21 Best Sling Bags for Men: The Ultimate List

Men’s bags are on the rise in the fashion world and they should be. They are super functional, they are stylish and they make men’s lives a little bit easier. You can even build an outfit around them. These are the best sling bags for men to help you consolidate your life.

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Pro Tips:

These bags are a great accessory and should be worn to lift your outfit to another level if they aren't worn for practical reasons such as needing the extra space. Get a bag that will go with your outfits and that will pair well with what you already own. These bags are great for days at the office or a week camping in the mountains. You can wear them while snowboarding and hitting the lifts or you can wear them to business meetings where the senior VP will be in attendance. Whatever the event, there is a bag that ill fit the occasion.

The Best Vintage Looking Sling Bags:

Some of the sexiest sling bags are the ones that look like they are decades old. The distressed leather look is very popular right now and that doesn't just go for jackets and gloves, that goes for sling bags as well. This Polare sling bag is right out of an Indiana Jones movie. The bag looks like it has been taken on a ton of adventures but it hasn't. You will be responsible for filling that bag full of memories. If you want something a little different than this Retro sling bag is perfect for you. It has a great look to it and the color will brighten up any outfit you're trying to pull off. If you want something a little more traditional you should really look into getting something like this snakeskin looking sling bag from Monster Republic. It is dark so it'll go with your outfits casual or formal and the texture and depth that is added because the scales are out of this world. 

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