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18 Best Chunky Boots You’ll LOVE

Much like block heel booties, chunky boots are totally trending, and we’re loving it. Arguably one of the biggest looks of the season, this 90s-throwback was all over the runways of fashion week and we’re now seeing it pop-up in the latest releases and in everyday fashion.

If you’re in need of a new pair of killer chunky boots to rock all year long, read on. We’ve looked through hundreds of styles to bring you the best and most fashionable options on the market today. Featuring the coolest brands, all-time classic styles, updated favorites, and, of course, the latest in all things chunky black boots, our list has something for everyone.

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Why Buy Chunky Boots?

Chunky boots are one of the trendiest shoes on the market today. A true fashion statement, these boots with oversized lug soles are hard to miss and definitely have the wow-worthy factor.

An instant outfit elevator - literally! some of these boots are really tall! - you can rock this look in a variety of outfits and ensembles. And, while some of the bolder and more combat looks might not be for everyone, a number of the boots on our list embrace the chunky vibe without overdoing it. 

Definitely a look to rock in 2020 and, from what we're hearing and reading, into next year, too.

90s Throwbacks Are Totally Trending

If there's anything certain about 2020 it's this: the 90s are back and they are better than ever.

Between chunky boots, high-waisted mom jeans, bucket hats, cargo pants, fanny packs, denim jackets, and dozens of other styles and accessories, the hottest fashion statements from twenty-five years ago are all the rage once again.

Chunky boots in particular are having a big fashion moment, especially right now. Favored for their oversized soles, lace-up and pull-on detailing, and slight alternative vibe, chunky boots have been everywhere from the runways of fashion week to everyday street style. And, you know what else? They're not just a punk or grunge style staple anymore.

Designers at all levels and of all kinds are embracing the look and have made it a fashion must-have for everyone. Not only that but the iconic brand Dr. Martens - a personal favorite of ours - has found new life with younger generations, as supermodels and celebrities have been photographed wearing their laced-up classics throughout the year.

Fashion is cyclical, and we're happy to see this popular 90s throwback, back in fashion.

Grungy Chic And Totally Cool

Grungy chic? Can that even be a thing? Oh, yes. Yes, it can be. We said the 90s are back and better than ever, so toss aside those images of what grunge used to be and make room for the 2020 interpretation.

While the grunge styles of today definitely harken back to the original looks first established in the 80s and 90s, designers are embracing key fashion elements and breathing new life into them.

Chunky boots, plaid patterns, oversized denim jackets, crop tops, and so many other styles, are all incredibly popular today and are making statements in other aesthetics, too.

In fact, within the grunge style itself, there are a number of sub-categories. Without even realizing it, you've probably rocked a look that's technically grungy: ripped jeans with plaid shirts and block heel booties, floral dresses with denim jackets and a choker, and chunky boots with black jeans and a band t-shirt with a shirt tied around the waist - all grungy, all fashionable.

So, join the cool kids and "go grunge."

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