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21 Harrington Jackets for Men: The Ultimate List

When it is too warm for a thicker winter coat but too chilly to go without a jacket, you need something to fill the gap. You’re going to love the different looks you can wear with these lightweight jackets. Here are the best-looking and fitting Harrington jackets for men. We have done all the hard work, and now all you have to do is pick your size and color from our ultimate list.

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Materials to Consider:

Anything goes when it comes to a nice jacket. Leather, faux leather, canvas, cotton, polyester, whatever makes you more comfortable in the long run is the fabric I would choose. If it gets a bit colder where you are, then get a jacket with a little extra insulation like down or fleece. If you are going to wear this as a rain jacket or a jacket that you use when it isn't great outside then get something a little tougher, something waterproof to keep this jacket looking great longer. 

Pro Tips:

A Harrington jacket with a traditional collar or no collar at all will look amazing with a hooded sweatshirt underneath. If it has a high collar or button collar that's cool too, you won't be able to rock a hoodie under it but that's okay, you're getting the jacket for the jacket not for what you can wear under it. Another tip, these jackets are durable and should be worn as such. Take this jacket with you to go camping or hunting or fishing or anything that has to do with being outside all the time. The thicker the jacket the colder it can be outside when you wear it. You should take this jacket with you everywhere, it is thin enough to put in a backpack or the back of your car. If it starts to rain or the temperature drops a bit you want to have this jacket waiting and ready to be worn so you can continue doing what you do!

What are the Best Lightweight Jackets for Men?

Harrington jackets are light enough to be worn in the warmer months and protective enough to keep you warm and dry in the winter and fall months. If it gets too cold you can always layer with a hoodie for extra warmth.

Getting a jacket that is wind and waterproof will definitely help you fight the elements. There is no reason why you shouldn't be both comfortable and fashionable at the same time. These jackets will help with that. 

There are Harrington jackets that are extra insulated if you want to go that route. They have all the style of your classic jacket but with a quilted interior to keep you extra warm on those colder days. 

What's the Perfect Harrington Jacket for You?

If you're looking for something a bit different then check out this Lyle & Scott option. The exterior features a wide plaid pattern that gives this jacket more depth and a unique look. Pair this with your favorite khakis and some boots and you've got a great outfit. 

This Member's Only Harrington jacket features a clasp collar similar to a motorcycle jacket. It's a cool addition to the classic look of the Harrington. Mix that with a ton of color options and you've got a great choice for your next Harrington.

This jacket takes that iconic look to the next level. This jacket is made with pure goat's suede and is a higher level of Harrington. The exterior is so soft while being incredibly stylish. This would make a great addition to your closet.