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Men’s Fall Fashion 2020: 25 Style Essentials

When the summer starts dwindling down and the air begins to chill there are a few style essentials that guys are going to want to have in their closets. Fall weather can be rather unpredictable to begin with, so we put together a ton of great options to get you through all types of Fall weather.

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Fall or Autumn is one of those seasons that really stands out from the others as far as fashion goes. You see a lot more plaids and flannel patterns. Thicker fuller coats and jackets and sweatshirts. Boots go from dressy geared more towards work and playing in the woods. If you are a fisherman or hunter then the Fall is where you shine. The leaves change, the temperature drops and the days get a bit shorter but your wardrobe expands. This Fall is all about leather, checkered patterns, denim, hoodies, and while most fashion gurus will tell you that earth tones are the way to go. There is something different about this Fall though. Reds, Oranges, Blues, and Greens are going to be a big hit, and extending some of those colors you wore in Summer makes total sense.

What Defines Fall Fashion for Men?

Fall fashion for men can be tricky if you aren't typically an outdoorsy guy. For the outdoorsman, the clear choice is flannel, camo, bigger boots, thicker jackets and hoodies, and embracing the outdoor lifestyle. For those guys that don't spend their Fall in the woods hunting, camping and fishing, there are some choices you can make that will keep you looking fashionable and stylish this Fall. Denim, checkered patterns, reds, and oranges are always trusted and true. But don't be afraid to mix some of those styles with brighter, more vibrant colors. Blues and greens are a great way to mesh the Summer styles and Fall styles. 

Staying true to your typical and unique style while embracing some of these Fall fashion choices can make you look and feel like a Fall fashion all-star. Rocking a denim jacket with a darker pair of blue jeans is always a good look while the leaves are changing and the air is getting a bit crisper. This jacket from denim giant Levi's is a great lightweight jacket that is dripping in swag. 

If you want to stick to flannels and checkered patterns but like the idea of adding bright colors to that look than Legendary Whitetails has got your back. The classic flannel look is definitely a smooth move during the Fall and Winter seasons but you don't want to blend in you want to stand out. This flannel will definitely help you do that. 

A fresh pair of kicks is always a good move no matter the season. While most guys trade in their sneakers for bigger work boots during the Fall season, you can break away from the pack and get some comfy, casual sneakers with some serious color. New Balance has been in the shoe game for a long time and the one attribute that their shoes all share is comfort. Mix that comfort with some seriously cool colors and you have yourself a badass pair of kicks that will change the game this Fall. 

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