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21 Skater Dresses You’ll Absolutely Love

Skater dresses look stunning on everyone. Have narrow hips? The full circle skirts will give them a lift for that hourglass figure you crave. Got wide hips? The full skirt is comfy and accentuates your rockin’ figure. If you’re on the shorter side a petite summer dress is another great option to find skater style dresses.

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What makes a dress a skater?

According to dressmaking references, for a dress to be considered a skater, it has a fitted bodice and waist and a flowing, circular skirt. The skater style has a vintage look to it and is flattering on basically everyone.

It's called a skater after the dresses worn by figure skaters which were fitted but would swish out when they twirled for a dramatic effect. 

There is some cross-over with dresses like fit-and-flare, swing dresses, and A-line dresses as they all have a tighter body and wider skirt. 

Are there only casual skater dresses? 

Nope, you can find skaters in a wide range of super casual, dress up or down, and highly formal. In fact, you'll find a lot of cocktail and prom dresses use a skater style because it's so feminine and universally flattering.