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21 Best Jorts for Men: The Ultimate List

Jean shorts, denim shorts, or jorts have been popular summer wardrobe choices for men for decades. While the history of jorts can differ depending on the source, the outcome is still the same. Jean shorts are one of the most worn items of clothing in the world. From Daisy Duke to John Cena, there is a rich history of jorts in entertainment. This ultimate list contains the best jorts for men based on price, style, and comfort so you can find which pair(s) fits your needs.


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From humble beginnings to runways and featured in movies, television and music videos, the jean short or jort has risen in popularity pretty quickly. Sure, we all remember Daisy Duke rocking those cutoff jean shorts, and any kid of the 90s and early 2000s remembers "Stone Cold" Steve Austin stunning his way to the top of the WWE while wearing jean shorts. Formerly an easy way to transform jean pants from old and grungy to a whole new look, the denim shorts gave folks the ability to design their own clothing. When denim manufacturers like Levi's and Wrangler saw how popular the cutoff jeans were they hopped on the train and started mass producing their own spin on jorts. From the JNCO craze of the 90s to John Cena bringing the baggy look back the jean short is without a doubt one of the most popular men's clothing ideas of the past hundred years. 

While you probably shouldn't wear these shorts to your BFF's wedding you can definitely wear the right pair to beach parties and first dates. Showing your date that you are stylish, casual, and comfortable is a great first step in the right direction. Jorts make a nice foundation for a summer outfit especially when temps start to reach the 80s and 90s. I, myself am a guy that wears jeans most of the year, but having an equally casual and stylish summer alternative is imperative in men's fashion. Chances are you already have the shirts and shoes to pair with your new jean shorts, you just have to open your closet and look.

What are the Best Slim-Fitting Jorts?

Slim-fit jean shorts see a sudden rise in popularity during the punk rock movement. Sleeveless tees, tank tops, and jean shorts are a popular look at punk concerts and festivals and while the exact date can't be traced, the approximate era these shorts became famous is pretty obvious. The Jort has evolved quite a bit since the 1970s and has become its own movement. From uber baggy jean shorts to the aforementioned slim-fitting shorts the choices are endless. Check out the best picks for slimmer-fitting jorts below.

Gingtto brand denim makes a really cool jean short that is tight but not so tight you can't move. The stretchy elastic and cotton denim material make these a favorite among younger guys in their teens and early 20s. Whereas guys in their 30s and 40s prefer something a little roomier, the younger crew of dudes wears their jorts like this. There really isn't an incorrect way to rock your new jean shorts so go with whatever is most comfortable to you.

The Buffalo David Bitton shorts on this list are slim-fitting but have a ton of room to move around. They are made with stretchy materials along with cotton to produce a pair of jorts that is not just comfortable, but stylish and durable too. These are a must-have for fashion-forward guys that want something a little different to wear this summer. Pairing these jorts with the rest of your outfit is a fun adventure that will produce a ton of cool new looks for you. 

Maybe you are the kind of dude that buys designer labels and has a higher budget than the average hard-working Joe. G-Star makes a pair of jorts in their Raw collection that is cool and chic while also being a sensible choice for warmer months. No matter where you live they are a great investment but warmer climates will definitely get more bang for their buck with the added months of wear time.

What are the Best Denim Shorts for Work?

Being a man that works with his hands all day can be tough on not just the body, but on a wardrobe as well. You are going to need clothing that isn't just comfortable, but you need something you can trust to be durable and will last you years. The last thing you want to worry about before heading out the door in the morning is what to wear. You deserve a trusty pair of jorts that have a relaxed fit with a carpenter build. The good news is we have found some awesome selections. The great news is, they are budget-friendly and come in multiple colors and sizes so you can really add to your work wardrobe affordably. 

Wrangler is one of the most popular denim brands in the world. For years they have been producing comfortable and tough pants for the working man. Their carpenter fit pants are so brilliantly designed, the style is one of the most purchased pants for construction workers, painters, and farmers/ranchers. These jorts feature rip-stop tech that will keep them in your rotation longer, meaning you won't have to upgrade your denim shorts every single year. These jorts are one hell of a smart investment.

Because there are so many gentlemen that require bigger and taller clothing we have to include a big and tall carpenter jort that will fill the gap between the chill of winter and the heat of summer. Lee is a well-known denim brand that hit a home run with their carpenter denim shorts. You won't run out of options with these very stylish jean shorts, in fact, you will look for reasons to wear them. Available in big and tall sizes and multiple colors to fit the need of bigger guys.

Picked especially for the guys that work on the water or like to spend their summers fishing and boating, these Nautica jean shorts are a stylish pick. Durable and versatile enough to take on your hardest workdays, these jorts are made for the guy that also plays hard. Why shouldn't you have a pair of jeans that will last you years and makes you smile every time you put them on? Don't ever compromise. Let the Heavy crew help you pick out easy to pair, stylish, and budget-friendly clothing that you can keep in rotation for years.