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21 Best Hooded Flannels for Men: The Ultimate List

Rocking a new flannel should be comfy and stylish and reflect the season/time of year in which you are wearing it. During the chilly winter months, a sick flannel hoodie will check all of the boxes and have you looking and feeling cooler than the weather. This list is full of great stylish ideas that are bound to turn some heads. Below is our ultimate list of the best-hooded flannels for men based on our extensive research. Each will keep you warm while looking super cool all autumn and winter long.

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Regardless of why you are buying your new flannel hoodie, you are going to want to look stylish. Maybe you are investing in new gear because you have to stay warm at work but also want to look cool. Or perhaps you have a hot date or event you want to go to and want to stand out rather than be just another face in the crowd. Like I said, regardless of the reason, we have selected options that will get the job done and then some. 

Choosing which one is right for you might be the most difficult part because all of these options are insanely cool. From double closure options to quilted and fleece lined options to shearling and sherpa gear, there really is something for every size and every kind of guy. So go wild. Fill that shopping cart up and buy the gear that makes you smile. The gear that makes you wait by the door for that delivery truck to pull up because you cannot wait any longer to slide on your new hoodie and show the world how dope you look. 

Which Flannel Hoodies are the Best for Snowboarding?

Ideally, you want something warm for cold days and breathable for the end of the season runs that have you in a t-shirt and jeans. There is a great mix, but if you are going to choose based on your boarding criteria then there is one name that stands out above the rest. Burton. The grandfather of all snowboarding gear, not because the brand is old and uncool, on the contrary, this is the brand that started it all and seems to always be one step ahead of the competition.

Next up is a brand that you should know by name by now. Legendary Whitetails is not just a hunting and fishing brand. The quilted lining with fleece fabrics is perfect for shredding down the mountain even when the wind is tossing the lifts from side to side. Get in the zone with a great-looking and feeling flannel hoodie and be the envy of your crew while hitting those boxes and grinding towards glory.

Finally, for snowboarding, you want something with bright colors and a unique style because as important as the right board is, the right clothing is a close second. I highly recommend a hoodie with a ton of options. Check this hoodie out and beware that you are definitely going to want to add more than one to your shopping cart. 

What Flannel Hoodies are Ideal for Workwear?

Some companies have a dress code that is pretty specific and those companies will typically hand out gear so that you can comply. For the companies and businesses that are a little looser with their attire, you can really show off your own personal style and let them know that just because you are punching the clock for an 8+ hour day doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your desire to look insanely good.

If the company you work for recommends Dickies as workwear then there is a flannel hoodie selection that will comply with what they want you to wear while also appeasing your sense of style. The flannel hoodie that Dickies makes comes in some seriously rad color schemes and designs and will turn a lot of heads at the job site without breaking any of the rules the bosses have laid out. 

Wolverine is another brand that is on the list of work-appropriate gear. Most warehouses and construction sites will recommend getting yourself a pair of Wolverine boots because they are durable as hell and will keep your feet protected. Why not double down and get some more Wolverine gear like this flannel hoodie and show the bosses that you can rock what they want you to rock while also staying safe and warm?

While wearing a great pair of Wrangler jeans you will definitely fit within the dress code at any job site, but why stop there? Wrangler also makes a badass hoodie that is warm enough for super cold temperatures while also being light enough that it won't make you sweat your tail off while putting in those long hours. Looking good and being safe can go hand in hand if you choose the right brands and the right gear.