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13 Best Lululemon Dupes That Won’t Break the Bank

Lululemon is at the top of the chain when it comes to designer athletic wear. Unfortunately, it costs a pretty penny for something you’re going to be sweating or lounging around in. Shop this roundup with the best Lululemon dupes, saving you tons of money without sacrificing style or quality. They’re so close to the real deal you will barely be able to tell them apart.

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As a loyal Lululemon shopper, I was pretty surprised when I found out I could buy almost identical items of clothing for a fraction of the cost. The first pair of Lululemon dupe leggings I purchased I was super skeptical about, but I find myself reaching for them even more than the original. Once I realized how awesome they were, I bought several additional pairs in alternative colors and still haven't spent as much as I would have if I purchased just one pair of Lululemon leggings. 

Once I was sold on the pants I started shopping for other items of Lululemon dupe clothing and found that there are some really great duplicates when it comes to Lululemon tank top dupes as well as sports bras. 

Don't be afraid to skip the expensive price tag in lieu of these almost identical pieces. You'll be super impressed by the quality and likeness to the original. 

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