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11 Funny Star Wars T-Shirts You’ll Absolutely Love

Star Wars was one of those once-in-a-generation social events that no one (even George Lucas!) saw coming. The adventures in that galaxy far, far away keep coming but nothing can beat those first few years with Luke, Han, Leia, and that big walking carpet.

Clearly merchandising was an enormous part of Star Wars’ initial success and there’s no chance that it will ever go away. And why should it? There is so much great Star Wars merch out there to satisfy most any rabid fans. It’s not simply science-fiction, it’s space opera.

For those of us who want to show off our devotion, check out these funny t-shirts available right now on Amazon. Whether it’s to celebrate May the Fourth, the next TV or film release, or to just hang out with your other nerdy friends, there is always a time to show people your rebellious side. See what I did there? Ha.

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What is the Funniest Star Wars T-Shirt?

Why, the one that makes you laugh the most, of course. Some of the t-shirts I looked at here made me fall down laughing while my family simply looked at me with sadness. Others that they enjoyed made me think very hard about what it was they found funny.

Humor is completely subjective; just ask any Monty Python fan. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't wear a t-shirt because the joke only appeals to you. Grab that all-cotton or 50/50 blend and wear it with pride.

Star Wars clothing makes a great gift as well. And the person you're giving it to doesn't have to be an uber fan. Star Wars is so well-loved that pretty much anyone feels comfortable wearing a t-shirt around town.

So when you throw on one of these funny t-shirts, you'll be honing in on one of the greatest secrets of Star Wars: the jokes may be lame but you'll still laugh at them despite your best intentions.

Why is Star Wars Still So Popular?

As a fan that first saw the movie in theatres when it debuted in 1977 (I was a precious five-year-old), I can definitely explain why this movie's power still holds people in rapture almost fifty years later: it's FUN. Movies in the late '70s were all about crime, disaster, and war. They were rough, bleak, and, well, serious.

Star Wars arrived at a time when it seemed that Hollywood didn't know how to enjoy itself anymore. When George Lucas shopped his script called "The Star Wars" around in the mid-1970s, even after his success with American Graffiti, every studio in town shut the door on him.

Alan Ladd Jr. with 20th Century Fox was the only studio executive that recognized George's potential for big success and went with it. That was probably the smartest decision of that executive's life. Star Wars went on to break records, create a new way of making movies, and cement itself as the quintessential summer blockbuster of all time.

Star Wars had several things going for it. For one, all of the special effects departments at the movie studios had been shuttered. The movie offered up an entire universe that was fantastical but still felt like it was used. Robots, gadgets, laser swords...they all still felt...familiar.

George recognized he needed to create his own special effects company to not only make his movie but salvage all of the Hollywood magic secrets before they died off with the technicians who created them. The special effects were spectacular, to say the least, but the sound design was just as important and impressive.

Ben Burtt's genius use of household items and old motors paved the way for thousands of movies to come in terms of creating memorable sounds that audiences would remember for a lifetime. When you hear the roar of a TIE Fighter, the snap-hiss of a lightsaber, or the pew-pew-pew of a blaster, those sounds are instantly recognizable. 

Music was also a key component of Star Wars. John Williams' iconic soundtrack makes the film a successful silent movie all by itself. It has a personality that imbibes the film with life, light, and inspiration.

But above all else, Star Wars used humor to differentiate itself from any other action-adventure or space opera. The movie is blessed with an outstanding cast that didn't take themselves too seriously and understood that what they were doing wasn't necessarily art, but it was really fun nonetheless. 

Eyerolls, wisecracks, bickering, and comic timing helped propel Star Wars from a thoroughly enjoyable summer blockbuster to legendary status. Without employing levity throughout the story, Star Wars would have been a great movie but it would never have been a social phenomenon. 

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