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23 Best Winter Jackets for Men: The Ultimate List

When temps drop below that freezing point it makes a lot of sense to have a great winter jacket to keep warm. From style to comfort there are certain things that every man needs in a clutch winter jacket. The gang at Heavy has done all of the research to help find the right coat/jacket for you so check out the best winter jackets for men in our ultimate list.


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When it comes to winter jacket shopping it is important to remember these few things. Fit is always more important than the finish. Warmth is not something that should be second-guessed. And style doesn't have to be sacrificed for the other two. What does all of this mean? It means that you can have it ALL.

If you are going to drop hundreds of dollars on a new jacket don't you want the peace of mind that it will last for a long time? Who wants to spend that kind of money every single year on a jacket that might not even last the full winter. Every single jacket on this list is made to be stylish, comfortable, warm, and meant to last as long as you need it to. In fact, the days of wearing a jacket with holes and faded colors are over. These affordable and cool options will make jacket shopping easier than it has ever been before. 

What are the Most Stylish Winter Jackets for Men?

Style is important with regards to the jacket people are going to see you in every day for four months. If you live in a cold-weather climate, you'll be wearing this jacket for nearly half of the year. That is a relationship that is day in and day out for 6+ months. Doesn't it make sense to get yourself something that you love looking at every day? Something that you don't need to pile layers under just to keep warm? Something that can go from work to play without needing a wardrobe change. Well, my friend, these jackets are going to do just the trick. The mix of durability and style are all the raves in the men's fashion world. 

Burton. Very few brands are as recognizable in two-syllables as this one. The creator of the Burton brand, Jake, made sure that the logo, what the brand stands for and the style would be second to none in the winter sports world. In fact, without even realizing it, the brand became more than a snowboarding brand. The brand is fashionable on every level. Getting yourself a Burton jacket or coat for winter wear is one of the smartest ideas you could possibly have. It is a great investment in a trusted brand.

Columbia. The brand is tested in the harshest environments on the planet. Even if you are trying to summit Everest in the winter, this brand has got your back, literally. Designed to be worn in the most extreme climates the Columbia brand stands behind every stitch, every swatch, and every cloth that goes through its doors. The brand won't even release a shoelace without having it tested rigorously. It is no wonder why so many people from everyday average Joes to adventurers gladly wear the brand. 

Carhartt. Another two-syllable brand name that people can see in their mind when they hear the name. The brand makes tough clothing for men that last longer than most other brands. Without being bulky or terribly heavy and while invoking a minimalist approach to design quality and fabrics, the Carhartt name is now synonymous with versatility.