19 Best Men’s Winter Jackets Available Now

Adding a clutch winter jacket to your wardrobe is going to make the colder months that much easier. There are some really great and crazy warm jackets out there that will keep you warm, dry, and looking good. Check out the best men’s winter jackets to help survive those cold winter months in style.

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What to Look For in a Men's Winter Jacket

When you’re shopping for a men’s winter jacket (or a winter coat for men -- we're using the terms interchangeably), there are a few things to consider.
* Is it waterproof or water-resistant? If you’re going to be doing some hiking in a drizzle, water-resistant should work. If you’re going to be boarding all day, you’re probably going to want something waterproof. It all depends on how much time you actually plan on spending outdoors.
* What kind of insulation do you want? Usually, you’re going to find synthetic insulation in a men’s winter jacket, but maybe you want to go with down or down/feather fill. This is a personal preference since synthetics can be just as warm as down. Also, the exterior of the jacket and lining will have an impact on how well they hold heat.
* What will you be doing in your jacket? If you’re doing a lot of moving in your jacket— maybe you’re skiing, maybe you’re chopping wood, maybe you’re doing yard work — you might want a lighter jacket that you can remove when it gets too warm. If you’re not going to be doing anything too strenuous, a heavier winter jacket should keep you comfy and looking good.

If you’re searching for something less outdoorsy, but a winter coat that you can wear when it’s, cold and time for a bit more dressy gear, consider a men's duffel coat. They're beautiful and they've got a cool pedigree. You can also check out men's pea coats for a polished look that can also be dressed down for casual affairs.

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