15 Best Dad Sneakers: The Ultimate List

The dad sneaker has been a staple in men’s fashion for years but has only been recognized as its own category recently. Dad sneakers are durable, comfortable, and tend to be a bit wider than your typical shoe. From the legendary white and blue New Balance look to something a bit more contemporary, the dad sneaker is super popular. Here are the best dad sneakers based on our research.

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A Brief History on the Dad Sneaker:

In the 80s and 90s, the dad shoe was a minimalistic shoe that was bulky and "uncool". Dads wore them because they were trusty and faithful and could mow a lawn, clean a pool and rearrange the garage in one afternoon. While the sneaker didn't really receive a makeover until over a decade into the 21st century the heat on the dad sneaker today in 2021 is real. Kids and dads are reclaiming the ugly, boxy look and giving it a stylish reboot. The O.G. dad sneaker is the white and blue New Balance, which does make an appearance in this list, but looks a little different than your dad's dad sneakers. It wasn't really until 2017 that the dad shoe got a makeover that would take the fashion world by storm. 

Featured at multiple fashion weeks around the globe the dad sneaker came into focus and really won crowds over to the point that they were buying them in droves. It is no mystery where Kanye West's "Yeezy Runner" kicks got their inspiration. Maybe it was becoming a new father or his love of the 80s and 90s styles that inspired Kanye to design these thick-soled shout-outs to the "dad look". Louis Vuitton's "Archlight" sneakers also have a familiar look to them with the wide soles that dads around the world have fallen in love with. Dads alone aren't wearing these kicks, kids and adults of all ages have adopted them as the new "it" look of the past few years. 

What Dad Sneakers Have the Most Iconic Look?

In the 30 plus years that the dad sneaker has been popular or at least ironically popular, there has been one look that has defined the movement. This look is incredibly recognizable as the "dad look" and is one of the most consistent looks in any dad closet. White and blue for some reason became the face of the dad sneaker movement and it is because of the original dad sneaker that we automatically think of these kicks when we think of dad sneakers. So it makes total sense that we had to start this awesome ultimate list off with the most legendary sneaker since the black, red, and white Jordan 1's.

The blue and white New Balance cross trainers are on the Mount Rushmore of dad sneakers. Most of the dads out there that have owned or still own these kicks have most likely stained them green from lawn mowing and playing in the yard. Just because they don't look like when your dad took them out of the box doesn't mean they are any less comfortable or durable as the day he got them. The shoe boasts a thick, soft sole and padded insoles to make sure that they are as comfortable years down the road as they were on day one. Be careful though dads, although these are the quintessential dad sneakers, more younger guys are wearing them than ever before. 

The Skechers brand got in on the fun when they designed their very own white and blue cross-trainer. However, the Skechers brand did something that not a lot of other shoemakers were toying with at the time. They added memory foam to their insoles to make them more comfortable. They also added no-slip soles to their shoes so dads in every occupation could wear them and do so safely. From restaurant workers to postal employees to construction workers and everyone in between, the Skechers brand really investigated what it takes to make a comfortable and durable shoe that guys want to wear all the time. 

The Grand Court sneaker from Adidas is a great look and while it isn't your prototypical dad sneaker it is the dad sneaker for the new generation of dads out there. Even though the style is a bit retro it is still relevant today. You can rock these kicks with a dressy outfit, shirt, and tie, or with a casual look, jeans, and a hoodie. No matter the look, if you are a dad and wearing these sneakers, you are wearing dad sneakers, and you look amazing!

What Dad Sneakers Have a More Modern Look?

Steering a little further away from the blue and white New Balance kicks you will find some dad sneakers that have been updated to fit with today's fashion. With the landscape of fashion constantly changing it can be hard to put your finger on a specific style for too long before things change again. The dad sneaker is one of those fashions that is always evolving. Thinner soles, more comfortable insoles make these shoes a cushy option that used to only come in blue and white. Check out the most modern dad sneakers below.

The Puma brand is really good at staying ahead of trends which makes them continuously relevant. The Puma sneakers on this list are super slick. They have great lines and are not your grandfather's dad sneakers. These are the kind of kicks you will see on the catwalks of fashion weeks from NYC to Milan. On top of getting a complete facelift, they are also the most comfortable Puma shoes to date with reinforced soles and insoles they can be worn to work out in or just doing chores around the house. Regardless of your reason for getting a new pair of kicks, these Pumas will definitely do what you need them to do and for years to come. 

If you or someone you know is a new dad or a dad in his 20s or 30s then you or he is going to want something that reflects personal style while also being comfortable like a dad sneaker is supposed to be. These Nike basketball sneakers are insanely cool. They look like classic Jordans but have a more neutral look to them. They are bold, they are beautiful and they definitely fall into the dad sneakers category nicely. Any dad would be lucky to open a pair of these and break them in playing with his kids. 

Converse has been in the public eye since basketball superstars started wearing them in the 70s and 80s. The All-Star is the ingenious invention of Chuck Taylor who happened to be a semi-professional basketball coach and was intricate in putting these shoes in front of the masses. Now you can find All-Stars in all different colors and sizes. You can really personalize your shoe choice with the All-Star. This list features the black and white leather All-Star sneakers that are ideal for dads everywhere. Your dad is going to love rocking these shoes whenever possible.

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