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25 Best Shapewear Pieces You’ll LOVE

Worried about lumps, bumps, and rolls? You’re not alone. Every woman worries about something. Well, if you’re looking for a way to look great and feel amazing, be sure to check out one of the many shapewear solutions available today. The best shapewear pieces come in a wide variety of styles so you can choose what best suits your particularly pesky body issues.

Want to tuck your tummy or lift your bust? There are camisoles, body shaping slips, and firming bodysuits that easily tackle the task. You can also get shaping options for your thighs, hips, and booty. These must-haves will make you look fabulous in all of your favorite clothes.

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What Should You Look for When Buying Shapewear?

When you're looking to invest real money in shapewear, it should have some key attributes. Look for hems that feature a Wonderful Edge, or silicone elastic, that prevents your undergarments from slipping, riding up or digging in. Nothing looks worse than a bunched up shaper, sliding up your pant legs or waistline. That doesn't even take into account the embarrassment factor, as you try to subtly tug them back into place.

What's Makes Good Butt Lifting Shapewear?

If you're looking to firm up your tush and slim your thighs, there is slimming shapewear designed to do exactly that. Plus there are all kinds of combination shapewear pieces that let you manage many problem areas at once. Believe me, shapewear has come a long way from your grandma's corsets, girdles, and longline bras.

Look for those pieces that have special bands to lift the butt, but don't compress it flat. You'll looking for a natural rounded shape, right?

Can I Buy Plus Size Shapewear?

If you're a large busted woman, shop for a shaping cami or bodysuit with a built-in underwire bra, that you can purchase specifically by bra and cup size. Thigh slimmers and tummy tuckers offer a wide range of "squeeze power". Look for the length, squish and fit that's most comfortable and effective.

There are lots of popular brands from Spanx to Maidenform and Miraclesuit that especially cater to women of size. If you are heavier on top than on the bottom, look for those pieces that allow you to wear your own bra. You'll find there are open bust slips as well as bodysuits that will allow for that.

What Does Shapewear Do to Your Body?

Since we all know shapewear squeezes your assets into a tighter package, you might be wondering if there are downsides to wearing it. It's important to buy the proper size, because trying to squeeze into too-tight pieces simply means there's going to be a bulge somewhere. Not good.

Even more concerning is that wearing shapewear that is far too tight can actually compress nerves and organs, risking some health concerns, according to the doctors at WebMD

If you're purchasing a shapewear piece for a special outfit, just take that with you when you go shopping to see if it really delivers the look you're after.

What Should You Know Before You Buy?

For the purposes of this post, you'll only find women's shapewear that meets those criteria. It's important to buy your pieces in your regular size. Trying to buy small, in hopes of additional sucking power, will only leave you seriously uncomfortable and, as previously mentioned, likely cause bulges in the strangest of places.

That would be a terrible waste of money when you can purchase beautiful slimming shapewear that is both comfortable and high-quality. And I can't stress the quality conversation too much. I've bought some cheapies and regretted it because they simply didn't perform well.

Wrapping It All Up

If you're among the legions of ladies looking for the very best shapewear to set off your collection of clothes, we think you'll find this list full of fun foundations that will add to your lingerie collection in a slimming, trimming, beautiful way. 

And don't forget that there are lots of clothing companies now making butt lifting jeans, tummy tucking dresses and pants, and other garments that will give you a smoother silhouette.

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