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13 Best Big and Tall Jeans for Men

Bigger and taller guys have a lot of trouble finding clothing that not only fits but is also stylish. These men typically have to sacrifice style for fit or vice versa. Having a great-fitting and stylish pair of jeans that you love is huge for any guy’s wardrobe. We put together a list of the best big and tall jeans for men. These jeans are ideal for all heights and sizes based on our extensive research and reviews.

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Why Big and Tall Jeans?

The Big and Tall jeans sizing came into play because too many guys that are 6'1" and bigger had trouble finding jeans that fit and looked good. They typically had to go to a tailor and have jeans specially made for them which are expensive and time-consuming. Or they had to go to specialty stores that sold one pair of jeans that weren't flattering in size, color, and shape. So the big names in denim started making pants exclusively for bigger and taller guys and it has changed the whole landscape for these bigger guys.

The Levi's brand has been a trusted name in denim since the California gold rush of the 1800s. In fact, they were the first mass-produced pair of jeans on the planet so they have a track record you can definitely trust. They make a big and tall pair of jeans that are flattering, fit perfectly no matter the size guy, and have some great colors to choose from. The Levi's brand has got you covered and you will love the way you look in their jeans.

If it is the longevity that you trust and admire then the next name in denim on the list that has been dressing guys for over a century is the Wrangler brand. Just like Levi's brand Wrangler had been doing it for a long time and they recognized that bigger guys were having a lot of trouble finding adequate jeans that actually looked and felt good when they wore them. So they fixed that issue by putting out an amazing Big and Tall line. 

The third biggest name in denim right now, a brand that has also been around for a long time is the LEE denim brand. Just like Levi's and Wrangler this brand has adjusted with the times to include a great line of jeans that reach all of the bigger and taller sizes. Even with most big and tall guys being one or the other, big OR tall the sizing gets even trickier. Bigger waists with shorter legs and vice versa make the big and tall line hard to figure out. But the LEE brand did it and included a bunch of great color choices so there is a pair of jeans for every kind of guy out there.