Cubcoats Kids Hoodies are Up to 52% Off Today Only

Cubcoats Kids Hoodies are Up to 52% Off Today Only

Never heard of Cubcoats before? The brand is picking up steam primarily thanks to their awesome line of transforming hoodies. These hoodies aren’t just wearable, they can be taken off and transformed into a cuddly stuffed animal too. That way even when your little one puts their PJs on, they can still enjoy their Cubcoat as they drift off to sleep.

Cubcoats cover a wide gambit of popular brands, ensuring that no matter what your child is really into these days there’s sure to be a Cubcoat they’ll love. These brands include options from Disney, Marvel, Paw Patrol, Trolls, Star Wars, and more. And thanks to today’s Cubcoats Amazon deal, you can nab one today for up to 52% off.

Are Cubcoats Worth It?

They really are. The hoodies are designed to be durable and easy to care for. Cubcoats promises their hoodies will last for over a thousand washes. Sizes range from 2T all the way through to size 10, so they’re great for all ages. And their non-allergenic 60% polyester/40% cotton blend makes them extraordinarily comfortable while still be super simple to machine wash and dry.

On top of all that, the brand is a winner of the National Parenting Product Award. This solidifies that thousands of parents just like you have given these Cubcoat hoodies a try and have come away thoroughly impressed.

How Do Cubcoats Work?

Cubcoats describes it simply with the below image: “Love, Unzip, Flip, Play!” That’s really it. Your children will run around the house or outside with their Cubcoat stuffed animal in tow as they would any other plushie. But when it begins to get chilly, they can simply unzip the toy, flip it inside out, and then throw it on in hoodie form. To them, it’s like magic. To you, it’s super practical.

Cubcoat Hoodie Instructions

What Cubcoats Brands are on Sale?

As we mentioned in the introduction, you’ll find options from a bunch of your kid’s favorite brands. On the Disney front, there are fantastic looking Cubcoats for Mickey, Minnie, Elsa, Anna, and Stitch.

Marvel characters are well represented too. Cubcoats has an awesome looking Black Panther Cubcoat that’s nearly 30% off. The Spider-Man Cubcoat is currently 50% off. And the company has a great Captain America Cubcoat available too.

If your child is into Paw Patrol, there is a trio of options on sale covering those pups too. Cubcoats has Chase, Marshall, and Skye hoodies all at various discounts today.

Star Wars, of course, has a couple of cool Cubcoats too. Covering both sides of The Force, you can order one today in Darth Vader or Chewbacca form.

Some other standout Cubcoats include Poppy the Troll and Hello Kitty. There’s a wide range of younger focused hoodies in various animals, such as puppies, tigers, kitties, foxes, unicorns, and more. But if you’d like to just view them, you can see every Cubcoats deal on their dedicated page.

Cubcoats Deal - Black Panther, Skye, Darth Vader, Elsa, Mickey

Cubcoats Facemasks for Kids

It’s not just Cubcoats hoodies that are on sale today, their adorable line of facemasks are too. There’s a great selection of options on sale. Some are your standard masks that are designed to be cute, breathable, comfortable, and washable for reuse. But there are also Cubcoats facemasks that are reversible, meaning they can be flipped inside out to portray an entirely different design.

However, the coolest facemask idea coming from Cubcoats is their transformable wristband masks. Available in dinosaur, shark, unicorn, and animal three-pack, these masks can be folded down and worn on your child’s wrist. This is ingenious because both your kid won’t lose them, and they’ll enjoy toting them around.

Cubcoats Transformable Wristband Masks

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