17 Best Plaid Shirts for Men: The Ultimate List

Every guy needs a few trusted and true plaid or checkered shirts in his closet. This look is extremely popular and will undoubtedly boost your style game to the next level. Update your wardrobe with our ultimate list that features the 17 best plaid shirts for men to wear year-round.

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If you are looking for a shirt that can go from work to play seamlessly then you should seriously consider a long-sleeve button-down with a smaller check pattern. If you are planning on tucking the shirt in then you need to match your belt(yes you have to wear a belt) with your pants and kicks. Boots are an easy pairing with a belt so that is going to be your easiest route to a great outfit. Rolling the sleeves of a long-sleeve shirt is a good choice and can be done with a formal outfit or a casual look.

What are the Best Plaid Shirts for Men?

Robert Graham makes some of the sexiest and easy to wear plaid shirts for men. They are lightweight, they are stylish and they pair well with a ton of looks. Casual with a pair of shorts and flip-flops? This shirt will work. Jeans and a tee underneath? This shirt will definitely work for any guy. 

Columbia makes a great shirt, extremely durable and definitely stylish. This plaid shirt features a unique pattern and bright colors to help bring out the color in a guy's eyes and the pairings he chooses to wear with the shirt. A great pair of white sneakers will look dope with this shirt. 

If you have ever owned an article of clothing from the Calvin Klein brand then you know how amazing the fit and finish is. This pink option from CK is a great color that most guys can pull off but have never had the chance to wear. Try it out and you'll see that pink can be worn by almost any guy!

How Do You Wear a Men's Dress Shirt?

The best way to wear a men's dress shirt is to tuck the shirt in, put on a belt that matches the shoes and slacks and roll up the sleeves if you want. If you don't have a blazer to wear over the shirt then the shirt is going to be the star of the outfit. Make sure to accent the shirt with the right solid colored tie, neck or bow.

This small box checkered plaid shirt is a great example of what a great dress shirt looks like. This will be an easy pairing with a white tie or tie that matches the blue in the shirt. Make sure you match and don't clash before walking into the office or else it will be an awkward day at work. 

This long-sleeve button-down from Dockers is a great option to wear to the office, or to a wedding or any other formal event. It is brightly colored but not too bright that it is hard to match. You can easily find a necktie to go with this shirt and since it is a Dockers shirt, khakis will be an easy out for you when it comes to your pants. 

Polo Ralph Lauren makes a great looking dress shirt. The black and white checkered pattern is an easy color scheme to pair up with black or grey slacks and shoes. If you need to wear a tie, then solid black will definitely work. Make sure you've got a black belt to go with the slacks and accent the shirt or else the whole outfit will fall apart. 

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