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19 Best White Sneakers for Men: The Ultimate List

White kicks are incredibly dope, super slick, and have a ton of swag. If you don’t have at least one pair of pearly white sneakers in your collection then you need an upgrade ASAP. Keep your shoe game on point with a pair of brand-spanking-new white sneakers from the ultimate list of best white sneakers for men based on all of our extensive research and even owning a few pairs.

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Know Before You Buy

When considering your new sneaks, style is the main focus, you want to slip your feet into something that represents your style but you also want to get a pair that will stand the test of time.  Durability is a close second to the overall look and feel, but why sacrifice one for the other? You can and should have it all.  Something to keep in mind is how those kicks are going to contribute to the rest of your outfit.  I recommend sticking with a low-top sneaker. They go well with jeans, khakis, sweatpants, and shorts and can even be worn with a dressier outfit if you make the right selection.

A Note on Material:  Sneakers with a rubber sole are going to last longer and be more comfortable to walk/run in.  You can rock them for a walk around town and no need to swap them out if you find yourself in the middle of a pickup basketball game.  You will also want to stick with rubber, or patent leather/leather for the body of the shoe. Again, this will keep those kicks in the game longer and you will also be able to protect them from the elements and unwanted scuffs with any number of sprays.  Spend the extra loot and get the protective spray, it makes a world of difference and won’t set you back very much.

Want to make sure those pristine kicks stay white? Spring for one of these top-rated choices for sneaker sprays, and protect your color over time. 

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