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21 Best Khakis for Men: The Ultimate List

Khakis are a great choice for a man that dresses formally and casually. You can wear khakis with almost anything and be sure that you have what it takes to put a great-looking outfit together. Here is the ultimate list of the best khakis for men based on style, function, fit, and performance. Enjoy.

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Materials to Consider:

Most khakis that you look at are going to be 100% cotton or a cotton blend. Cotton is airy and breathes while also moving with your body. A lot of today's khakis are going to have spandex or elastane in them which is great because the waist and legs will stretch and allow you more room to move. The stretch pants are becoming more and more popular with guys that have a hard time finding the right size pants or for guys that fluctuate their weight. Really, you can't go wrong with any of these materials, even wool khakis have their place and serve their purpose. Maybe you live in a colder climate and need a little extra insulation? Wool will provide that for you.

Pro Tips:

Khakis are great because they really do go with everything. You can dress them up with a dress shirt and tie, bow or regular, or you can dress casually in a tee shirt or thermal shirt and a hoodie over them. Also, khakis can be athletic and outdoorsy. Wear them on a hike or on a fishing/hunting trip. You can even play a game of volleyball on the beach in khakis and have the peace of mind knowing you can move around easily. Most khakis are going to be wrinkle-proof and that is a great thing. No extra ironing is needed with most of today's khakis. If you are going to wear them in a formal setting make sure that you fold them or iron them so that they have a crease going down the front of the legs. It will add to the formal look and show that you care about how you look.