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13 Best Mid-Rise Jeans to Buy Now (Updated!)

Denim is an All-American classic and the epitome of a wardrobe staple. With all kinds of cuts, silhouettes, and shades of blue used, there’s a style for everyone. But, if trendy high-waisted mom jeans and low-riders aren’t your thing, mid-rise jeans are worth a look.

Figure-flattering, fashionable, and totally fabulous, mid-rise jeans are a favorite for many. Our list of the best options available today features a wide variety of looks you’re sure to love: mid-rise skinny jeans, denim that slims, boot cuts and straight cuts, and more. With the right amount of comfortable and completely flattering stretch, you can skip the shapewear and stock your closet with the best mid-rise jeans of the season.

For all the latest styles to rock this year, read on.

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What Are Mid Rise Jeans?

Mid-rise pants are meant to fall right at your natural waist, just slightly under or around your belly button. Generally, you'll find the most comfortable fit when that rise is between 9-11 inches, measured from the center of your crotch to your waist.

How Do I Find the Best Mid Rise Jeans?

It's often hard to find the right jeans, especially with a cut and fit that stays in style, but we know, once you've found a fave, it's hard to give them up. We've searched and searched to find you plenty of perfect pairs, along with lots of other recommendations to check out too. You'll find everything from our favorite skinnies, to straight-leg, boot cut, and capri jeans.

Should I Buy Stretch Mid Rise Jeans?

You'll also note that every single pair on this list has at least a little bit of stretch thanks to some spandex, and quite a few are made to maximize your curves with built-in tummy tucking, fanny lifting, thigh slimming fabulousness. Now, who wouldn't love that? Plus we've picked all your favorite brands, so you'll feel uber-trendy too.

A big advantage to some stretch is that your jeans won't be a baggy mess by the end of the day because spandex helps them to keep their shape. It also means if you're like most women who go up and down a few pounds now and then, you won't have to buy new jeans every time that happens.

Are Mid Rise Jeans Fit for Workwear?

Jeans are hands-down our very favorite casual wear, but sometimes you'll want to dress them up, wearing them with fancy flats, heels and even this summer's best espadrilles.

Since jeans have also transitioned into workwear, especially for casual Fridays, just pair with a blazer or fun top,  and the right accessories and they'll definitely make the grade as office appropriate. 

How Can I Find the Right Jeans Style for My Needs?

In addition to all the different cuts of mid-rise jeans, we've added in boyfriend jeans, and a sweet pair of riding jeans that will have all eyes on you, whether you're on horseback, or just cocktailing with your favorite cowboy.

The great thing about these denim options is that you can grab a few pairs to fit your individual attire desires, and look great for every single occasion.

How Can I Amp Up My Jeans Style?

There's no doubt, you probably grew up thinking jeans were strictly for play, but as you know, they've transcended into mainstream garments for nearly every occasion.

If you're looking to amp up your denim style, check out this excellent article from The Zoe Report that gives you 31 ideas to refresh your thinking.

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