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18 Best Plus Size Sweaters You’ll LOVE

Whether you’ve been counting down the days or are just now getting the fall feels, sweater weather is finally here, ladies. Hallelujah! Bring on the crisp mornings, warm apple cider, harvest festivals, and cozy cable knits.

If you’ve been searching for fashionable plus-size sweaters to add to your wardrobe this season, read on. Our list of the best nineteen includes fashion-forward looks, classic cardigans, trendy patterns, and figure-flattering silhouettes. We’re talking about some seriously awesome styles from some seriously awesome brands.

With a variety of looks, vibes, and trends fit for fall, this list has something for everyone.

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Why Buy A Sweater?

Make no mistake, we think you should own many sweaters! After all, the entire fall season is now commonly referred to as "Sweater Weather."

The perfect top layer for any outfit, sweaters are the "don't leave home without one" kind of wardrobe necessity. Easy to throw on, easy to style, and comfortable to boot, these plus-size tops are a must-have for fall.

How To Style Plus-Size Sweaters

The really cool thing about sweaters is the style possibilities. They're endless. There's a sweater for every outfit, every occasion, and for every personal vibe, too. And, while we definitely believe all plus-size sweaters are created equal, how you style each one varies slightly:

Cardigan - a classic silhouette that usually screams "professional." While there are many cardigans styles out there - open front, crew neck, v-neck, chunky, oversized, etc. - they all act as the perfect top layer to any outfit. Pair with your favorite tees, button-down shirts, dresses, jeans, skirts, leggings - you name it, you can rock it with a plus-size cardigan. 

Pullover - this is an enormous category. In fact, if a sweater doesn't have buttons or doesn't hang open, it's considered a pullover. Within the pullover realm, there are two different styles: crew neck and v-neck. We find that crew necks are a little sportier and v-necks are a little more layer-friendly. And, actually, these types of sweaters are great middle layers, too. Think about pairing with a denim jacket or trenchcoat. Great for all kinds of occasions, work, and pumpkin patch visits.

Tunic Sweaters - for anyone rocking the leggings this year, a tunic sweater is for you. Featuring a looser fit and a longer length for better coverage, tunic sweaters are cozy and comfortable. And, while we love rocking this style with leggings, they work well with jeans and skirts, too.

Turtlenecks - definitely made for fall and winter, turtlenecks are the full-coverage sweater. Featuring tall collars that fold over, this sweater type will keep you warm when the weather turns. We're going to include mock neck sweaters and cowl neck sweaters in this category, too, but they lack the dramatic tall collars turtlenecks are known for.

Whether you're staying in, hitting the town, or logging on to a video conference call, plus-size sweaters will have you looking stylish and feeling ready for anything. 

The Knitty Gritty

The runways have spoken and the trends are here. While it's hard to reinvent a classic year-after-year, designers at every level continue to put their own twists and spins on sweater silhouettes.

The plus-size sweaters featured on this list are not only fashionable and stylish but they reflect the best sweater trends on the market today. So, what new looks do you need to be rockin' this Autumn?

Plaid - always in style, always on-trend. Plaid is the uniform of fall and we personally celebrate that fact every day.

Chunky Cardigans - whether we have Taylor Swift to thank for this trend or not, chunky cable knits are back in fashion. Dubbed "dad" or "grandpa" sweaters, these cozy, comfortable, and totally cute top layers are perfectly oversized and oh, so dreamy. We've included a few chunky plus-size cardigans on this list but we'll continue hunting for more awesome picks as labels continue to release their fall lines.

Argyle - diamonds are forever, right?  A look of prepsters and rebels alike, this pattern is back and as glorious as ever. 

Colorblock - almost like patchwork but without the mixed patterns, colorblock is just as it sounds: different colors on the same garment, in blocks or geometric shapes. Pretty simple and yet completely stylish and chic.

Oversized Sleeves - the puffy look is here and we happen to love it. Providing a bit of oomph to any outfit, oversized sleeves have been everywhere this year and we're starting to see it in the fall sweater releases, too.

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