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24 Best High Top Shoes for Men

A truly great shoe collection requires time, patience, and a keen eye for the most stylish kicks. If you are looking for a pair of shoes to add to your collection, the high top is a must. This is our list of the best high-top shoes for men that you are going to absolutely love and want to wear year-round. Up your shoe game with this amazing list.

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Materials to Consider:

Anything goes when it comes to high-top shoes. Really, anything goes! Leather, rubber, suede, and any other material that shoes can be made from. The high-top shoe for you is more based on style and what they will do for your wardrobe. Go nuts and get creative with these kicks.

Pro Tips:

Natural, earthy tones are a great choice because they truly do go with everything. Black is a classic look that shouldn't be ignored and all-white is a look that might take a little extra care but will be worth it in the end. Pick a shoe that speaks to you and to your always-growing wardrobe.

What Nike Shoes are the Best High Tops?

Nike is an iconic brand when it comes to high tops. They were the first to really revolutionize the shoe game and their kicks have been worn by everyone from MJ to Kobe to LeBron.

These Nike high tops are so slick you can wear them with anything. Jeans, khakis, shorts. They flow from court to street seamlessly. Realistically what more could you ever want from a dope pair of kicks?

While these classic Air Force 1's are listed as "mid" they are clearly a high top. Even the Nike mid is higher than most other brands' high tops. These are classic black and hard to replicate because of how great they look.

These Air Jordan Legacy high tops by Nike are a new look on the retro shoe. The camo look is super fashionable and the mix of camo and black is the perfect combo to pair with anything you want. These are also not too shabby on the court as they will support your feet and allow you to pull off those moves you've been working on.

What are the Most Unique High Top Sneakers?

There are a ton of high tops that look alike out there. Brands mimic and copy other brands that have a popular shoe and some of the most popular shoes by each brand can start to look too similar.

The original Shaq high top is one that can never be replicated. These are so unique that they are recognizable even to a shoe novice. The dunking Shaq logo is one that can never be repeated.

Fila is a shoe brand that goes way back. They were the more affordable option to the Nike and Reeboks of the world. These Filas are absolutely swaggy. The rasta/reggae color scheme is incredibly cool and you can rest assured that you won't run into a ton of people with this specific shoe. 

The Supra Vaider cold weather high-top sneaker is a seriously cool twist on the winter shoe. They kind of look like boots but don't be fooled, these are all sneakers. You can rock these in the summer with some shorts or in the winter when it's snowy and wet outside and they will hold their own against the elements.