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15 Best Men’s Zero Drop Shoes

The zero-drop shoe has become increasingly popular over the past year. There are great-looking options for everyone from sneakers with memory foam soles to super slick dress shoes and even boots. These are the best men’s zero-drop shoes based on price, comfort, style, and dozens of hours of careful research to give you the best options.

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If you haven't figured it out by now, a zero drop shoe is a shoe that forms a straight line from heel to toe. These shoes have been compared to minimalist shoes and are highly regarded among the athletic community, especially with obstacle course runners like the uber athletes that participate in spartan races. The idea behind them is that they are meant to resemble running barefoot. These are a nice retreat from heavy boots and high heels and are sure to give your feet a break. Also, they come in some really cool styles and are available in sneakers, dress shoes, and even boots. 

What are the Best Zero Drop Sneakers?

The best-looking and best-fitting zero-drop sneakers are going to change the way you think about shoes. The fit is so comfortable and if you are a fan of the barefoot lifestyle then getting a solid pair of zero-drops is going to be the nest best thing. No matter what your passion is, golf, training, endurance racing or just working hard 5 days a week, there is a zero drop sneaker that will fit into your life nicely. 

If you are a hard-working guy that needs a shoe that will keep you on your feet and has a little extra protection then the Caterpillar zero-drop will definitely make your life a lot easier. No more back pain, no more knee soreness, and fitted with a steel toe, these shoes are boss! They are completely waterproof and actually quite durable. They pass OSHA standards and are a great compromise if you aren't a fan of wearing work boots 8-10 hours a day. They come in a number of sizes that are perfect for any guy. If you need a quality work sneaker to last you years and years then you have come to the right place. These shoes are a great move for the minimalist that works his tail off. 

Are you a golfer, avid, or novice? While they make golf spikes with actual cleats on the bottom to help grip the course, maybe you are looking for something that you can wear while you are playing and to the clubhouse or out for drinks after you shoot your 72 or better. The TRUE Linkswear zero-drop golf sneakers are extremely cool and are perfect for playing 18-36 holes by day and going out dancing at night. They come in a bunch of great colors that pair well with both jeans and khakis and you can even get away with wearing them to the office. They are one of the most lightweight shoes on the planet and after walking the course all day, your feet will fall in love with them.

New Balance is a name you can trust in the sneaker game. The brand has made everything from running shoes to basketball kicks and everything in between. The brand prides itself on making a quality, a long-lasting shoe that is light, airy, and durable. The New Balance zero-drop is not only good-looking but a sneaker that you can wear year-round. They feature a comfy insole and a design that is perfect for running, racing, or just chilling around the house. Whether you are a marathoner or just need a new pair of sneakers to wear for your everyday life, you are going to love the way the New Balance sneakers look and feel. 

What are the Best Zero-Drop Dress Shoes?

When it comes to minimalist dress shoes you may think that is an oxymoron but it isn't. There is a minimalist approach to every shoe out there, trust me, I have done the research. From boots to oxfords to wingtips there is a dressy zero-drop for every kind of guy out there. Check out the best of the best in zero-drop shoes for work in the office or on the job site. Your knees and back and feet will thank me later. 

Dr. Marten is one of the most popular boot and dress shoe brands on the planet and it is no secret why. The brand is super durable, they are comfortable and they will last you years and years. These amazing Docs are waterproof and can be cleaned to near perfection with a wet cloth. The waffle sole will keep you on your feet no matter if you are walking on ice or snow or just cruising around the office. For a work boot, these Docs are surprisingly lightweight and supportive. They lace all the way up to the ankle for a tight fit in all of the best ways possible.

A good quality oxford dress shoe will last you your entire life. They go from work to casual affairs seamlessly and are really sharp to look at. While some oxfords can be too tight or not fit right these oxfords from Clarks are comfy, light, airy, and will look nearly brand new the entire time you own them. You can buy them in the featured brown or in four other great colors. I have a few pairs of oxfords so I can be ready for any occasion and mix and match with my existing wardrobe and I recommend that you invest in more than one pair so you have more than one option.

Looking for something completely different? These amazing oxford wingtips from Cole Haan are unlike any other dress sneaker out there right now. They are incredibly lightweight, they are tough as nails and they are available in some really cool and unique styles. You can get them in fabric or textile and they look great with khakis, slacks, and jeans. Dress them up with a shirt and tie or dress them down with a tee and jeans. As far as zero-drop dress shoes go, these are the best of both worlds, comfort, and style.