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15 Best Cardigan Clips: Sweater Style-Makers

As the oft-quoted saying goes, “everything old becomes new again.” Such is the case with kitschy and fun cardigan clips, which are back in vogue as a fashion staple in many women’s wardrobes.

It could be that you’ve ditched the boring suit jacket in lieu of a professional sweater, but you want to dress it up. Perhaps you’re one who loves a sweeping scarf around your neck but you want to find a way to keep it from dropping off your shoulders.

Whether you’re shopping for a cardigan clip because you’re trying to stay atop of the latest trends like the folks at Bust.com, or you simply swoon over the sweet vintage style like the writers at Chronically Vintage, these affordable trinkets can adeptly fasten your boho sweater as well as your mini wedding cape.

Check out our picks for the best cardigan clips that range from quirky to elegant and everything in between.

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