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21 Best Overalls for Men: The Ultimate List

The overalls movement is in full effect and men couldn’t be happier about it. From hitting the catwalks of fashion weeks to gracing the pages of your favorite fashion mags, men’s overalls are here to stay. If you are in the market for a pair or two of the best overalls for men, please use our ultimate list of the best options based on price, style, and comfort.

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Men's overalls, twenty years ago, were viewed more as workwear than overly fashionable. As we have seen with other fashion items from the 90s, overalls are making a strong comeback as they are one of the most searched items in the men's fashion game recently. They have been so popular that major designers are hopping on the bandwagon as you can see in this article from Vogue that hit newsstands in August of 2018. Celebs and musicians alike have donned the newly popular item in movies, on red carpets, and in music videos, and the interest from the general public has continued to grow. That is one of the big reasons that we at Heavy have compiled this helpful list so that you can find the best overalls for both work and fashion without having to do all the research. Make sure you stock up on different styles and colors so that you can remain stylish for the foreseeable future. 

What are the Best Men's Denim Overalls?

Traditionally the overall has been produced mostly in denim. The durable and breathable fabric was a mainstay in the gold mining camps of San Fransisco in the 1840s when the Levi Strauss Company first put together the classic look. Having multiple pockets and a tough fabric was a must-have for gold miners while working 18 hour days panning and picking for the high-priced material. Nowadays, everyone from painters to contractors to welders and farmers wears overalls, but they have also made their way into the casual world just as much as the working man's world. So, if you are having trouble deciding on what fabric is the go-to for your new pair of overalls, start with denim because the denim overall has a classic look and feel and is crazy easy to maintain and wear to work or to play. 

The Dickies brand is a well-known brand that can go from work to play without issue. Depending on the undershirt and kicks of choice you can really dress these overalls up and if you are wearing them to a party then waking up early for work you can ditch a clean pair of sneakers for your favorite work boots and punch the clock without worry. Dickies makes overalls in a number of different fabrics but the majority of their overalls are made with classic denim. Some of the better looks for their overalls are black or blue denim and those are fairly easy to pair with the rest of the outfit. Another great attribute of the denim overall is that you don't have to worry about matching pants and shirt and tie, you can just throw on a tee and the overalls and hit the road. Less is more with overalls.

Berne is a brand that focuses more on fashion than function, but don't sleep on this brand as a workwear brand. You can get a really flashy pair of overalls from Berne and dress them up with a stylish tee and a dope pair of sneakers. I recommend, if you are going to dress for fashion instead of a 12-hour workday, that you rock these overalls with one strap unbuttoned or clasped. The look is relaxed and is extremely popular with celebs and fashion models alike. You can see the one-strap look at fashion shows and in music videos worn by dancers and musicians alike. Find a look that works for you and is comfortable and you will go back to that well over and over again without issue. 

Bigger and Taller guys need fashionable options just like regular size guys. Athletes and entertainers can find that fashionable look in sturdy and cool denim overall from the Boulder Creek brand. These overalls come in 10 different colors and feature sizes for guys both taller and shorter than 6'2". The light and breathable denim that these particular overalls are made with is perfect for both warmer and colder temperatures and can be worn year-round in any geographical location. If you are buying for a guy on your shopping list then you have come to the right spot as these overalls make for an amazing gift for dads, brothers, uncles, and sons. I recommend investing in a couple of different colors so you can wear different looks and mix and match with your favorite boots and/or sneakers.

What are the Best Men's Short Overalls?

The short overalls are a huge hit among men because they are comfortable and can be worn even in really hot temperatures. If you are looking for something to wear to a pool party or to the beach that you can also wear to a club or bar later in the evening then the short overalls are a clutch move. Make sure, if you are going to go with a pair of short overalls that you don't go too short as you won't be able to move around as easily. I recommend buying a pair or two that rest just above the knee and pairing them with a pair of medium to high top shoes so the distance between the bottom of the overalls and the top of the shoe appears to be smaller. Regardless of the sneakers or boots you choose, you should get a pair of overalls that is looser fitting to allow for them to shrink a bit in the wash and still fit perfectly. Luckily, there are a bunch of great choices, sizes, and colors in this list that will check every box you have for your new pair of overalls. 

These denim bib overalls are so cool and so unique that you are going to want to add every color to your shopping cart and hit the "buy now" button. They come in both dark and rich colors and light and vibrant colors so you have a great look to wear to parties and events during the day and fun nights out or first dates later at night. Each color is easy to pair with shoes and a tee-shirt but I recommend keeping it simple with a white tee and white sneakers so there is a clear flow to your outfit. Keep an eye on the sizing charts to make sure you get the right fit for your build and body. That way you can wear these for years and years because honestly, the overalls resurgence has massive staying power and doesn't appear to be fading away anytime soon. 

If you are going to choose to rock the short overalls look, why not rock the American flag too? This look is fun, it is light and it will definitely get you some serious compliments at parties and hanging out with friends. There are a couple of different looks available with these overalls so you may want to choose to get yourself more than one pair and make it your new official look. These overalls a slightly baggier than some of the others you will see out there but I promise that you are going to dig the way they look and feel. They are perfect for pool parties and bar-b-ques and beach days. You won't need to change into shorts halfway through the day when the sun is high in the sky and the temperature jumps. These are going to be your favorite summer outfit and you are going to look for different casual occasions to wear them to. 

Gtalife has combined the popular look of the bib overall with the cool and comfortable feel of the short overalls that seem to be flying off the shelves. Now with a bib overall, especially these, there is a looser fit up top that is great for wearing both, or one strap so you can make your outfit even more casual. As you can see from the featured image that the model is wearing, a clean, crisp white tee is a great choice to rock underneath your new overalls. If you are going to wear white up top, then you should be wearing white on your feet as well. White sneakers, high or low tops, and white socks will tie this entire look together nicely. There are multiple color choices available and you are going to want to get them all, and I won't try and talk you out of it because let's face it, the more choices you have, the more confident you are going to feel walking around in your new style. 

What are the Most Durable Work Overalls for Men?

Let's talk a bit about what overalls were originally created for. Work. We have discussed the miners of 1840s California and the thousands of hours they put in trying to pull gold from the mountains and rivers. They needed clothing that would last as long as it took to grab that gold and return to town to cash it in. Overalls were first designed so that they would be easy to put on and take off. They featured tons of pockets for hammers and picks and other tools that would make their job easier and more efficient. The main reason overalls became popular almost 200 years ago is that they were and are extremely durable and versatile. You could get a lot of miles out of a single pair of overalls so men were immediately attracted to them. Fast forward to the present day, men love overalls for all of the same reasons. They do last a bit longer than they used to because denim has evolved over the years and has become even more durable. From farmers to welders to artists and even the miners of today will wear a pair of overalls every day until they fall apart. Check out below the most durable work overalls for men.

The Carhartt name is synonymous with durability. Carhartt has made a name for itself by being trusted and true in the working man's world. Carhartt can withstand any beating that a 12 hour day can produce. You don't have to worry about seams busting or tearing when moving around a lot. Carhartt is one of the most popular workwear brands on the planet and for good reason. You are going to love sliding into these overalls every day and you will most likely invest in more than one pair because of how sturdy they truly are. Check them out in multiple colors and perfect sizes for every kind of guy.

Bulwark did a lot to make their overalls as indestructible as possible. These overalls are so tough that flames and fire cannot ruin or wreck them. Whether you fight fires or weld metal all day long, these overalls are going to serve you well. So well, that you will trust them to protect you no matter how long you have to work to collect that check. From clocking in, to clocking out you will have the peace of mind that you can focus on the task at hand and not have to worry about catching on fire or having the clothing you are wearing underneath become ruined. These overalls make for a great gift idea for all kinds of guys out there. Especially the hardest working fellas on the planet. 

The Portwest Bolton Painters overalls are specifically designed for guys that paint for a living. When wet paint hardens on clothing it can really ruin the fabric. Not with these overalls, they can withstand nearly anything. The paint will wash right out in a hot wash and be ready for the next day's work. I know what you are thinking, they are white so they must stain easily. Not the case. These are built to be incredibly durable and versatile and serve their purpose without issue. You do not have to be a painter to reap the rewards from wearing these overalls. Make sure you pay attention to the size chart so you get the right fit for your needs. Once you invest in these overalls you will absolutely fall in love with them.