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13 Best Men’s Sheer Underwear

A lot has changed in the way of sheer underwear for men. They used to be a novelty item for guys that wanted to spice things up in the bedroom. Now you can find them in all sizes and colors to best fit your needs and they are more functional than ever. Take a look at the best in men’s sheer underwear and spice up your underwear game for good.

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Comfort is a big part of the underwear game so figuring out your sizing is the first move. Once you've found a pair that fit the way they should and don't give you any problems throughout the day then you need to consider style. You have got to love the way you look in these sleek, sheer, and sexy underwear. The confidence you have in the way you look is going to project itself onto anyone else that gets to see you in your undies. Don't shy away from bright, fun colors, and remember that black is super sexy. 

Can Men's Underwear Be Sexy?

Men's underwear hasn't always been viewed as sexy. Not the same way that women's underwear has. That is not the case anymore. Sheer underwear for men can be extremely sexy and can be a huge confidence boost for any guy that wears them

Black is a super sexy option for guys' underwear. The mix of black and sheer will lift your underwear game to a level you may not have reached before. 

Mixing black and sheer is a clutch move but utilizing bright colors can really impress the person that you end up showing your new undies off to. Changing things up from drab-colored underwear to vibrant colors can really surprise your partner in the best way. 

If you are used to a specific type of underwear whether it be boxer briefs or trunks or bikini style you should stick to what you know. Changing colors and switching to sheer for those intimate moments is a big enough move, you should remain comfortable in what you wear and wear what you know is the best way to ensure your own personal comfort. 

Can Sheer Underwear Be Worn as Men's Swimwear?

You can absolutely wear your sheer undies as swimwear given that you are wearing them in an appropriate setting. The public or neighborhood swimming pool isn't the right place to show off your sheer drawers, and neither is your favorite waterpark. A private beach or your pool at home is a great place to try out your sheer underwear in the water.

White boxer briefs are a good choice to wear in your pool or hot tub even though the wetter they get the more see-through they will be. Make sure you are swimming or soaking with someone that won't mind seeing your business. Sheer underwear in a hot tub is a great way to heat things up even more. 

Bikini briefs are a huge hit all over the world in men's fashion. They have the build of the traditional speedo and are super comfortable. The silky feel will help you glide through the water or keep you from getting terrible tan lines on the beach. 

If you just can't kick old habits and have to swim in actual trunks there are some options for you if you want to stick with sheer. There are longer and baggier options available that will mix the comfort and style you love with the extra spice you're looking for during your naughty swim time. These are going to give you comfort whether you're just going for a swim or horsing around with your swimming partner. 

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