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21 Best Wellington Boots for Men: The Ultimate List

Every guy needs a trusted pair of boots that can take put up with the abuse that most guys put their feet through. If you are the kind of guy that is on his feet all day long then you really need to check out a pair from our ultimate list of the best wellington boots for men. We’ve done the research so all you need to do is find wellington boots in the size and color you want and add it to your shopping cart, then hit purchase.

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Hunter Boots:

While the Wellington Boot was originally created for men working in fields like construction, ranching, or working in the outdoors a lot of people that have recreational ties to the outdoors have adopted them as their go-to boot.

Hunters are one of the main reasons for some of the design changes recently in the Wellington Boot. Hunters trek through the woods and up mountains to find that perfect spot to post up and wait for their prey. These Wellingtons were made specifically for the hunters out there.

These boots from Rocky are made specifically with the hunter in mind. They are lightweight and will keep you dry and comfortable during those long walks to your tree stand.

Georgia Boot makes a lot of great-looking Wellington Boots, but these are great for the hunters out there. They have cushioned insoles so your feet won't hurt after walking around the woods all morning.

Wolverine makes a Wellington Boot that has a special sole to keep you walking what feels like air. Wolverine specially designed the soles of these boots for the guy that is on his feet for ten to twelve hours a day. Perfect boots for any guy that hunts or does a lot of fishing.

Wellington Dress Boots:

If you need a Wellington Boot that not only does the job on the job site, but also pairs well with dress pants or khakis there are a few options out there that should do the trick nicely.

These boots from Ariat are gorgeous and will go from work to play easily, just a quick change of pants and you are on your way.

These all-black Golden Fox Wellington Boots are a great pairing with dark or black jeans and can even be worn with black slacks. These boots will pass as dress boots when the cuff of the pant covers everything but the top arch and the toe.

This shiny black boot is a great-looking boot to wear to dressier events even if you've worn them all day at work. The black on these Thorogood Wellington's will pair with nearly anything. You can wear a darker khaki with these or dressy denim and you can get away with wearing certain slacks and know that you still look your best. 

Pro Tips:

While some of these boots will be easier to pair than others, you should still find clothes that go well with the color and style of these boots. Jeans are always a good choice for something that isn't formal. These boots are work boots but that doesn't mean they should only be worn on the job site. Wear them all over the place with dark khakis or jeans and a thermal shirt. You can rock a hoodie with these or a pea coat with the right function. Whatever you wear with them make sure you don't clash too much. There should be a blend of colors throughout your outfit so that you look as good as possible. 

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