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17 Best Plus Size Denim Jackets You’ll LOVE

Trends come and go but denim is forever. With an effortlessly cool vibe and endless outfit possibilities, a denim jacket isn’t just an all-American classic, it’s a total wardrobe staple.

Our picks of the best and most stylish plus-size denim jackets are completely swoon-worthy and serious must-haves, ladies. Featuring figure-flattering cuts, polished looks, distressed detailing, throwback-inspired styles, and jackets with some modern twists, our list has something for everyone and for every occasion. Between fashion-forward brands and iconic labels, we’re talking about some serious denim that we know you’ll love.

So, whether you’re looking for a new plus-size denim jacket for a fashion refresh, something to complement your mom jeans, or just another gorgeous wardrobe addition, we’ve got you covered.

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Denim Jackets: Cool Since 1880

Very few fashion statements are as timeless as denim. Created in 1870 by legendary jean mogul Levi Strauss - you know, Levi of Levi's - jeans are as American as apple pie.

Originally designed as durable pants for cowboys, railroad engineers, and miners, Levi soon found a need to match his jeans with a just-as-durable top, and the jean jacket was born, circa 1880. 

A lot has happened in the past 140 years, but one thing remains true: denim jackets are woven into American culture - and beyond.

Between some of entertainment's most iconic stars - looking at you, James Dean and Marilyn - rock n' roll's most legendary rockers - hey there, John Lennon - and pop culture's most stylish moments, the influences of the fashion industry's most enduring trend are seen everywhere.

So, be cool. Wear a denim jacket.

And, because we love fun facts: Levi Strauss's original denim jacket was called the Triple Pleat Blouse. Levi's Trucker Jacket, a featured item on our list, is the modern interpretation of the original design. So, if you're looking for a true classic, be sure to take a look at the Levi's plus-size denim jacket selections on our list. We've included a few, including a cute sherpa option, which also happens to be another Levi's original.

What Kind Of Denim Vibe Do You Have?

Here's the really cool thing about denim jackets: whether you prefer a more tailored look or you've got a rock n’ roll persona, there’s a style for everyone.

Our list of the best plus-size denim jackets features it all: clean and classic cuts, distressed and lived-in looks, jackets with modern twists, oversized charmers, and just about every shade of blue. We've even included some painted denim options for a bolder fashion moment.

So, no matter your personal preference, you’ll be able to find something that best suits your vibe.

Our only suggestion is this: don’t be afraid of distressed, slightly ripped, and intentionally oversized styles. They’ve been all the rage the last few years and are totally worth stepping outside of your comfort zone for.

Oh, and that sherpa look we mentioned? Just another 90s throwback making a big comeback. Stylish, cute, and definitely fit for 2020.

Possibilities Are Endless With Your Plus-Size Denim Jacket

Timeless and perfect for all seasons, the denim jacket is a wardrobe essential for women of all shapes and sizes. One of those top layers that just works with everything, there are many ways to style this always trending look.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Canadian Tuxedo - denim on denim. If the image of Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears just popped into your head, you're basically right, but only just so. While their unforgettable fashion statement screams Canadian Tuxedo, the modern version of this style is totally fashion-forward, ladies. Designers across the spectrum have reenvisioned what "denim-on-denim" means and have elevated the look to new heights. Definitely worth trying.

Dress It Up - one of the easiest ensembles to create is the denim jacket with a dress look. Simple and effortless. Perfect for spring, summer, and those crisp fall days. Think about pairing with some cute booties or sandals. 

Style It Down - if you're looking for an outfit that is casual and cool, pair your plus-size denim jacket over top of your favorite graphic tees with some skinny black pants and sneakers or booties. A look that's put together and yet totally relaxed.

Office Ready - office environments and dress codes might forever be changed thanks to 2020. While more casual work attire has been on the rise for years, we fully expect that trend to continue in a big way, making your plus-size denim jacket an office must-have. Structured, classic, and polished cuts are ideal for work settings because while they still exude casualness, they offer a bit of refinement, too.

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