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19 Best Men’s Summer Vests: The Ultimate List

Whether you are looking for a dressy vest or a vest that can handle any of your pursuits and adventures. These summer vests will keep you looking and feeling cool while pairing with your existing wardrobe. To keep your shopping simple we have sorted them for you. Up your style game a few points with one or more of these amazing men’s summer vests.

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When getting ready to head outdoors for an excursion it is important to wear something that will assist in the adventure. A vest with a ton of pockets is a great tool to keep all the gear you need close by. Pairing the vest is a big part of making the outfit work with what you are doing. The most obvious pairing would be cargo pants because the flow of utility will actually make for a great outfit. If you are trying to dress business casual you can definitely pair some summer vests with a nice shirt and some jeans. There are even vests that can be part of a formal look. The right shirt and tie go a long way in making this look work. Shoes are just as important as the pants. If you are going camping, fishing, or climbing/hiking then the clear choice is a pair of comfortable sneakers or hiking boots. Comfort is just as important as utility, durability, and style. 

What Should You Look for in a Men's Vest?

When purchasing a vest for the outdoors and summertime lightweight is super important. The lighter the better. This will make moving around a lot easier and will take the summer heat out of the equation. 

If the vest you are interested in doesn't have adequate storage then move on. Don't make sacrifices because the right vest is out there, keep looking and you will find exactly what you are looking for and need. The perfect vest with tons of style, and pockets are out there and you will find it. 

If the style is important to you then get yourself a vest with vibrant colors or a great design. Make sure it is something that works with your other favorites. If you have a favorite pair of jeans that you wear more than you don't make sure the vest you're pairing those jeans with is a good fit. You can definitely find a vest that fits your own style. You have a specific look and the perfect fit is out there. 

What Makes a Vest an Outdoor Vest?

The differences between a regular vest and an outdoor, summertime vest are pretty easy to see. The typical vest that you wear to the office or a wedding is lighter, looser, and typically pairs with a tie and dress shirt easily. 

An outdoor vest can be made with anything from nylon to a cotton blend that feels and looks like canvas. This is because the outdoor vest needs to be exponentially more durable and tougher than the workday vest. 

You will also find that an outdoor or summertime vest will have a ton of pockets and spots to keep things that you have to have on you at all times. There are vests that have special secret pockets for your wallet and important information like your passport. 

Finally, the outdoor vest that works as hard as you do climbing those mountains and reeling in those fish is super important. An outdoor vest will fight rain and wind and the sun and wick moisture to keep you dry and comfortable. There are vests out there that have UV protection and will also breathe so that you can focus on the adventure in front of you.