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15 Best Men’s Motorcycle Jackets: The Ultimate List

The leather motorcycle jacket is a look that has always had a specific following. The right leather jacket can keep you looking super cool for years. You don’t need to ride a bike to sport these slick jackets. Check out the best leather motorcycle jackets to keep you looking ultra-cool while enjoying a ride on your bike.

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Pro Tips:

These jackets are a great item to wear with most outfits. The jacket and the shoe or boot should match in at least one color, while leather boots are going to look the best with the jacket, some sneakers can add a dope casual feel that works great. Always rock a leather belt when you can, the more colors and fabrics you can wear the better the flow will be with your outfit. Nothing will look out of place and everything will work in concert. 

If you are going to wear this jacket to a formal event, wear darker colors so that the shirt and tie don't wash out the jacket. This also has to do with flow and a common theme with the outfit. You can wear lighter pants with the darker shirt but again you are going to look your best in darker colors. Either match the color of the jacket or go darker. 

One more tip. If the jacket doesn't have a hood, then rock a hoodie underneath every chance you get. This look is becoming more and more popular because it is a casual look with a super high-quality jacket. You can mix up light and dark colors and patterns with this look. This will add color to your outfit if you want it in a unique way. The perfect match for this look is a great pair of black or brown boots, something light like a Chelsea boot or a Chukka. Jeans are always a fan favorite and a dark shirt, maybe a thermal or button-down. Either way, you are going to look good!

What are the Most Durable Motorcycle Jackets?

The most durable leather jackets are often jackets that are made with higher quality leather and are waxed. The waxing of a jacket is done to toughen the leather and protect it from moisture. Suede leather is the most susceptible to moisture and shouldn't be worn in the rain or snow because it will hold the water and be ruined. 

Motorcycle jackets that have been waxed will also last longer because the leather doesn't fade or tear as easily. The leather becomes stronger as a result of the wax. Also, when you are riding the bike the wax job will help with wind resistance.

The tougher the leather the more durable the jacket. Thicker leathers will last longer, they don't tear and they don't fade. They are made to protect the rider from falls and crashes on the bike. If you aren't getting the jacket for the way it protects you on the ride then you want the jacket to last because it is an investment and you want it to look badass as long as possible. 

Why are Vintage Leather Jackets So Popular?

Vintage jackets are so popular because they look hella cool. The distressed leather gives it a more worn look like it took years to break in, like the old school jackets. The vintage or retro look brings back the look of the bad boy like Marlon Brando and James Dean.

Off-color browns and grey also add to the vintage flair. The look of a faded grey and brown or even black is popular because of how well it goes with everything. Pairing with a vintage look is easy because old school and new school looks are easy to pull off. 

A faded grey jacket has the appearance of a black jacket that has been worn and beat on to a perfect grey fade. While the look may be disingenuous it is still a dope look. It takes years of wearing and tearing a beating up a jacket like that for it to fade, why not have the look now and buy a vintage look?