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11 Best Men’s Underwear: The Most Comfortable

So it’s time to get a little personal and talk about the best men’s underwear you can get your hands on and junk into. It’s a necessary discussion because half the population, give or take a commando here or a diaper-wearer there, wears underwear. Comfort should be the most important attribute when looking for new undies. This list features the most comfortable men’s underwear based on tons of helpful research that we have already done for you! Happy shopping!



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While I tend to call the entire category “undies,” there are specific types of undies.

  • Briefs - This is the basic style. Provides full frontal and backal (okay, back) coverage. The elastic leg goes mid/upper thigh. If they were white, they’d be tighty whiteys. You know what I’m talking about.
  • Boxers - Again, you know what I’m talking about. They’re, basically, mid-thigh shorts in thinner material than shorts and, usually, they’ve got a fly.
  • Boxer Briefs - A hybrid between the two. Toward the top, they’re briefs. Toward the bottom, they’re boxers, but the leg is usually elastic around the thigh.
  • Trunks - These are simply shorter boxer briefs.
  • Bikini Briefs - Think Speedos.
  • Jockstraps - Initially a protective undergarment for use during athletics, these are a style of underwear worn by some.
  • G-Strings - More like a jockstrap in front, with a “string” of fabric going up the middle of the backside to reunite with the (usually very small) waistband.
  • The Mankini - see the end of the list, if you dare.

Men's Underwear: How Many Per Package?

One last thing: as you consider the type and style of undies, pay particular attention to the number offered per package. We've pointed out how many each package includes (and, yes, we realize that we've got a double entendre going with this). And while they are numbered one through 12, we're not really ranking them. They appear in random order.


Men's Underwear: Which Type?

From the many (and we mean many) comments about underwear on the Internet, it seems that tighty whiteys are a no-no. I’ll generalize and say that, generally, it appears that the observers of underwear-clad dudes don’t like tighty whiteys on the dudes they are observing.

I only bring the observers into the mix because the look is part of the underwear equation. Mostly, though, our list is focusing on comfort, no matter which type of unders you wear.

That said, there seems to be some recent empirical evidence that boxer briefs are the overall preferred-by-women underwear for guys. A survey by GQ Magazine showed that 64.5 percent of women preferred boxer briefs on guys, 19 percent like the boxers, 11.5% like trunks, and five percent like the briefs. (We realize that it is not only women who observe men in undies. It was GQ's survey.)