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14 Best Designer Hoodies for Men

The days are getting shorter and the nights are longer and colder. It is official, hoodie season is upon us! This is the time of year to throw on your favorite and coolest hoodie and roll out. This is the best place to look for the perfect men’s designer hoodies, we have done all of the work so you don’t have to, just sit back, relax, and shop.

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Materials to Consider

When it comes to luxury fashion or designer clothing there aren't any rules with regards to fabrics and materials. That being said, you should follow your heart with this pick. If you truly hate corduroy but you see a hoodie that has a cool design or is aesthetically pleasing but is made from corduroy, don't suffer because you have a cool looking hoodie, get a different hoodie. While style is super important you also need to be comfortable. Because they are hooded sweatshirts you are going to find a lot of cotton and polyester blends which is great. It means that they are machine washable and are low maintenance so you can look good without worrying about the maintenance of the hoodie. Be comfy, look good and you will ultimately feel good.

Pro Tips

Hoodies will work with everything. From khakis to slacks to jeans and shorts the hoodie is meant to go with anything you can think of wearing. Colors and matching and complimenting are super important. Try not to go dark on the top and super bright and white on the bottom. It can be done and should be in some cases, but if you're wearing a black hoodie it will look better with blue jeans or something dark than it will with white linen pants. Another thing to keep in mind, the hoodie doesn't always have to be the top layer. Sometimes the best hoodie look is underneath a jacket that doesn't have a hood. Leave the jacket open and rock the hoodie with your dope jacket. 

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