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11 Best Beard Creams: Compare & Save

Just because you can’t achieve ZZ Top levels of facial hair doesn’t mean they should give up on the hopes of a soft and well-groomed beard. No matter what size whiskers you rock, you can keep your facial hair and skin soft with a lavish beard cream. Need a recommendation on which product to try? If so, you are in luck, as we have put some top brands to the test to find the best beard creams. Read on to see a variety of the best scents and formulations.

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Beard Cream Vs Beard Wax

If you've already done some cursory research, you'll notice that beard balms and beard waxes are the most commonly recommended beard care products. However, most beardos don't have the volume or length to necessitate the holding power of these wax-based styling products.

Beard Cream Vs Beard Balm/Oil

Because balms and oils usually contain more waxy ingredients, they will last slightly longer and have a stronger hold. Beard cream only offers light shaping capabilities.

So those who don't need the holding power are better off using beard cream. Beard cream is ideal for stubble and scruff, as it can easily be spread across the face to nourish pores from ear to ear.

That's not to say that the effects of beard cream are lost on bushier bristles. A proper beard cream formula hydrates and conditions your beard as well as another popular product, beard oils.

The reason one would opt for a beard cream over a beard oil is that beard cream beard a matte finish, rather than that oily shine given by beard oil. By now, you should have a clear idea if a beard cream is right for you.

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