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17 Best Black Cargo Pants for Men

Cargo pants were first introduced to the British Armed Forces in 1938. Since their inception, the cargo pant has gone from military use to mainstream fashion. The combination of comfort, utility, and versatility is hugely popular in men’s fashion. This list has the best in black cargo pants for men based on style, comfort, and durability to make shopping so much easier. We have done the research so you can sit back and relax and enjoy your new cargo pants.

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As stated above the military is to thank for these amazingly useful and utilitarian pants. The cargo pant allows the wearer to both be comfortable and hold an excess amount of gear on them at all times. They are the ideal pant selection for hard-working men. Every occupation from EMT to nurse to welder to farmer to construction worker can benefit from wearing these pants on the job site. There are cargo scrubs there are cargo golf pants there are even really dope cargo sweatpants and joggers out there. The design has come a long way from the original baggy cargo pant designed for the British Military. The baggy look is still in when it comes to cargo pants but there are far more options now than there were in the 30s. No matter if you are playing a round of golf, working 12 hours at a hospital, or plowing the fields on your farm, there is an appropriate cargo pant for everyone. And with the increasing numbers of big and tall sizes, there is a pair of cargos for every sized man on the planet. 

What are the Best Black Baggy Cargo Pants?

Let's talk about baggy options for your new pants. Staying true to the original design, baggy cargo pants allow the wearer to move around a little easier, and traditionally the pockets are bigger and deeper. When it comes to comfort there are a lot of guys that prefer the baggier options out there. The good news is that they don't have to search for hours online for the right pair of cargo pants. We at Heavy have already done all the hard work and heavy lifting, pun intended, so you can sit back and relax and pick from our easy list. If you are looking for a baggier pair of cargo pants, you aren't alone. Here are the best black baggy cargo pants that are included in our list.

The 5.11 Tactical Cargo Pant in black is one of the more popular brands available on Amazon so we had to include them in the list. They check all of the important boxes for all sizes of guys out there. They have massive pockets. They are incredibly comfortable and durable and easy to maintain. These pants can be worn with big work boots or slick black and white sneakers. Either way, they are going to serve you well. Try a bunch of different shoes and shirts with these pants so you can see what works best for you. Pay attention to the sizes so you get the appropriate size and don't have to exchange them after the fact. I always recommend going a size bigger in the waist and a length that will cover the tops of your shoes even when you are sitting down. It will prove to be a much cleaner look and the bigger waist will allow you to wear a belt and really tie the entire outfit together nicely. 

A pair of cargo pants that snuck onto the list based on the uniqueness of the design are these amazing Nike sweatpants. While they aren't solid black they do have a black and white pattern that is too cool to ignore. Because they are built like a baggier pair of sweat they are built for comfort. You can wear these to bed, wear them to the gym and wear them to a pool party in the summer. They are durable and versatile and made to be your go-to pants any and every day of the week. You can rock them with a long sleeve or tee shirt as well as boots or sneakers. Think of these as a casual item that is meant to look relaxed. I wouldn't recommend wearing them to a wedding or to the office but who knows how loose the casual Friday requirements are at your job. You will wear these pants more than you don't.

While these Union Bay cargo pants aren't terribly baggy they are relaxed and I think that means they meet the requirement. They are available in a bunch of sizes and colors but the black pants just look clean to me. They are surprisingly lightweight and airy and will definitely do the trick. These are the perfect pants to wear to work or to play and have deep pockets capable of holding all of your gear. You could even stash a tablet in these pockets and they still won't weigh you down. I have a pair similar to these and I wear a big pair of black boots with them and love the way they look and feel. Check the sizes so you can rest assured that they have a size that works for you. You want to remain comfortable but not sacrifice style, which you won't with these great pants. 

What are the Best Black Cargo Joggers for Men?

The jogger revolution is in full effect and if you have ever worn a pair of jogging pants, you know why. Comfort is king these days and brands decided that they were going to go all-in with a pair of cargo sweats that were designed to be worn out in the world. While there are millions of guys and girls that wear joggers to bed exclusively, you can still walk down the street and see any number of joggers. The popular style has massive staying power and seems to be constantly trending upwards. Investing in a pair of black cargo joggers is a smart move and the pants will serve you well for years and years. 

The pair of cargo joggers that really stands out on this list is this sick pair of Puma cargos. Joggers are easy to add to your collection because you can pretty much wear them all the time. These cargo pants are soft and light and can be worn 4 seasons out of the year. They are light enough to wear in bed in the summer without a fan or AC on. They are heavy enough to rock while shoveling the driveway after a snowstorm and stay warm enough to finish the job without freezing. You really have the best of both worlds when it comes to these pants. They are available in different colors other than black so if you are looking for multiple pairs or are buying for a guy on your shopping list, you have options. 

Southpole is a name that is usually associated with comfort. The brand makes everything from giant hoodies to baggy jeans to these amazing fleece joggers. The joggers look really good in black and are designed to be worn to bed and to play. Rock your best pair of clean white sneakers with these pants and you will love the style and clash of colors that work really well. You can even stash these in your gym bag and make them your designated workout pants, however, I would want to wear them all the time because of how comfy and cozy they appear to be. 

Estriver has cargo pants that can actually transform into shorts. The cuff is elastic so it can slide up your calf making capri pants or even shorts. That makes playing a game of basketball or going for a long hike far more bearable. They come in many different sizes so even if you are taller than 6'2" and weigh more than 250lbs you will have a great pair of cargo pants to rock to any occasion. You can even wear these cargos to the office with a light polo and some dressy sneakers. I wouldn't recommend wearing these to a black-tie affair but anything more casual and you should be fine.

What are the Best Cargo Work Pants?

Cargo pants were originally designed to be work pants. They were made to survive doing one of the hardest jobs on the planet, being in the military. The present-day extension of those original designs is actually quite amazing. They are tougher and more durable and still have all the great qualities that the first pair had. There are a ton of gigs that are referred to in this post and within each review, you can find occupations that work well with a great pair of cargo pants. There are cargo pants that are designed specifically for one job like cargo scrubs are designed almost exclusively for healthcare workers. There are also fireproof cargo pants that are made for welders and firefighters. Work pants are everywhere and the options could potentially make your head spin. Narrowing down to cargo pants will make life so much easier. And we made that choice even easier by picking out the best cargo work pants so you can focus more on the job at hand. 

FIGS is a brand that focuses on clothing for healthcare professionals and they are really good at what they do. Durability is a big deal when it comes to working in a hospital so a tough but soft pant is required. You should be able to reach into the deep pockets and pull out everything from note pads to cell phones to tablets without issue. Black cargo work pants are easy to pair because you can wear a multi-colored or solid top and will still look equally amazing. White or black kicks are a no-brainer and you will probably want to stick to non-slip kicks that are OSHA compliant. Buy yourself a few pairs of these scrubs and you will be a lifetime fan.

If you have ever witnessed a construction site doing what they do you have most likely seen a Caterpillar machine. Caterpillar is one of the largest manufacturers of construction equipment so it only makes sense that they would branch out to make clothing to be worn on those job sites. Firefighters, EMTs, farmers, and welders alike all love these flame-resistant pants. The pockets will hold keys, glasses, gloves, and a phone while the knees have a place to slide in knee pads. These pants are nearly indestructible but don't feel rough or rigid on your skin. Quite the opposite actually. Investing in a pair of these pants is an investment in your future and yourself. Keep yourself safe and comfortable by adding a few pairs of Caterpillar cargo pants to your wardrobe.

Tactical pants are worn by police officers, firefighters, and military personnel of all shapes and sizes. Carhartt is one of the most well-known workwear companies on the planet. So Carhartt designing black tactical cargo pants is a jackpot. Made with stretchy fabric so you can move around without restriction is insanely smart. That same fabric won't rip or tear over time so your hard-earned money will last longer and go further. Leave it to a popular brand like Carhartt to really nail the cargo work pant. Pair these pants with your best pair of steel-toed boots and hit the road running.