh top (XS – XXL, 6 other designs) quite literally has two silver alien heads, situated right over your nipples.

Since it’s a crop top, it’ll hit at-or-above your belly button. That means you’ll be showing some skin, unless you opt for high-waisted bottoms.

Slide on the metallic silver skirt (small – XXL, 9 other colors), for an ultra “classic” wet look, in a skater skirt cut. This style of skirt is flattering on many body types.

From there, just pop the dealy boppers on your head, and you’ve got yourself the base for an amazing alien costume.

Alien Costume Add-Ons

Glasses: 3-Lenses or Green, slanted lenses
Pasties: Glow-in-the-dark alien heads
Leg Covers: Lime green wraps or lime green fluffies
Face Paint: Glow-in-the-dark paint

The beauty in all of these alien accessories, is the fact that you don’t have to purchase a single one of them–you’ve already got the basics covered.

So, whatever you do choose, will only up the level-of-awesomeness. Or, it’ll enhance your level-of-comfort.

Even though the top should cover your nipples, there’s always a chance of a nip-slip. If you’re worried about that, adding in pasties is a breeze…and look sweet under a mesh shirt.

Since there wasn’t much focus on the legs, opting for leg wraps or fluffies really draws the eye to them.

Most people think of aliens having weirdly-shaped or a funky number of eyes. Choosing one of the pairs of glasses totally plays into that.

Alien Costume Alternatives

One-Piece Costume: Alien bodysuit
Long-Sleeve Costume: Alien Babe costume
Bodysuit: All-over-print one-piece

The beauty of these alternatives, is they’re not only pre-packaged, but they also pair well with any of the accessories.

But, they don’t need any add-ons, so you’re golden either way.

Buy an iHeartRaves Mesh Crop Top here.

2. Mermaid Rave Costume – $14.85+

rave costumes

Leg Avenue

Many of us grew up on the story of mermaids. That could be from Ariel’s out-of-ocean adventures, or an obsession with that Discovery Channel documentary.

Either way, mermaids are fascinating creatures we draw outfit inspiration from. Mermaids are a popular type of costume at any festival.

How to Make a Mermaid Costume

Top: Faux shell bra or Real shell bra
Bottom: Green scale shorts or Green scale skirt

Putting together a mermaid costume is shockingly easy. All you need are some bottoms and a shell top of sorts.

Both sets of bottoms allow you to truly customize your look. The shorts boast a size range of small – XL and 9 other color choices, while the skirt comes in small – 4X and 7 other colors.

Faux-bra-wise, you can choose from green, gold, and black, too. The real shell bra comes with adjustable straps, to fit to your body.

What makes a mermaid outfit unique is that you need only the most basics of the basics.

From there, you can keep your look as-is, or go all-out with a ton of accessories.

Mermaid Costume Add-Ons

Face jewelry: Face gems
Headpiece: Starfish headband
Earrings: Dangly scale earrings
Wig: Ariel-inspired red hair
Bag: Shell cross-body

If you’re going for a truly Disney-based mermaid costume, then you’ll definitely want to add in a red wig. But if that’s not your prerogative, skip the hair entirely.

Depending on the mermaid outfit you’re after, you can choose from a more classic look, with something like the starfish headband. Or, you can lean more into the rave look, with face gems.

Opting for a crossbody that matches your outfit, though, is almost always an amazing choice. With one, you don’t have to hold your phone, or worry about losing your wallet.

Ultimately, though, your mermaid rave costume is your look. Finding the perfect accessories is not a requirement.

Mermaid Costume Alternatives

Short Dress: Above-the-knee mermaid dress
Long Dress: Full-length mermaid dress
Two-Piece: Mermaid two-piece set
Pasties: Purple shell-shaped nip covers

Now, peeping this list of mermaid outfit alternatives, it’s easy to get sucked into purchasing one. Why? They’re simple.

If that’s what you’re drawn to, go for it–you want to do what’s easiest and best for you. After all, when you purchase a pre-packaged look, you know you’ve got everything covered–even if you forget an accessory.

So, if you’re feeling a buy-it-and-forget-it look, you have a number of choices.

Best part? You can add-in as many extras as you want.

But, if you’re feeling extra cheeky, consider swapping out a shell bra for some shell pasties. It’s an ultra-sexy twist on a classic rave costume.

Regardless of how you accessorize, you’re set-up for mermaid success.

Buy a Mermaid Shell Bra here.

3. Unicorn Rave Costume – $39.99

rave costumes


Unicorns are freakin’ awesome. They’ve not only been a part of mystical fairytales for centuries, but they’re the real-life national animal of Scotland.

So, it should come as no surprise their beauty and inspiration have made their way onto the rave and festival scenes.

How to Make a Unicorn Costume

Bodysuit: White, metallic one-piece
Extras: Unicorn horn headband

The cool thing about unicorn costumes is how straightforward they are to put together.

Since most unicorns are depicted as white, majestic creatures with hair that shines under-the-sun, matching a bodysuit is pretty simple.

iHeartRaves is by far one of the top rave clothing producers, which is why you know this bodysuit is high-quality.

Its high-cut nature accentuates the legs, adding to the elegance of your look.

Unicorn horns, though, aren’t described as a single color. So, you have total creative freedom over this aspect, with more-than-20 choices.

These two pieces alone scream “I’m a unicorn!” but, you can always up your game even more.

Unicorn Costume Add-Ons

Skirt: Rainbow tulle
Legs: Rainbow leg wraps or Rainbow fluffies
Shoes: Sparkle slip-ons

Since unicorns are mystical creatures, you basically have 100% creative liberties, for making your outfit how you see fit.

The unicorn outfit basics don’t really focus on the legs. So, if you’d like to draw attention to your long, lean limbs, consider adding in leg wraps or fluffies.

If you’re a huge fan of tutus, or prefer to keep it slightly more modest, opting for the rainbow tulle skirt is a must. Not only does it provide a pop of color, it also makes you want to move and dance.

Shoe-wise, you can go with anything you find comfortable. But, if you really want to go super unicorn-y, opt for a pair of sparkly shoes. After all, unicorns are the sparkliest of all mythical creatures.

Unicorn Costume Alternatives

Face Mask: Rubber unicorn head
Dress: Pre-packaged unicorn costume
Onesie: Rainbow onesie

Seriously–with unicorn costumes, the sky’s the limit.

Wanna go a little weird? Choose a unicorn mask, instead of wearing a horn headband. Ok, it’s a lotta weird, but it’s funny and definitely a conversation-starter.

Putting together an outfit can be time-consuming, or just not your thing. Either way, you can get a pre-assembled unicorn outfit, without purchasing individual pieces.

Or, if you’re looking to go pure comfort, you can always rock a unicorn onesie. It’s an especially fantastic choice when it’s chilly outside.

In the end, though, your festival costume will be unicorn-ique.

Buy a iHeartRaves Spectrum Bodysuit here.

4. LED Rave Costume – $101.95+

rave costumes

J. Valentine

When it comes to rave and festival outfits, there are a few things you expect to see, like neon, spandex, galaxy, tie dye, and of course, LEDs.

Now, not everything that lights up is strictly apparel, and instead is considered an add-on, like LED gloves.

Since we’re focusing on rave costumes, though, we’re diving into a whole look–not just accessories.

How to Make an LED Costume

Bodysuit: J. Valentine One-Piece
Extras: Light-up face mask

When it comes to anything LED, it’s pretty easy to put together a costume. If it lights up, you’re golden.

You could just purchase any piece of LED clothing. Or, you could go with the awesomeness that is the J. Valentine bodysuit.

But, bodysuits are really where it’s at. Not only are the insanely comfortable and easy to move around in, but they’re also figure-flattering.

In other words, stepping into a rave one-piece, is a one-way ticket to “I feel sexy!” town. Wearing an LED bodysuit, though, brings it to next-level-awesome.

J. Valentine’s a subsidiary of iHeartRaves, and produce top-notch, trendy rave wear each and every festival season.

Slide on the one-piece, slip the mask over your head, and you’re looking at one solid LED rave outfit.

LED Costume Add-Ons

Wings: Butterfly wings
Jacket: iHeartRaves LED Jacket
Flow toys: Light-up poi or LED hoop
Legs: Light up wraps
Footwear: Light-up adult shoes

It’s pretty clear that LED rave clothing is abundant.

That means, you can customize your look out the wazoo…or choose a single, stand-out piece as the focus of your outfit.

Any of these light up accessories can be paired with other festival costumes, for a unique twist. Or, you can wear alllllllll of the LEDs, to be quite literally the brightest star at the festival.

If you’re a flow artist, opting for an LED rave costume is an amazing way to enhance your show. By flowing with LED flow toys, you’re adding to the magic of the experience.

I will say, if you’re considering the iHeartRaves jacket, just do it. I personally own that bad boy, and LOVE it. It’s a compliment-magnet, warm, comfortable, and you’re easy to spot from far away.

Keep it basic, or go all-out–just make sure you’re shining and smiling.

LED Costume Alternatives

Unfortunately, light-up clothing hasn’t bled into the mainstream quite yet.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t rock a different look. Choose one of the stand-out pieces from above, and find a shiny or holographic bodysuit as a base. This disco one-piece is a great option.

However you choose to accessorize, you’re sure to hear the compliments come a’rollin’ in.

Buy a J. Valentine Light-Up Bodysuit here.

5. Galaxy Rave Outfit – $19.99+

rave costumes


I really don’t care who you are, or whether or not you actually like to attend raves and festivals; galaxy’s downright cool.

That being said, it is a staple in festival apparel patterns. So if you’re gonna go all-out, you might as well go all-freakin’-out.

How to Make a Galaxy Rave Outfit

Bodysuit: Galaxy print
Extras: Mask

The well-loved bodysuit is back at it again. Bodysuits are the basis of many rave outfits–and for good reason: Their comfort and accessorize-ability.

Because the galaxy pattern is so distinct, putting together a festival look is a cinch. You simply need a one- or two-piece set (alternatives provided below!), and an accessory of-choice.

Slip into the star-filled fabric, and you’ll be feelin’ freakin’ fineeee.

Galaxy Outfit Add-Ons

Hoodie: Galaxy-print
Bag: Hydration pack or Fanny pack
Animal hood: Galaxy husky
Hat: Galaxy flatbill
Wings: Butterfly wings

From this list alone, it’s clear how popular galaxy print clothing is. If you can think of it, it probably exists in that star-filled pattern.

When you’re choosing galaxy rave costume extras, it’s important to consider the venue. We discussed this in the intro above, but you need to dress for the environment.

Bring a warm hoodie if it’s supposed to be cold. Opt for the flatbill if it’s gonna be a sunny scorcher–and check out these other rave hats, for more options.

Animal hoods are a solid choice, regardless. They’re a classic piece of rave apparel, featuring a specific animal, like a husky, with a fun interior pattern, and thick straps that extend the length of your arms.

Whether it’s hot as the devil’s sauna, or cold as the abominable snowman’s ice chest, carrying a hydration pack is to your advantage. You will get thirsty.

Hydrating’s important no matter the situation. So, having easily-accessible water is one of the easiest ways to ensure you have a fantastic time.

On the flip side, if a friend’s got the hydration pack covered, choose the smaller version: A fanny pack. You always know where your valuables are.

Galaxy Outfit Alternatives

Pre-packaged costume: J. Valentine romper & tube top
Two-piece: Skater skirt & crop top
Bikini: Two-piece swimsuit

In this section, it’s even clearer how popular galaxy print apparel is.

If you’re not feeling the one-piece look, you have loads of options, ranging from a skimpy bikini, to an everyday two-piece look.

Add in any of the aforementioned galaxy accessories, and you’re gonna look out-of-this-world.

Buy a Galaxy Bodysuit here.

6. Warm Rave Outfit – $153.94+

rave costumes


One of the most common misconceptions surrounding the festival scene, is the fact that they’re only put on during the summer.

FALSE–just imagine that in Dwight’s voice. Festivals and raves occur year-round, both indoors and outdoors. Naturally, though, you’ll need different costumes, for the various changes in weather.

How to Make a Warm Rave Outfit

Top: LED Jacket
Bodysuit: Skeleton one-piece
Extras: Funky leggings

Most of the festival costumes featured on this list, focus on a particular look, like mermaid or sexy.

This outfit, however, focuses strictly on your comfort. After all, if you’re cold, you’re not having a good time.

Only you know how many layers you need, in order to stay warm. So, these basics are solely guidelines, to help consider what you’ll need.

I’ve attended shows when it’s super cold, solely wearing a bodysuit and a warm jacket. Other times, I’ve gone full-coverage–assess how you’re feeling day-of.

Or, choose an outfit that allows you to remove and add-on layers, as you need them.

Warm Rave Outfit Add-ons

Legs: Rainbow thigh highs or fluffies
Headwear: LED octopus hat or Animal hoodie
Footwear: Fuzzy boots

The sky’s pretty much the limit, when it comes to building a warm festival look. I mean, the only requirement is that it keeps you warm—like, duh!

With that in mind, you can easily choose the most stand-out pieces, ensuring your outfit’s still stylish as all get out…and functional, to boot.

Depending on the basics you chose from above, you can deck yourself out with other various pieces.

If you’re going the not-pants-route, consider fluffies or a pair of thigh highs.

Feel like following your momma’s age-old advice, by covering your head? Get some laughs along the way, with an Octopus face mask/hat combination.

No matter what, though, always remember to wear warm socks.

Warm Rave Outfit Alternatives

Sweatshirt: Trippy hoodie
Legs: Tights
Long-sleeve one-piece: Velvet bodysuit
Jumpsuit: Velvet jumpsuit
Onesie: Tie dye onesie

Peeping these warm look alternatives, it’s easy to see that you can rock just about anything.

Feeling an ultra-comfy outfit? Opt for the tie dye onesie. Head over here for loads more adult onesie choices.

Prefer to have an extra layer just-in-case? Having a sweatshirt on-hand ought to do it–give these other trippy hoodies a look, for more options.

Or, go the skin-tight route, by choosing a jumpsuit or long-sleeve bodysuit. You know you’ll be more covered and, thus, warmer with one of these two options.

Switch out the leggings for something different, such as funky-colored tights.

The only thing to remember when creating a warm festival outfit, is to make sure you’re, well, warm.

Buy an iHeartRaves LED Jacket here.

7. One-Piece Rave Outfit – $33.95+

rave costumes


Many of the festival outfits we’ve covered, have required multiple pieces, in order to complete a look.

If you don’t have a ton of scratch, or just prefer easy-peasy, then opting for a one-piece costume is your best bet.

How to Make a One-Piece Rave Costume

One-piece: Rainbow, velvet bodysuit

You may be wondering what particularly makes this bodysuit the bodysuit, for creating a one-piece look.

I’ll start off by saying it’s not the only one out there–there are tons of one-piece rave costume basics.

What makes this stand out, though, is that its eye-catching tie-dye print, and velvet material, push it into a league of its own.

Most festival one-pieces, only check one of the two boxes: Fun color or awesome material. In other words, it has two aesthetically-pleasing legs to stand on.

So, you technically don’t need any outfit add-ons. Instead, they’re purely extras, meant to build the look you’re going for.

One-Piece Costume Add-ons

Legs: Leg wraps or Fluffies
Wings: Butterfly wings
Headwear Floral crown or Captain’s hat
Skirt: Sheer maxi with slit or LED rainbow tutu
Gloves: Sequin gloves

What makes this particular festival costume so unique, is how much leeway you have in putting everything together.

Because you’re only working with a single piece of apparel, you can deck yourself out in pretty much any way you see fit.

Prefer to go extra crazy, with tons of textures? A tutu and fluffies should do it.

Want a more lightweight, ethereal look? You better snag some butterfly wings.

A huge hat person? The headwear possibilities are endless.

Heck, if you’re really wanting a minimalist feel, you can skip the accessories entirely.

Before making that decision, though, you might want to peep this guide to rave and festival accessories.

One-Piece Costume Alternatives

Ultra-sexy: Strappy, sparkly bodysuit
Sequins: Pineapple bodysuit
Full-length bodysuit: Metallic jumpsuit

I promised you some one-piece festival costume alternatives, and boy, these babies don’t disappoint.

Aside from the fact they all have phenomenal customer reviews, they also have those two qualities: A fun pattern or color, and a different type of fabric.

So, if you’re going rogue with this type of look, keep those two tidbits in-mind, and you’re guaranteed to find a rockin’ one-piece rave outfit.

Buy a Rainbow Velvet Bodysuit here.

8. Plus-Size Rave Outfit – $34.99+

rave costumes

Red Dot Boutique

One of the most frustrating things about guides to rave clothing, is the fact that they tend to focus on solely regular-sized clothing.

What’s more, is the sizing in these “regular-sized” pieces is skewed significantly, often sizing out a large portion of the population.

I have one thing to say: SCREW. THAT. Plus-size ravers deserve amazing costumes, too. Let’s not waste one more second. It’s time to ask…

How to Make a Plus-Size Rave Outfit

Top: Feather harness bra
Bottom: Feather mini skirt

Feathers freakin’ ROCK. They’re a total classic, and have stuck around for years.

So, why make an outfit only half-feathered? Go all-out, with a feathered harness bra and a mini skirt.

Rave costumes should always do a number of things: Make you feel confident, ensure long-term comfort, and allow you to partake in apparel freedom.

Since most of us have regular 9-5s, we can’t just wear some crazy rave-y type outfit every day. That’s why events like this are so fantastic–aside from the music: You can let out your true inner-self….and style of dress.

That being said, this plus-size festival costume is fantastic all by itself. But, you can really shine, by adding on some fest-cessories.

Plus-Size Rave Outfit Add-ons

Headwear: Crown or Cat ears
Legs: Fishnets or Leg wraps
Footwear: Combat boots or Platform Mary Janes
Bag: Sequin backpack or Rainbow crossbody

Because this rave outfit is so fantastic on its own, dressing it up is purely your choice.

So, you can choose a single piece from these extras, a bunch of different ones, or skip them entirely–it’s all about how you want to look.

If you’re constantly setting your phone or wallet down, it might be best to add a bag to your outfit.

Or, if you’re a huge shoe person, there’s no better time to invest in a new pair, than when you’re heading to a rave.

But, if you like to keep things simple, putting on a crown or headband is another way to stand out.

Of course, some people think that there is such a thing as too many feathers. If you fall into that boat, let’s dive into some other options.

Plus-Size Rave Outfit Alternatives

Top: Sparkly bra or Cold-shoulder ruffle
One-Piece: black bodysuit or Bodysuit/maxi dress combo
Bottoms: Velvet booty shorts or Suede fringe shorts or Printed leggings

In the end, there are quite a few ways to create a plus-size festival outfit.

If you’re looking to go the alternative route, things may not be labeled as “festival” or “rave”. So, you’ll have to do a little extra sleuthing to find what you want–but it definitely exists.

So, whether you’re looking to cherry pick pieces from this post, or go entirely rogue, you’re set-to-go with tons of potential options.

You ready to have the hottest plus-size costume at the event? Bet.

Still unsure? Give this guide to plus-size festival clothing a read.

Buy a Feather Mini Skirt here.

9. Ultra-Sexy Rave Costume – $16.95

rave costumes


“Ultra-sexy” has a fluid definition. So, not everyone sees insane amounts of sexiness, at the same threshold.

That being said, we’re focusing on the most traditional definition: The more skin you show, the sexier it is.

How to Make an Ultra-Sexy Rave Costume

Top: Mesh keyhole
Bottom: Scrunch-back booty shorts
Extras: Pasties

Whooooooooowie! I can feel that extra sexy heat from here.

If you’re looking to go all-out sexy, bearing the most skin is the easiest way to do it. Now, that doesn’t mean it has a “slutty” vibe–although you can make it that way–it merely shows off what your momma gave ya.

The booty shorts are extremely low-cut, and are cut in such a way, that your butt pops like crazy. They’re available with side-ties or not–there are a number of color choices in each cut.

Top-wise, you’re looking at arguably the sexiest of materials: Mesh. Because it’s so see-through, your nipples make an appearance without the addition of pasties.

But, if you’re feeling super bold, you could always skip those nip covers and let them hang out for the world. Most venues are cool with this, but double-check before you go–just in case.

With these three (or two!) pieces of festival clothing, you’re in for the sexiest-of-the-sexy.

Ultra-Sexy Costume Add-ons

Legs: Garters or Fishnets
Face: Heart-shaped glasses or Unicorn glitter
Headwear: Flower crown or Feather headband
Body: Belly chain or Temporary tattoos

When it comes to festival accessories for an insanely sexy outfit, the possibilities are endless. Most add-ons are meant to up the level-of-sexiness. So, the world really is your oyster.

Opt to play up certain parts of your body, like your tummy, with a belly chain. Or, show off those long, toned legs, with some garters.

Love your hair? Headbands, crowns, and feathers are a great way to add some vavavoom.

You could choose an accessory from every single category, and your outfit would still look put-together as heck.

Whether you go add-on-free, or deck yourself out to high-heaven, your costume’s guaranteed to look amazing.

Ultra-Sexy Costume Alternatives

Tops: Oversized mesh t-shirt or Fishnet bra
Bottoms: Strappy shorts or Denim lace-up shorts
One-Piece: Sexy leopard or Strappy bodysuit

Since sexiness is a frequent quality of festivals and raves, finding sexy outfit alternatives is easy-as-pie.

With so many see-through, strappy, and skin-bearing rave apparel options, it’s easy to build a 100% custom outfit.

So, opt for something pre-packaged, or figure out every piece individually. Either way, you’re bound to find the perfect sexy rave costume–and feel like a million bucks.

Can’t decide on the bottoms? Give this guide to rave shorts a look.

Buy a pair of Ultra Low Rise Booty Shorts here.

10. Cute Rave Costume – $14.99+

rave costumes


Just like the term “sexy”, the word “cute” often has a number of interpretations.

Some people define little kids and puppies as cute. Others gear it more towards the “girl-next-door” route.

In this piece, we’re leaning more towards the latter definition, with a sprinkle of boho adorableness.

How to Make a Cute Rave Costume

Top: Ruffle, off-shoulder crop top
Bottom: Overalls
Extras: Standout piece, like a floppy hat

Putting together a cute festival outfit is shockingly easy. If you’re opting for this type of look, there’s a good chance you already have a great selection of “cute clothes”.

So, you might be able to rustle up some pieces, without having to drop a dime. That being said, though, it’s always fun to invest in fresh festival pieces and try something new.

All you really need to build this outfit, is a boho-ish top, and a pair of fun and functional shorts.

The extra doesn’t have to be a floppy hat, but it’s a common one you’ll encounter with this type of outfit.

Best part? There are tons of ways to accessorize.

Cute Rave Costume Add-ons

Jewelry: Bone necklace or Wrap bracelet
Face: Round sunglasses or Tortoise-pattern sunglasses
Footwear: Leather sandals or Slip-ons
Cover-up: Open-front poncho or Pashmina

What’s cool about a cute festival outfit, is how much or how little you can dress it up. If you just go with the basics, it’ll look just as amazing, as when you choose to add onto it.

One of the easiest ways to up the level-of-cuteness, is to throw on a pair of sunglasses. There’s just something so endearing about the perfect pair.

Jewelry-wise, look for pieces that are very boho, with a lightweight, airy type of feel. Earrings and rings work just as phenomenally as the aforementioned bracelet and necklace.

In terms of shoes, there’s a good chance you already have the right pair in your closet. But, if you’d like to upgrade, opt for a strappy leather sandal, or go for something ultra-comfortable, like a slip-on.

Adding in a cover-up is by no means necessary. Instead, it provides a unique layer to your look, allowing you to change it up on-the-fly.

Cute Rave Costume Alternatives

Pre-packaged: Pineapple costume
Sets: Skater skirt & crop top or Shorts & long-sleeve crop top
Tops: Unicorn crop or Cropped hoodie or Short kaftan
Bottoms: Roll-up linen shorts or Tulle skirt

Owing to cute’s expansive definition, there are tons of costume alternatives.

Opt for a literal pre-packaged costume–available in tons of other fruit–for the easiest, cutest route.

Or, choose a matching two-piece set. It’s adorable, comfortable, and requires no brain power.

Switching out tops and bottoms is definitely another way to go, allowing you to find something that fits your body type to a T.

In the end, though, the sky’s pretty much the limit. Go forth, and be cute!

Not all festival tops are made equally. Head over here for more rave crop top options.

Buy a Boho Crop Top here.

11. Rave Romper – $49.99+

rave costumes

Naked Zebra

I’m already well aware that this capsule isn’t a costume, per se. Rather, it’s a specific look, that’s incredibly popular amongst festival-goers.

Rompers are the epitome of festival clothing. They’re comfortable, cute, available in a massive range of colors, cuts, and prices, and they make you feel like a rockstar.

How to Make a Rave Romper Outfit

One-Piece: Naked Zebra romper
Extras: Straw hat

Rave rompers range from ultra-sexy, to boho-cute. So, many accessories that match, also bode well for a cute rave outfit, too.

That’s why adding in a straw hat is so fantastic. Not only does it look cute as all-get-out, but it also protects your face from harmful UV rays.

This particular piece from Naked Zebra is amazing. I want to thank the team over at Michele Marie PR for hooking me up with a romper to review.

I’m already a massive fan of bright, eye-catching colors. This baby doesn’t disappoint, coming in an impressive 11 other color choices.

What makes it so standout, is you can dress-it-up to-the-nines, or you can keep it super simple. There’s beauty in options.

And, because it’s made with a lightweight material, it doesn’t stick to your skin, when you inevitably get sweaty from dancing.

It’s not just a rave romper, though. Instead, it’s a closet-staple, giving you options in a variety of situations and events.

So, you can add-in the aforementioned hat, or go with some other awesome accessories.

Rave Romper Add-ons

Jewelry: Tassel earrings or Velvet choker or Chunky ring
Footwear: Colorful sandals or Espedrilles
Bag: Round, fringe purse or Small crossbody

The festival accessory possibilities are practically endless.

There’s a good chance you already have some of these extras in your closet. So, you can save money by digging into your current stash. Or, snag some new festival gear to complete the look.

In any event, you can pick and choose from each section. Or, you can create an outfit with aa variety of accessories.

Ultimately, it comes down to how you want to style your festival romper, and the vibe you’d like to exude.

Rave Romper Alternatives

Costumes: Minnie mouse or One-eyed monster
Rompers: Bodycon or 3/4 Bell sleeve

Rave and festival rompers span a massive selection of styles. Some are ultra-sexy, while others are cute as a button.

If you’d prefer to go a more character costume route, there are plenty of designs to choose from, ranging from classic Disney, to out-of-the-box characters.

Alternatively, you can opt for a different type of rave romper. Go for something super skin-tight, or a little more boho–there’s something for every style.

Ultimately, with a rave romper, you’re purchasing a piece for shows that can double as an everyday must-have…or not.

Regardless of how you approach this festival look, you’re bound to find something you love.

Buy a Tatiana Elastic Romper here.

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