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78 Stylish Gifts For Men

Shopping for men can be really tough. Some guys say they don’t want anything, while others really don’t have an idea of what they need or what they want. So, let us help by picking some quality gifts for you. Here are 70+ stylish gifts for men that will definitely be at the top of their favorite gifts list for their birthday, anniversary, or holiday.

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There are a lot of great gift ideas for men out there. Men's fashion is constantly growing and evolving and no two days are ever the same. The best gifts you can give a guy are gifts that he will get a ton of use out of. Whether it be an outfit that you will see him wear over and over or a bag that he brings to work with him every day, the thought that is put into the gift is almost as important as the gift itself. When you ask a man what he wants for Christmas or his birthday and he says "Nothing" or "I don't know", he probably doesn't have an idea because he thinks he has everything he needs. That just isn't the case. Take a look at his wardrobe, are there any holes that need to be filled? Is he lacking something in the way he dresses?

There will always be a trail of hints and clues as to what to get the guy in your life. You just need to keep an eye out for them and don't second guess yourself when you do have a good idea. This list is chock full of great, fashionable gift ideas for men. 

Gifts for the Impossible Man:

Everyone knows that one guy that seems to either have everything or need nothing. Every time you ask him what he wants for the holidays or for his birthday he says "nothing" or "surprise me". There are a few clutch gifts ideas to live by when trying to shop for the man that is impossible to shop for.

Wallets are a great gift for the guy that has everything. Chances are he has had the same wallet in his back pocket since high school and he needs a fresh update. This Fossil wallet is a great gift idea. The brown is a traditional color and it will hold all of his cash and cards while being easy to swap out with his played-out old wallet.

The great thing about scarves is you don't need to know a man's size to buy them the right-fitting scarf. If you know their style even a little bit, matching the color to something they'd wear is pretty easy. If you don't have a good grip on their personal style you can get them a neutral-colored scarf that will go great with virtually anything they own.

This Armani scarf is the perfect gift idea, it is thoughtful and cozy being made from cashmere and its classic black color will go with anything. 

A great belt can really compliment an outfit and this reversible belt from Nike is like getting two for the price of one. In a lot of cases, the guy you're buying for has been wearing the same belt for years and it is time to correct that. This belt will go great with jeans, khakis, black or tan slacks. It's a great gift if you want to see your gift get some use.

Luxury Gifts for Men:

If you're shopping for a man who likes the finer things in life and you have no idea what to get for guys with expensive tastes you should consider getting him a great-looking leather jacket. Leather jackets can be pricey but that's because they are beautiful. They last for a long time with the right care and they can take an outfit from zero to hero real fast.

If the guy you're shopping for dresses in a shirt and tie or a suit often, consider getting him a nice, shiny pair of cuff links to go with those pressed shirts and matching ties. They will add some more style to the already well-dressed man.

Any guy with expensive tastes can and will appreciate a beautiful watch. It is an accessory that he will most likely cherish and take care of, keeping it in a case while he isn't wearing it. A black and stainless steel Seiko watch will pair well with any suit or outfit that he has in his arsenal. 

Stylish Gifts for Your Husband

Wives, if you have been married to or been with your man for a long time it is understandable that you may run out of gift ideas. You have probably gotten him everything he has ever asked for or secretly wanted. Now it's time to surprise him with something he will love but maybe didn't ask for.

Getting a stylish gift for your husband doesn't have to be difficult. Cologne is a great gift for the man in your life. By now, you know what he likes and also, know what you like. Getting him a cologne that you both dig is the perfect choice not only for him but for you too.

Maybe he isn't the cologne type. No worries. If he is the kind of guy that works hard all day and likes to relax when he gets home then getting him something to slip his feet into when he gets home is a great move.

House slippers are a comfy, cozy, and thoughtful way to show him that you care about him and want to reward him for all that hard work by taking care of him. When he slides his feet into the fur-lined, indoor and outdoor slippers the stresses of the day will just melt away.

If your guy already has a pair of slippers that he wears and loves then try a no-brainer gift. Another way of pampering him while providing him with more choices when he gets dressed. A great set of boxers will not only add more depth to the wardrobe, but it is also a gift that every guy needs more of.

There isn't a guy on this planet that doesn't need new underwear for the holidays and you could become the unsung hero of the Christmas season by getting him some stylish new drawers.

Best Fashion Gifts for Him Under $100

Maybe you don't have a ton of money to spend on gifts this year. Or maybe you and your guy set a limit on how much you can spend so you can save money for other things. There are a ton of super stylish gifts you can get your guy without breaking the bank.

Every guy has a pair of jeans that he loves but should have been tossed years ago. True Religion makes some of the best-looking and longest-lasting jeans in the industry right now and any guy would be lucky to slide on a new pair of these bad boys. They will soon slide into the top spot as his new favorite pair of jeans.

If he has a new pair of jeans and doesn't need a newer pair, get him something to go with those cool jeans. A nice pair of black dress boots are a gift that will last him a long time and that he will get a ton of use out of. The right pair of black boots go with any jeans or dress pants and can really make the outfit.

Once again if he has those jeans and those boots already, then you know he is a pretty fashionable guy. Don't try and stifle that style, add to it with a dope faux leather jacket.

The faux leather jacket can add so much to the already well-dressed man. They typically look far more expensive than they actually are, so you should definitely be able to make this work within your $100 budget.

Best Fashion Gifts for Him Under $50

If the budget is even smaller or the spending limit is limited to $50 or less don't fret, there are still some clutch moves to make. Some of the best and most thoughtful gifts don't have a massive price tag.

If you're trying to get a fashionable gift for him under $50 then look into getting him a nice dress shirt and tie combo. Even the most casual guy needs a matching shirt and tie for the limited formal functions he attends. You could be the hero to swoop in and make sure he is well dressed for those occasions.

Perhaps your guy doesn't need a new shirt and tie, maybe he doesn't dress uber formal but still likes to look good. He can clean up nicely if he has the right outfit. A nice pair of khakis can be the dress pants that are the foundation of that outfit. Khakis really go with everything, tee-shirt, dress shirt, polo shirt, sweater, hoodie, they go with anything.

There are guys out there that have a wardrobe that needs very little work. That doesn't mean that they don't have to care about or attend to the way they look. If your guy cares about his appearance and likes to do things himself, get him a beard trimmer. If he has one the chances are a nice new one will work exponentially better than what he has been using. Keep him looking fresh from head to toe with a brand new beard trimmer.

Gifts for Sneaker Lovers

For the shoe heads out there. Any new pair of kicks to add to their collection will be a welcome gift. That being said, if they truly love shoes then you should get them something that will shock and impress them. Get the shoes that they will truly dig and want to wear routinely.

A classic look has got to be the all-black Air Force One. A sharp-looking sneaker these kicks will go with anything they want to wear. They can design their outfit around the dopeness of these shoes.

If they already have a sweet pair of black sneaks or they have expressed their love of the all-white sneaker get them something that will surely dazzle them. Lacoste makes a super sexy all-white sneaker that will drop their jaws and get them excited.

If they have a need for a more durable, wear all year kind of shoe, then they seem like the perfect match for the Puma winter sneaker. Not only is it a great-looking and super stylish shoe, but it is also made to walk through snow, ice, and slush while keeping you on your feet with extra grippy soles. This is definitely the best shoe for the job.